Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A busy month

August turned out to be a busy month, we went up to Fernwood craft and saw Ken and Julia who have another boat close to launch day. We then met up with N.B Huff & Puff another Fernwood boat.
We have been working hard on the plans and been getting lots of suggestions from N.B Quidditch, N.B. Belle and N.B. Hader who's main advice was "KEEP IT SIMPLE"

So simple it's going to be !!!!!

As you can see we got the lamp back and don't it look just grand!! We went it the IWA Beale park boat show and got alot of information from all the narrowboats at the show this year.

We then checked out N.B Jasper another Fernwood boat to see what it looked like after three years down the line, and it was still in very good condition.

We have purchased some bits and pieces for N.B. Derwent6 like brass hooks, barrels and fenders and in the process of purchasing a solid brass horn for the roof (more details next month)