Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slow but sure

Not much to report on Derwent6 this week as Fernwood are concentrating (and rightly so) on getting two of their completed boats out and on the water One of those boats going out is whitefield's ( the boat shown on last weeks ITV's Central Waterworld at 7.30).

News this week ...... is that RedDiesel is here to stay, all be it with different pricing.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Freezing Fog on the Aire & Calder

We have been busy travelling all over the country, so it's nice to be back home.(although we could get used to it)

We haven't got much to report on Derwent6 as Fernwood are still working hard on those nearly finished boats they have in the workshop. We think they want to get them all finished so that the lifting crane can be used to move all three in one day. Derwent6 will also be moved, so it will be in prime position to be the next boat they crack on with when these other boats go out. The people behind us must be spitting feathers

The bulkheads are being made to go in and the floor fitted, but these are being worked on with what time is left in the day.

On our travels we popped down to have a look at the Aire and Calder, as this is where the two canals meet, and as you can see the conditions were none too clever. It was minus four when this photo was taken.

Gingerly going along and breaking the ice and then one of these comes towards you, a bit daunting don't you think.....................

Though we have got to say the towpaths were very good, and cycling from here into Leeds would not be a problem.

These guys don't seem to be bothered with any of it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The best and most used room on Derwent6

Here is the bedroom sketch. As you can see the headboard will be carved into the bulkhead panel and there will be an end post, which will pull out to extend into a five foot wide bed.
The reason behind the chest of drawers was that it gave us flexibility in the bulkheads because you could easily lose six inches in the size of the drawers. There will be storage in the top lockers and in the wardrobe beside the chest of drawers, and also under the bed.
The space under the bed has to be well vented to stop condensation, so the bed base may be slatted. The rear under bed space is where the batteries will sit, but there will still be room for long term storage under here.
There will be porthole bungs which will block the portholes at night and these will act as cushions during the day. These will match the throw over the bed and there will be also be fly screens to fit in the double glazed portholes for those hot summer nights.
We have also fitted two LED reading lights in the overhead lockers over the headboard.
We intend to be spending alot of time in this room (for sleeping of course!).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reasons for doing this!

Over last weekend we went for a walk along the Welford arm just took a few photos

Ain't this canal world just stunning........

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Derwent6 Grotto

We first got a picture text from Julia at Fernwood with a shot of the foam insulation taking place by Websters, which was very reassuring and excellent customer service.

We then couldn't wait to see for ourselves.....Fernwood only use top quality suppliers and we were really pleased with the foam work carried out on Derwent6.

When you went inside it was like walking into Santa's grotto and had a really warm feel to it. The echo and tinny effect had gone and a solid feeling of a home had appeared. Websters had done a great job, with an even layer all over the steel work, so not much cutting to do when the side panels are added. We were left alone for half a hour while we soaked it all up, running up and down like a couple of excited kids.

Because we had done a rough layout of the wiring requirements, Fernwood were able to run most of the cables before the foaming took place.

The plastic bags hanging down is the wiring which has been weighted to get it in the right position, and to allow the foam to get all around the wires at their foam exit point, and to protect the ends (and plugs) from getting foam all over them.
Here you can see the starboard bow corner in the saloon where the hifi and DVD equipment will go.

and where the television will be fitted.

The floor has been cutout to show the area where the shower tray will be fitted. This is to allow for a sunken shower tray, so we get maximum height in the shower.

So the next stage is that a mockup of the folding bike cupboard is going to be made so we can check the space available in the engine room, Stuart checked the measurements of the bikes so we have a realistic size required and the bulkheads can be adjusted accordingly.

The waxoil is now going to be added to the steel floor base plate and a rough floor fitted so it will be easier to work.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bigger freezer

You can now see the dayroom/dining area drawings with the table up.... We are now also going to have a bigger freezer under the end cushion, which will now be 37 litre capacity. The slot in the leg is to allow for the pipe work which goes under the lockers and also if anything electrical is put on that end seat, it will reach the plug socket, even with the bed in the made up position.

Hopefully the foam insulation (foaming) will be done this week, so more pictures of that soon.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Engine room design

This is how we see the engine room....

It will hold the washing machine, tumble drier and the two folding mountain bikes. It will be done in the traditional style of roses and castles with a darker wooden floor, it will also be a den which we can use for computer work and other hobbies. A table will drop down over the washing machine and tumble drier to form a large table. We still have to find a compact computer chair to fit in this room, and space will need to be found for tools and sack barrow etc.

Here we have the same room with the doors closed on the bikes cupboard. This room has had to be extended to just over 10 foot and hopefully these compact machines will fit through the stern doors and in their places. (if not we'll just have to cut a hole in the roof to get them in) lol