Saturday, June 30, 2012

A bridge not too far

As the signals were so bad here at Lower Heyford we decided to move on. It was drizzling with rain and the wind had got up but you feel lost and it is a bit of a worry without a decent phone signal. We topped up with water before we left and bumped into bloggers Stein & Jacquie on n.b. Like ducks2water.
We didn't plan to move far, and as we went through the first lock of the day a boat came off a perfect mooring in front of us, and used our lock. It's a small bit of piling which will only fit one boat, so we are all on our own here, a nice spot for the weekend.
To add to the bonus the sunshine came out, but the wind had really got up, so we were pleased to be moored up. Can you believe it, but we watched the farmer for two hours trying to get his cows into another field, and they were having none of it!
We also went for a walk up to Northbrook bridge, which was an old packhorse bridge.
In the evening the cloud came in and it started to spit with rain as the sun set, we got a nice rainbow though.

Birthday get together

We stayed at Lower Heyford on the Wednesday and had a walk around the village.
We had stayed here because the railway station is right next to the canal. The thing we didn't realise was that we had a very poor phone and internet signal, so we couldn't blog for a few days.
On the Thursday, Al got the train down to Kent to see Terry ( Del's step mum), as it was her birthday. The girls had arranged some lunch and a chat together in Maidstone to celebrate. It was a bit of a nightmare journey for Al (as flooding had caused points failiers) and it took her close on four hours to go down and back, but she had a brillant day.

Beautiful cruise to Lower Heyford

We left Aynho early in the morning and sat on the water point at the whalf where we filled with water and waited for them to turn up and fill us with diesel,
We also decided to pumpout as we might sit in the middle of nowhere if some of the boards are on red. So we left with tanks all empty and full and we set about the four locks in front of us. One of those locks was Somerton deep lock which is a drop of 12 feet.
It was then on to Upper Heyford and through some just stunning countryside.
We then turned up at Lower Heyford and were lucky enough to get a mooring.
We were also lucky enough to get a gap in the trees where we could get a tv signal. Del was happy as the semi finals of the football were on tonight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We don't know, let's go to Aynho

Al decided to go back into Banbury to get us a few more provisions if we needed it out in the countryside, and she needed to get another birthday present. Del tinkered around with Derwent6 and did things like giving the blacking a scrub. We had lots of furry things sticking to us where we had been static for too long! When Al got back we set off. It was a nice time to cruise as it was so quiet, warm and tranquil as Derwent6 glided through the trees and lift bridges.
We got to King's Sutton lock and met our first boat which put the locks in our favour.
We were amazed at how the farm shop at Nell bridge Lock had developed, selling organic meat, but it was a bit late for us to stop.
We got to Aynho lock where there was a bit of a swell and Al couldn't get the gates open. Del had to jump off and help out with Derwent6 drifting back. With a bit of tight roping along the beams Del managed to just get back on Derwent6, lucky!
After that little ordeal we decided to moor up at Aynho.
It wasn't long before Al had a mexican meal cooking on the grill..lovely!! We sat out in the cratch eating our chicken fajitas as the sun set. It seemed strange with no football on the telly, still, now it's time for tennis................

Monday, June 25, 2012

Erica's 50th Birthday

We were up early this morning as we had a train to catch at Banbury. We left at 9.00am and caught the train into London at 9.45am, we got into London at 10.45am and thought we would make our way to Buckingham Place to see the changing of the guard.
There we met up with Bernie, Sarah, David and Hannah, and we walked back through Green Park to Henry's in Piccadilly.
There we met up with Birthday girl Erica, Steve, Tanya and Zak, and later Erica's Mum Peggy and Erica's brother Trevor.
We then all waked round to Langan's next door where a table was booked. We had a lovely meal on a lovely big round table and Erica opened her presents and blew out the candles on her cake.

After this we walked over to the West End and ended up at TGI's for cocktails where Erica got to ring the bell as it was her special day.
After a lovely day we all departed from here as we all wanted to get back to see England in the football.
We got back to Derwent6 just in time for the kick off, but we still don't know why we bothered, they were awful.

Friends for tea

With some good sport on the telly we planned to have a lazy day. After a bit of a lay in we had a late breakfast out in the cratch, and then settled down to watch the Grand Prix qualifying with a cup of tea. Soon after that finished Andy and Irene turned up on Fernwood boat Kamili, and as the kettle was still warm, they came on for a cup of tea.
They kindly brought along some lovely biscuits. We chatted about the Crick show and general boating issues, it was great to see them as always.
After they left us, we settled down to watch the football again in the evening.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goodbyes in the wind

We all woke up a bit bleary eyed this morning after what appeared and was a short night. Maxine and Graham had already sorted out the washing up and got the kettle on when we got to them. It was then breakfast and putting the world to rights before they decided to leave. "Oh just one more cup of tea then, before we go" we all didn't want to part. We had a great time and a good laugh, just as we always do. They left at 11.00am in the end.
The wind had really picked up and even blew the side doors shut at one point,. We had the heating on in the morning for hot water and ended up lighting the fire in the afternoon just to feel cosy from the wind and damp conditions. Lighting the fire in June, what!! Good job we had that extra wood on board. The fire just keeps the damp off Derwent6, it can feel warm outside, but cooler inside, which can be a good thing when it's really hot outside.
We then had a horrendous shower late in the afternoon hopefully topping those reservoirs up. It was football again in the evening to watch the German's stuff Greece, followed by a bit of David Bowie before we went to bed.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Beers and nibbles to the Max (and Graham)

What a contrast from yesterday.. We had heavy rain overnight and heavy showers when we surfaced, but we did some small cleaning jobs and pottered around. We then got a call from the other side of the canal, it was Maxine and Graham who had come up from Kent to see us. They had trekked through the long wet grass to meet us and it was so lovely to see them.
After a cup of tea we were soon on the beer followed by a lunch of nibbles. The showers continued all afternoon and Del and Graham felt they had to move the car as it was in a muddy position, while the girls had a good chat. The rain eased off a bit and we all made the decision to walk back into town and find a nice pub.
We ended up watching the football with a few more beers and nibbles. We then walked around town before going to another pub where we had just missed some music. Typical!!!

It was then a twenty minute walk back to Derwent6 in the dark and as this was the longest day it was quiet late. We played dodge the puddles on the way, all half cut....
Did it stop there, no of course not. More beers and wine with Del playing the longest singles over six minutes, on the longest day. Al made some toast with more nibbles, and when we were nibbled out we went to bed at about 2.00am.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebratery Reunion

We woke up to another lovely day and thought it might be good to have a walk. We made the decision to walk back to Banbury and see how Chas and Ann on n.b Moore2life were getting on with their diesel bug problem. From where we are it was a nice pleasant twenty minute walk and we had some rubbish to get rid of as well.
We ended up picking up another bag of rubbish on the way there, but good dead done!!

As we got to Chas and Ann they were having their new injectors fitted with legs and fingers crossed that it hadn't damaged the injection pump. It was good to meet up and talk things over.
Del was still worried about the fuel cleaning process and thought the pump would be damaged if the old injectors couldn't be cleaned and reworked. While this chat was going on the engine burst into life and sounded nice and quiet. There was also no smoke at all coming from the exhaust, and with a sigh of relief and a hug we rejoiced in Moore2life having its heart back. This fuel cleaning seemed a fantastic piece of kit and maybe worth doing every four years or so, if you can't drain the tank.
We were then joined by George and Carol on n.b Rock and Roll and also Jeff and Mags on n.b Seyella and all we needed was a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
George and Carol then kindly asked us all round for a drink, so as we had a letter to post we walked round to M & S and picked up a few cakes to take round. It was like a little party on a summers day and good to meet up with everyone.

We then walked back to Derwent6 in the sunshine and relaxed after our bit of exercise. At 5.00pm we lit the BBQ for the first time this year and ate out in the cratch. It was nice to have the summer BBQ smells in the air.
We made the most of the shortest night and stayed out in the cratch till dark, when it just started to spit with rain. As Zebedee said "Time for bed" then, Bong!!!!

Living the dream

Wow lovely sunshine again.. Cratch covers up, suntan lotion on, Oakley's on, and Yep Del and did the brasses.
He also did some paintwork and some polishing so Derwent6 is at it's best at the moment. Al did some washing mainly the bed sheets which are lovely to dry and air on the line, and she also spring cleaned Derwent6 inside including washing down all the woodwork.
Then it was crack a beer and nibbles in the sun. Just one of those special days which reminds us that we are living the dream.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peace and Quiet again..

We decided to set off today as we had out stayed here at Banbury. We have enjoyed it but the countryside beckons.
After going through the town we moored up on the water point as a boat was in the lock coming up. We chatted with the world and his mates about living aboard a narrowboat as we filled with water, but it is nice chatting to people.
We then set off for a couple of miles and found a nice place to soak up this sunshine we are going to have.
Del then chopped up the wood on the roof so it can season through the summer, we hope....We have got a good telly signal for the football and the phone signal is pretty good as well. Hmm another place difficult to move from, we guess!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day reunion

Honestly we have really enjoyed our time here at Banbury. We have telly for the football we have a good Internet signal and all the shops we want, a bit of a luxury really, when you have no car. There is also loads of entertainment going on, with things to do. But it's funny how you still get the urge to move on and have a change of scenery. We have also had the bonus of the train and bus station nearby so Al took the opportunity to go down to see her dad on fathers day while Del stayed on Derwent6 thinking about his Dad, who he lost last year. Alf had cooked Al and her Mum a lovely meal when she arrived of chicken pot pie with herby scones, (not bad for eighty five) and they had a super time together.

We can't move too far due to some of the locks being on red because of flooding, which is weird as we were in drought a month ago. Sorry we haven't blogged much but we have just been enjoying ourselves with football and eating well taking up most of our time!