Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gifts and Gigs

We haven't blogged much because we have been busy with Christmas shopping, getting taxis, trains and buses everywhere..
We have arranged a car (which we always have as a Christmas present to us both) for next week till after Christmas for all our last minute bits, and to be honest we use the car as a bit of storage as it keeps Derwent6 free. Tooty is now counting the days.
We did go out treating ourselves to a Sunday roast dinner over at The White Lion, which was a short 35 min walk from the boat..
We always have a fantastic meal here as you can see.

One of our big highlights was going to a gig in London with David and Hannah who treated us with the tickets for Christmas. David had introduced this band to Del back in 2004 and they had never toured in the UK as they always toured in the USA.
Oh the band, yes they are called SKILLET. They are a rock band, two guys and two girls and they are amazing..
We met David and Hannah at Oxford Circus and then went straight down to the venue and found 10 people already in the queue at midday.
We were starving so we grabbed a bite to eat in a pub next door and had a few beers and some lovely burgers served in a slightly different way, they were delicious..

Del kept checking to see how the queue was getting on and when it reached thirty people we joined in the fun.. David had even brought a shirt for Del fit for front row viewing.
Luckily the weather held off and we all took it in turns to go off for a bit.. The girls went and did some shopping and came back with coffees, while the boys went back in the pub and had a few rum and blacks to keep warm watching the football..
This worked well till it was 7.00pm when the doors opened and we got to the stage just three rows from the front after the VIPs had gone in..

Skillet were even better live, and blew us all away, We were so close we even got to shake hands with the band members..

They played for a hour and 45 minutes and we were exhausted, sweaty, legs ceased, voice broken and throat croaking, but we loved it!!
We just managed to get back to Oxford Circus where we split, and just managed to catch the last train back to Derwent6. We got back a 1.00am and crashed into bed..
So we are now finishing off the Christmas cards and recovering really, now in the mood for Christmas joy..

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Derwent6 is Eleven years old today!

Can you believe it, Derwent6 is now eleven years old, and it still feels like the first time we set sail in her.
Where has that gone? She first went in the water at Debdale and then we had the launch party at Foxton where Derwent6 got its first taste of beer..

We turned up in a large white van and unloaded our boxes into the saloon and were mega excited..  We can still remember when Derwent6 was a drawing and here we are still living the dream..

We are still working on the snagging list even though Fernwood don't exist any more.. But Derwent6 has matured and now has a lot more character and has been lived in, loved and travelled the country..
Yep she's a little older, with battle scars and the odd rust spots from dealing with our adverse weather, but in general she don't look too bad..
Here's to the next eleven years (raise a glass) Cheer's!!

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Deck the Halls

"Come on everybody! you know what time it is, It's Christmas time!!!"
So with the Christmas songs playing on the radio and the decorations pulled out of every nook and cranny on Derwent6, we proceeded to put up the all the festive fun to turn Derwent6 into a grotto..
On the inside things were put up on the side panels and the tree went into its normal place in the corner (one of Tooty's favourite places).

We then decorated the outside with the stencils we put up in the portholes, and of course the mouse's ears on the cratch board..

So we are ready, are you?

Recovery Period

It was lovely to be back on Derwent6 which was now warm and snug again..  We took the time to recover after what had been a bit of a whirlwind week..
Del stuck all his birthday cards up as we always do... Thanks again for all the cards and presents Del received.

We did a manual pump out and also went out and grabbed some coal. But this is Del and Al, and we noticed that a guy we like was playing in The Merchants in Rugby town centre.. So we set off at around 8.00pm and got a good seat to see Kent Duchaine, a great blues guitarist.. You might have seen on this blog before that he has a steel guitar called Lead Bessie and it goes everywhere with him.

We had a great night with a few beers and even had an extra treat of a guy who played the harmonica getting up with Kent for a few tracks. We got back to Derwent6 and into bed at 1.00am

The following day we went to Del's Mum and Keith's as they had said they wanted to see us and take us out for a meal..
Del's mum still can't believe she has a son of 60!
We had a lovely time at the Grey Goose in Gilmorton and the food was amazing. Thanks both for a smashing evening ..

On the Thursday, Al had her hair cut and we did a bit of winterising on the engine. We have this problem with the starter switch which means we have been hotwiring  Derwent6 when it happens.. We ordered a ignition switch from Beta marine and were given a hour slot in which they said they would deliver.. Guess What! it never turned up and unfortunately went to the wrong delivery address so we now have to wait till tomorrow.. We then had just enough time to do a bit of shopping and got back in the dark after picking up the picture going on this years Christmas cards..
Some of you have been asking how the batteries have been coping during the cold spells we have already had.
Well the small 40w heater we bought has helped to keep the batteries nice and warm and it has been on constantly while we are on shoreline here in the marina.. Not sure if it is doing the batteries any good always being on float, but time will tell..

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

60 Today, tomorrow and the next day!

We woke up at the Hard Rock Hotel in London's Oxford Street and Del opened up his presents and cards Al had brought from Derwent6. We then took a walk and did a bit of shopping and Del brought a couple of T Shirts. It was then check out from the hotel and a black cab to Victoria station where we got the train to Otford in Kent.. There waiting was a hire car and it was off to friends Bernie and Sarah, where David had brought us pie and chips to line our stomachs for a session later that evening..
At 6.00pm we made our way over to Maxine and Grahams at the Moody Mare where Del knew they were having a small gathering, but 40 people turned up and it turned into a bit of a party..
Al had arranged some food with Ben the manager running the restaurant.
Terry (Del's stepmum) had made a fantastic Birthday Cake and cup cakes with a picture of Del on them..

Ron had stuck up some old pics around the room and also they had brought some lovely 60 balloons. Thank you both of you!
 Also a thank you to my sister Deb for supplying some of these..

It turned out to be a great venue as it allowed you to sit down and chat if you wanted and the live music in the other bar was great background noise..
 Del had five cousin's turn up and it was just lovely before Christmas to catch up on the year..
Del had all his best mates round him and with a beer in hand you can't ask for more than that..

Most stayed right until the end, which just shows how much people enjoyed it..

We were lucky enough to be staying with Maxine and Graham so it was a short walk up stairs where we crashed out..

In the morning we chatted with Maxine and Graham and then Zoe and Greg showed up as they had camped in the car park in their campervan. We then all went down to the greasy spoon for a good fry up and bring us back to the land of the living.. It was then back down to Bernie and Sarah's to get ready for another surprise..
We ended up going to an old haunt in Seal, the Buck's Head, where we did some courting many moons ago.. Del was given his present by the boys, which turned out to be a small R/C carbon glider for Del to build on Derwent6..

The following day, we then had a lovely meal together just like old times (with our sons and daughters)..
The next day we went to friends Richard and Lisa who had arranged a Sunday lunch for us both.. It was lovely to see them and catch up, with a little reminiscing over old times.. Del also got a nice little Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake...
We drove back to Derwent6 on the Monday and picked up Tooty. Del warmed up Derwent6 and Al did the food shopping before we snuggled down to recover from a fantastic week...
A massive thank you to everyone involved but most of all my wonderful wife Al. Without her it would never had happened.. ((((HUGS))))