Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cold howling winds

The wind was howling against the sides of Derwent6 and the first job of the day was to clean the chimney... we have a long brush which gets right down the flue. Covering Derwent6 with sheets first we work the brush so you get all the coke out. Next job was to check all the levels on the engine and gearbox after the long run the other day. We were then on the hunt for wood and manage to find some not too far away. With the fire now drawing nicely we kept warm in the bitterly cold wind and showers.

The latest on the freezer is that we have been putting it on fast freeze when running the engine and then turning it down to one or two on the dial when we turn the engine off... It seems to be working as we don't hear the freezer working overnight now and the low voltage light now isn't on in the morning. This should work well in the summer!!!

We had a really easy day just messing about really. We've got a nice spot here and will be watching the Easter rush hour from here...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Leicester for the camera

We were up early as we had to get this camera sorted out, so we walked up to the end of the Welford Arm and managed to get a lift from Pat & Keith into Leicester's Fosse park to get to an Argos. It's a nice pleasant walk which takes you right into the village. When we got there we looked at all the prices for a new camera and Curry's were the cheapest but we had enough Nectar points to get the camera from Argos, so it never really cost us anything, plus we got a ten pound voucher for spending over £100. Touch!

We then had a quick walk round Fosse Park and were impressed with the size of M & S and Next. We met up again with Pat & Keith in Asda. We then drove back via a garden centre for a nice lunch. It was back to their house for coffee and then we walked back to Derwent6 in a window of dry weather.

The fire went on straight away and we soon had Derwent6 toasty again. We soon settled down with the telly and playing with the new camera.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Long Day

It was a dank morning and looked like it could rain any minute, but we had had enough of the scenery here and wanted to move on. Al took the tiller and we pulled the pins, thinking we will stop when it rains.... After a hour of calm and tranquil cruising it started to spit, but we thought we might as well make it to Foxton Locks. We had a few problems getting through the swing bridge, but we both just managed to do it. When we got there the sun came out and we filled with water. We also manually pumped out what we had left in the waste tank, so a job well done... With the sun shining on us, we though we would see the locky to see if we could get up the locks "come right up" he said, "you know what you're doing". When we got to the top we noticed the cheese boat and we wanted to sample some of these fine Welsh cheeses. We passed Mo & Ness on n.b Balmaha (see link) getting water but decided to press on while the weather was with us. Al made some cakes and managed to get some washing done. We got to the tunnel and when we came out everything was wet again so we must have missed a shower there, lucky or what!
We moored just before the Welford arm and found a nice spot out of the wind which had now picked up. We decided to cut up all the wood on the roof before the heavens opened and managed to do it just in time. Phew what a busy day (for us anyway) and we were knacked and aching a bit. We lit the fire in the evening and just snuggled up...that's what it's all about!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fishermen or Freezer

We got up at 6.00am a bit bleary eyed and put on the heating. With a cup of tea and some toast we watched the Grand Prix (well done Jensen)

At 8.00am we were surrounded by fishermen who had a fishing match on today. Just as the Grand Prix finished the fishing match started and we really needed to start our engine to charge the batteries. With the tv on last night and early this morning the freezer was stuggling to keep the meat frozen and the warning light had started to flash, but we kept our cool and decided to turn the freezer off and have a walk to get some air. We picked up some bits and pieces on the way and then popped in to see Jo & Keith on n.b.Hadar. (see link) They offered us coffee and cake which we couldn't turn down and had a chat for about a hour and a half. When we got back the fishermen were just packing up so we started the engine. We had to run the engine for about three hours to get the battereis back up to full strength and we manged to save most of the things in the freezer. We had to eat the chicken for dinner which had suffered the worse.

Well it looks like the camera has finally given up the ghost and we may have to get a new one. It will be back to the reserve camera which takes longer to download the photos so there won't be so many at the moment.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lunch at the Basin

It was another lovely morning and we did have plans to get up early and watch the qualifying of the Grand Prix but failed and thought the lay in would do us good instead.

At lunchtime we walked to the new restaurant in Market Harborough basin called The Waterfront, which only opened six days ago and had good recommendations. We met up with John & Trudy who are having a Fernwood boat built, which will be called n.b Dreamcatcher, and just like us when Derwent6 was being built they had loads of questions. We had a great meal in good company and made our way back to Derwent6 for coffee. They left around 3.45pm and we relaxed in the sunshine. We watched some telly in the evening before going to bed early knowing the clocks were going forward and we had to get up early to see the race in the early hours of the morning!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping top up

With the showers on and off this morning we decided to take a walk into Market Harborough and top up on the food shopping. We got rid of our rubbish and was pleased to see Jo & Keith moored on the other side of the basin with Keith on the towpath. He had been rushed into hospital on Wednesday night with stomach pains again, but after dosing him up had discharged him. He is still waiting for an operation in May. We walked into town and it looked like rain again so we popped inside for a coffee. We had a good look round the market before we got all our food shopping, and then got the bus back up the hill to Derwent6. We just made it back before another heavy shower. As you may have gathered we are having some problems with the camera again. We dropped it on Derwent6 which didn't help!
We have had lots of hire boats going out this week, maybe for the Easter break, lets hope the weather is ok for them as they say it's going to turn cold again next week. We are really enjoying our stay here at Harborough....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gleaming inside and out

Del woke up, alone this morning and never got his eggs with a kiss, but hey the sun was shining. It was a good time to do some brass cleaning inside Derwent6. With the engine now purring like a kitten the generator was running and the vacuum cleaner in full swing. When Al turned up, Del was in the sunshine cleaning the porthole brasses, but heavy clouds were looming in the distance (shouldn't of done those brasses)

Ten minutes later the heavens opened and we closed the doors to the sound of it pounding against the roof. We then chilled out for the rest of the day, with reading and music.... In the evening we sorted out our snagging list for Fernwood again as the first one has got lost.

Al down south, Derwent6 serviced

We were up early this morning as Al was traveling down to Kent to see some friends in Maidstone and Del was doing the service on the Beta 50. Al left at 11.00am and walked to the station, and Del got to work. After running the engine for twenty minutes Del did the engine and gearbox oil change. Then it was the greasing up of all the linkages and the stern gland tube. Then it was the turn of the fuel filters, which when removed looked to be the wrong ones, although they did seem to fit OK, so they will have to be changed at a later date. We still have a squeak coming from the belts and Fernwood are sorting this out, as a new pulley is required. After cleaning out the waste oil from under the engine and cleaning out the bilge, the day was almost gone.

Del then walked down to get rid of the waste from the service and then walked down into Market Harborough to grab a bit of grub and a pint for four pounds at Weatherspoons, with the bonus of watching the football.

Al visited her mum and dad and then met friends Karen B, Alison, and Karen T (some past work mates) for something to eat in Prezzo's in Maidstone. A good time was had by all. Al stayed at her mum and dad's for the night, while Del was kept awake on Derwent6 by some very chilled out youths hanging out on the bridge till three in the morning!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Move along please

It was a lovely morning so Del did some brasses while Al did the housework. We had to leave at 11.30 as we now had a full waste tank and were getting low on water. We also needed a gas bottle so we made our way up to the basin and moored up on the services. When we got there we were greeted with "Are you going to be long!" Yes! was the reply as we were a bit desperate. Oh we're cleaning engines today as we have loads of boats going out Thursday. Can you come back tomorrow? This is a BW service point and Canaltime seem to own it. Of course it's not Canaltime anymore, as it is all owned by Alverchurch. Hmmmmm........ Still no more ranting!!!

We had our pumpout and then moved out of the way, alongside n.b Hadar (see link) to fill with water and get our gas bottle. While we were waiting we had lunch and then sat on the bench with our cup of tea. It was there we noticed Brian and Diana on n.b Harnser (see link) over the other side of the basin , so we walked over with tea in hand to have a chat. We picked up two bags of coal from Jo and Keith before we made our way back out to moor somewhere before the rain set in. It rained again on and off all evening so we lit the fire and settled down with the telly.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Al went shopping again

We laid in this morning so we don't really know where the morning went, in bed I suppose!!!
We saw n.b Hanser (see link) coming out from the basin, we're sure to catch up with them at some point. Al then decided to go shopping and walked into Market Harborough. While she was away there was a knock on the boat. It was another fellow blogger from n.b Jubilee ( ) and they had gone out of their way to see us. It's nice to put names and story's to faces and hopefully we will see them around. In the evening the rain came down, so we just chilled (as you do...) with our music.... a relaxing day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Del the salesman suspect

For the first time this year we have managed to have breakfast out in the cratch... Al went and got the papers this morning and we just chilled with them and trying to do a crossword competition for that holiday in the Bahamas... We decided to put the freezer back on today so we will see how the batteries cope. In the afternoon Del took the rubbish to the basin while Al wrote a few cards and did some cleaning jobs and made a quick apple pie. Late afternoon we watched the microlight guys having fun in the field next to us. We did have some real action at around 8.00pm in the evening though. We were watching Dancing On Ice when there was a knock on the boat."Who's that" Del shouted, "The Police" was the answer. Oh!

It turned out that someone had been doing door to door sales at the local houses and gave the occupants some threatening behaviour. The people in the houses think it is someone off a boat, so Del was a suspect... We were asked a few questions about what we had seen in the area and it soon became clear to the police that it wasn't us. In the afternoon we did have a small cruiser pull up along side us for a couple of hours... maybe he could have told them more ;-).... We were a bit worried though because we had found a fallen tree which had come down in the winds and we thought it was about that... Still no harm done!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Alarming Forty's

While out yesterday we manage to pick up this smoke alarm for £3.00 at Wilkinsons so it was the first job of the day to get it fitted. They are so good we will have to get another one for the engine room. We just chilled during the day watching the rugby and passing the time really.. In the evening we got ourselves ready for a 1940's night with Brass Wind and Fire Big Band playing. It was only a short walk down into town and Al wore her trainers down for walking and changed into her high heels when we got there. When we arrived most people had dressed up in 40's clothing and when it started they were all dancing 40's style. The band were fantastic and the singers great. We had a great time trying to master the quick step, cha cha cha, and lindy hop, but failed badly... It all ended at around 11.30pm and Al changed back into her trainers and we walked back to Derwent6. A good night was had by all!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

27 years today (God help us)

Del said he would be out on parole by now, but it has been just a fantastic twenty seven years...

So what did we do!!! In the morning opened all our cards and presents. A big thank you to all that sent them.. We were then visited by Pat & Keith with flowers in hand and Keith had made us a Log cutting trestle, this will be a great help when the chainsaw comes into action. They gave us a lift into town and after a walk around we decided to have lunch in Zizzi's. A bottle of wine later, we then did some shopping before it was Hot Chocolate time in Cafe Nero where we reminisced, and that just about finished us off. We walked back to Derwent6, just as it started to rain, and lit the fire and snuggled in. We were going out in the evening but the weather was so bad it ended up being a night in with Sport relief.... we really enjoyed our day

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saving the best till last

We had a bit of a nothing day today, just pottering around and doing those odd jobs... but just like you do, we saved the best till last.
We gave Jo and Keith a knock on n.b. Hadar in the hope Keith was well enough to walk into town for a drink. Lets give it a go they said... We walked down to a place recommended by Mo and Ness which was up a hidden alleyway called Joules the eating house. The walls were all covered in sheets of music and full of old antique instruments. Every 3rd Thursday of every month they hold a open mic night where locals turn up with instruments and play.... It is held in a courtyard full of old antiques and they just have a few tables and heaters in like a small barn with a marquee on the end with a bar.....We were the first to turn up...Well the quality of these people blew us away, we had a fantastic night. It went on till about 11.30pm and we saw about 10 different artists. All these people had written their own stuff and one teenage girl in particular was just outstanding. Food was also available. We got back to Derwent6 at about midnight and had cheese and biscuits before going to bed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On up to Harborough

With the sun trying to come out, we pulled the pins and pushed on towards Market Harborough. We were on the hunt for wood as our levels had run low and spotted some just two miles into our journey. We stopped Derwent6 and loaded a few fallen tree trunks onto the roof before heading off and finding a good mooring to cut and saw it all up. We then continued on to Harborough and moored on a recommended mooring from Mo and Ness. We then had lunch and then made our way into town for a quick look around. On the way back we popped in to see Keith and Jo on coal boat n.b. Hadar. ( Keith has not been well and they have been stuck here for four months with hospital appointments. We were lucky and saw Keith on one of his good days.... We spent a couple of hours with them before heading along the towpath back to Derwent6. It was a very pretty walk and all the houses gardens and trees were all lit up, it was like walking along at the seaside, we just needed fish and chips in hand. In the evening we watched the football and for Al, her Desperate Housewife's.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping together

The day started with the kettle going on and the gas running out.. It would do after we were at the marina yesterday, still it had lasted four months so we won't complain. There was a knock on the stern and it turned out to be Mo off n.b Balmaha. Funnily enough they were also waiting for a Tesco's delivery and believe it or not at the same time slot..What are the chances!!! Tesco's arrived at 11.00am and we both loaded up with food. After that Mo & Ness came on Derwent6 for a cup of tea and a Hot Cross bun. We then went our separate way's, but before n.b Balmaha pulled the pins they helped us through the tricky swingbridge.. Thanks guys and see you in the near future!

The sun started to come out and it was only about half a mile before we were in the countryside and moored up. We sat out in the cratch and had some lunch in the sunshine. It was nice to be stocked up with food again. With nothing on the TV we played and sung music before going to bed.