Monday, April 06, 2009

Braunston and Bloggers

With cloudy sky's and high winds this morning we felt it was the time to move on. We first turned and headed towards Braunston. The sun was trying to come out on route, but the clouds were winning the battle.We moored up outside the Mill House at around 1.30pm and then headed up to the local butcher for a couple of nice steaks. There is nothing this butcher doesn't sell when it comes to meat...We then went on a tour of the village and noticed the church clock had been renovated with a new dial, it looked fab. We then went down to Midland Chandlers for a couple of bits and pieces like clips and hooks, but they didn't have the Hull protection paint we were after.

When we got back we put up the cratch cover and the clip broke, so we got on the phone to A.J.Canopies. They are no longer in Braunston as they now work from their home address but within 3 hours they were with us and fitting a new clip....Great service guys!

We have seen a couple of bloggers today. We were talking about n.b Quidditch,( )when chugging down the cut they came with their new blacking.... they never had time to stop but it was good to see them both. We used to read their blog when Derwent6 was still a piece of paper. Then walking by with his cassette came Pete from n.b Pickles No2 ( )who is heading on to the Stratford. Good luck on your trips both of you.

Well guess what, we had the steak tonight, and it was so tasty we may go back tomorrow for another piece.... all washed down with another glass of wine!!!

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