Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Downtown Hinckley

We woke up to more bright sunshine today so pulled the pins from just the other side of Stoke Golding and made our way a couple of miles further on to Trinity Marina. We stopped right outside and got talking to a guy who was doing his own fitout. Derwent6 must have a bit of a Wow factor, because when we let this bloke look inside, it blew him away.
We were getting some bits and pieces from the Chandlers and noticed the price of diesel, 57p a litre and any split, well best fill it up then.....We only need half a tank, but it feels good when the tank is full, and at the right price.
We carried on just round the corner to Hinckley, as we wanted to see the town. We spotted this little punk rocker duck on the way.
Don't be deceived it was a good mile and a bit to walk into town, but you do walk past some nice gardens. We were a bit disappointed with Hinckley, as it looked a bit down in the dumps and we felt it needed sprucing up a bit. It did have all the shops and a Weatherspoons at £1.55 a pint..rude not too!
We didn't feel like walking back, so in the evening we found a pub with Sky Sports on to watch the football.........

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