Monday, May 31, 2010

Crick Show Day 2 & 3

As we have had friends on board we will try to compress these two days into one.

On the Sunday, Maxine and Graham had met up with us for bacon sarnies and a chat before they left at 10.00am. We then had Steve and Chris on board who were thinking of having a Fernwood boat. Derwent6 did the talking and hopefully it will be another lovely couple who will take possession of a Fernwood boat. We then got to make our way to the show. It was a bit overcast but warmer and as the day went on it just got better. We managed to get on a few boats but don't like putting photos on here without the customers permission. We picked up a few bits and pieces and met up with our new crew, Bernie and Sarah.
We then got a call from Sam the Beta engineer, who looked at the engine on Derwent6. We have a squeak from one of the pulleys and he has inspected it and put one on order. In the evening we all met up and were a bit disappointed to find that it was a disco instead of a live band. The only highlight was this guy having a crack!!!
On the Monday were were up at the crack of dawn... We were woken by the Canada geese and their young. We had breakfast with Bernie and Sarah and then headed off to the show. While we were walking round we thought we would speak to Shoreline about our freezer. It was running all the time and not getting cold enough. They said they would look at it right away and after taking out a new thermostat from the show model, we walked back to Derwent6. They took out the freezer and changed the thermostat. It now appears to be working's that for service... Well done to all the guys at Shoreline!!!!! The weather had started to brighten up so we decided to make a move, and said our goodbyes to everyone. We set off and managed to get water at Yelvertoft even though BW were moored up on it. We moored in the middle of nowhere and lit up the BBQ. It was a lovely evening which we had all to ourselves.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crick Show (day one)

Oh it's raining... Well it is the Crick Show!!!!!! We were up early and had our Hot Cross buns before we headed off to the show.. We wanted to get to the British Waterway's seminar which was on for a couple of hours in the morning. We managed to get our points over to them and hope they will be working with boaters much more closely in the future. Just as last year we bumped into some lovely people walking round and it was good to see the Axion boys, Alan and Dave doing well on their stand. Fernwood were also doing well with couples battling for slots. We met up with friends Maxine and Graham and went on a few boats and picked up a few bits on the way. But the highlight of the day was when a lady just came up to Al and handed her some mooring pin covers made out of plastic bags. One Asda, One Marks and Sparks, and one Sainsbury's. They said to Al that "We love the blog so much and wanted to give you these". A big big thank you to everyone we spoke to who follow the blog and especially to Angela and Dave who didn't want their photo taken.
We came back to Derwent6 and picked up some provisions (inc wine) and then walked over to Maxine and Grahams camper van. We had a really nice dinner, mulling over the things we had looked at during the day. We then set off for the evening entertainment and when we walked in the bar we were a bit disappointed that it was a load of pirates on stage. Well the evening just got better and better and their performance was just fantastic. We had tears running down our faces with laughter. As you can see this panda was having fun!
We got back to Derwent6 at 12.30am and we were glad just to crash out!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun with Fernwood and Friends

We were up early again and just in time to see a new Fernwood boat "Moment in Time" with Ray and Sue on board. We waited for Rob at Fernwood to then turn up and he ran over our snagging list. Hopefully this will be sorted over the next three weeks. We then made our way down to the show where the Fernwood team were putting up the marquee and sprucing up the showboat. Al helped out doing the inside while Del did the brasses (something we were both used to). We were rewarded with beer!!!
Afterwards we were given a lovely salad lunch and had a long chat with the Fernwood clan. We then went back to Derwent6 and got changed for the entertainment in the evening. We meet up with more friends and danced the night away sampling the forty ales which we got p***ed on with Hookers and Bomber.... Did it finish there....Not a chance! We then walked back to Maxine and Grahams camper van in the middle of a field. We had coffee and cheese on toast to sober up a bit, before we left at 2.00am in the morning!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a lovely day!

We were up early this morning with the sunshine..... we had some bacon butties out in the cratch for breakfast and then set to work on cleaning (as we always do). Del started on the porthole liners and Al set about the woodwork. Del then, Yep, did the brasses and gave Derwent6 a polish.

We were watching boats going to and fro all day and fellow blogger's Keith & Ann were one of them on another Fernwood boat n.b. Oakfield ( ) After speaking to loads of people walking past us we decided to get rid of our rubbish and take a walk down to see what was happening with the building of the show. We collected seven bags from other boaters on the way. After stopping to talk to more people we have met over the past year and seeing the Braidbar team we were kindly invited in for coffee by Keith & Ann. We had a good catch up and they showed us round Oakfield.. Fantastic!
We then had to rush back because John & Sue, friends of Pat and Keith on n.b Thema wanted to have a look on Derwent6 before we all went out for a meal in the evening..Whew!!!!
We then quickly got ready and followed them up to The Red Lion pub and had a super meal (the steak is to die for) We said our goodbyes and made our way back to Derwent6. A lovely day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life's about meeting people!

The weather forecast wasn't good so it was get all your jobs done in the morning. When we looked we were pleasantly surprised to see n.b Holly Hobble between us and n.b Thema. We had made friends with Alan & Carol last year and it was great to see them. We thought we would get some small provisions while the weather was with us as we had drunk all the beverages in the hot spell we had just had. It was just a short walk along a footpath into Crick village and we posted a letter and picked up some beers and wine. We then got back to Derwent6 and unpacked. Alan & Carol had also been to the shops and when they got back they came on board and had coffee and cakes. We had a good catch up with all their good and bad news, but most of all we all had some fun, playing music. We're sure we will be seeing more of them. It started to rain at about 5.00pm and they made their way back to their boat, just 10 seconds behind us. We then had to get ready, as we had been invited for dinner on n.b Thema. That's where the wine started to flow and it all went downhill from there! We had a fantastic meal on board and a good chat with Pat & Keith. We got back at about 10.00pm and straight to bed!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just in time!

We had a lazy morning just pottering about and at 11.00am we set off with n.b Thema. We soon got to the Crick tunnel and only met one boat. Crick tunnel is quite a wide tunnel and is easy to pass. When we got out the other side we both reached the water point and filled with water. We passed n.b Sanity Again, and went under the new reconstructed bridge for the show this weekend. We found a mooring after a lot of problems trying to get in as it was so shallow. We managed to stick the bow in just so we could get on and off, but we were in! We were the second and third boat to arrive here and got here just in time, as only after a couple of hours it had filled up with another six boats arriving.
Everyone was out cleaning their boats and Del helped Keith on n.b. Thema to polish the roof. We had dinner (liver & bacon) and then watched a DVD in the evening.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meeting up with Thema again

Another bright and sunny day and we were up and about at 8.30am. n.b Moore2life passed us early but to be fair we haven't seen much go past us during the morning. We did the brasses and some other jobs on Derwent6 and then walked down to the locks with our rubbish to meet n.b Thema. We did have to pick up an old aerial left by another boater in the hedge. It amazes us that this guy was even travelling in the same direction of the bins but still thought he would put the blame on the next person who moored in his place. We passed n.b Sanity Again ( which will be appearing in the Crick Show, and had a chat on the way through. We then locked through n.b Thema and they moored up behind us for a BBQ. We had a lovely dinner in the sunshine, but the weather started to change just as we finished. So we moved on to n.b Thema for more wine and beers. We staggered back to Derwent6 at ten...just before it got dark.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It was a hot night but with the porthole flyscreens in we got a good nights sleep. We were up at 8.00am and Del was doing the brasses before it got too hot. He also painted the white on the stern. It soon got too hot to handle so we sat in the shade for the best part of the day. Lovely! It actually hasn't been very busy here which is surprising as the Crick Show is just round the corner. In the afternoon we went for a walk with the rubbish and as we passed Chas and Ann from n.b. Moore2life they poked their heads out. We took their rubbish as well and walked up to the locks. We helped the Steam boat n.b Laplander up through and then walked back to Derwent6 via a cold drink and a chat with Chas, Ann and friends.

When we eventually got back we ran the engine and sat out in the cratch with a glass of wine. We watched Countryfile to get the weeks weather with some dinner, before a cool shower and bed. What a super day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lovely Long Day

Wow what a beautiful day!!!! We had a lovely fried breakfast in the cratch and then while it was still cool we got to work. After cleaning off the roof in the clear blue skies we were then greeted by Chas and Ann off n.b Moore2Life, out for a walk along the towpath with dog Molly, just as we were setting on doing some painting. They came on for coffee and a catch up on what we had done and were doing. It was lovely to see them as they had helped on the build of Derwent6 via their blog. (see link)

When they left, Al held Derwent6 out while Del painted the gunwale down the starboard side. We also cleaned some of the algae which had attached itself to the blacking. The heat then got to us... and we flaked out in the chairs. We did some washing when we run the engine and Al put the washing line out, as it was so hot.
In the evening we lit the BBQ for the first time this year. We sat in the cratch and had bangers and burgers with some salad and had baked banana and chocolate for desert, while the sunset.
It has been a lovely long day, and as we write this, it is still light at 10.15pm.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Repair to the cratch board

The sunshine was out early and we decided to stay put as we have a lovely spot here. Del repaired the cratch board as it had started to split due to the extreme temperatures we have had this year already. All it needed was a bit of glue and a screw to hold it in place. While the cratch cover was off we oiled the boards. It then got so hot it made us a little bit lethargic and we really didn't feel like doing we didn't!

This, believe us, is a shot of Al's legs in the bow doors... You don't believe us do you...We sat in the sunshine till sunset with fajitas and a beer of course

Loaded with grub with locks ahead.

We were going to back up this morning to get round the corner but the traffic was quite busy so we went back 50 metres to the closest water point. We filled with water and then decided we would reverse round the corner because it would be easier for a Tesco's delivery we were expecting. Tesco's arrived at about 11.30am and we got all the stuff unpacked and put away. We then set off for the Watford flight and with the sun shining it was a pleasant cruise round there. We didn't have too long to wait before we were up the first lock and waiting in the bottom pound for three boats to come down. In the sunshine it was lovely just taking our time till we got to the top. We just wanted to sit and have a beer as the sun was beginning to get the better of us, so it wasn't long before we pulled over and sat out in the shade. It was a beautiful evening as we watched the water voles and frogs making their way backwards and forwards across the canal. Al did a pizza which we had while the sun set.