Sunday, April 19, 2009

A call out of the blue

Another early start to see the Red Bulls win the GP. The sun was at it's best today and we couldn't wait to open the cratch covers and have breakfast.... We then cleaned the boat, it was so warm we didn't feel like moving, and then out of the blue we got a call on the mobile and that decided it...we'll stay put today!

It was a lazy day watching others along the canal with their friends turning up, BBQ's going, and people walking along the towpath.

At 4.30pm Maxine and Graham turned up with Troy and his girlfriend after going to Santa Pod for the day. It was a nice treat for us to see them again. We sat in the sun for a couple of hours and then decided to have something to eat. Passing us as we were talking were a couple who we met a the Crick show who are now having a Fernwood boat built, starting in June. It was nice to see them again and we wish them good luck in their build. We were advised to go to The Bull Inn in Brinklow for something to eat, and what a great choose. It was great big portions at reasonable prices. We all had a good laugh, and thanks for another good afternoon and evening guys! (Yes, that is Al and Maxine on the childrens slide at the pub)


Unknown said...

Children will be children let's hope we never grow up!

Derwent Gnome said...

Good to see you and Maxine having a giggle, shame you had to wait until it was dark or you may have given others a giggle as well.



Anonymous said...

thanks for another great day see you again soon