Friday, January 22, 2021

Six for Gold and we need water!

 We have been static for two weeks in our spot and to be honest we have loved it.. 

The sunrise was just poking out over the trees as we set off with the bow sticking high out of the canal. The first thing we noticed was how silted the canal is, as the stern dug into the leaves and mud making steering tricky. But after you get over it you get that tingling feeling of how good it is to be cruising again. The trees are so naked at the moment but it looks so different, like you're on a new canal.

We made our way back towards Rugby and things were so quiet, as you expect during a lockdown.

We soon arrived at the tunnel and still hadn't met anything.

Newbold was empty of boats, and we soon got to Brownsover and the water tap, which was a bit of a relief as we were on our last dregs of water.

So much so that Al couldn't even do any washing on the way. We filled and also emptied our waste tank and Al put on her protective mask to go on a shopping top up. It is now one person at a time and it was a good time to go as she walked right in with no queues and sanitized.  Most of the people were staff doing either click and collect or home deliveries. When she came out there were eight cars waiting for the click and collect.. Del on the other hand had done what he needed to do and even got rid of the rubbish and had started the second washing pile, and had time for a shower. He met Al walking back with all the goodies to see us through the next couple of weeks, and we still hadn't seen a moving boat. We had three loads of washing to do so now we had water the washing machine was going like billyo! Using the w/machine while cruising takes 10% out of the batteries as it does its cycle on a 40 degree wash. So as the engine is running, it is charging as we go, so it tops our batteries back up.. You can also pour a hot kettle of water into the machine before you start it to reduce the heating time. 

We carried on towards the bottom of Hillmorton where we turned where we always do.

One wash to do and it was all going to plan as the buzzer (saying the washing had finished) came on just as we got back to the water point we had left an hour ago.

It was a quick top up so we were full again.

We then headed back to the tunnel and our lockdown mooring..

Things we going great as the forecast said rain for 4.00pm and we met our first boat.. Like I said it was very shallow and passing could be difficult so we stopped to avoid any wash.. As the boat passed it lost all its steering in the silt and power was not the solution as they ploughed into the trees behind us.

We then went round the corner and another boat was across the cut off of its moorings and Al had to push it back towards the bank as its owner tried to get it back without a centre rope, it never gets boring cruising..

Luckily our mooring was still free, lets be honest we only passed one other boat all day so we wasn't surprised.

Tooty was though, he thought he would be in new territory and we were back in the same place. Us, we were very snug knowing today had been busy but satisfying..

Al had cooked a lovely chicken dinner on the stove and it was just the warming treat needed for such a successful day..  Maybe it was the six magpies we saw in the tree yesterday.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Derwent6 Song


We’ve left our Jobs, and we’ve left our house.

And we’re going to the country where it’s as quiet as a mouse.

Where Derwent6 is now our home.

When we're moored in the country, where the cows and sheep roam.


We'll be chugging along, with bridges so low.

Travelling at a snails pace, with no place to go

We'll be turning each bend with a different view

Travelling on Derwent6 really built for two



And then we, Start the engine, release the ropes, pull the pins, and check the flow

Push out the bow now, as we drift from the bank, taking it easy ,taking it slow.

With smoke from the chimney all warm and snug

And a hot cup of coffee poured in a mug

We'll be chopping the wood, to put on the fire

Just the smell is something, we will always desire



And then we start the engine, release the ropes, pull the pins, and check the flow

Push out the bow now, as we drift from the bank, taking it easy ,taking it slow.


Then there's a row of locks in quick succession, but we never seem to get depression

It doesn’t matter if it takes a week, as long as we don’t get a leak


And then we get to the top and cruise along,

And in the background we hear those church bells Dong!

Over coming all our fears

With a smile on our faces and our eyes full of tears




Oh! Just having fun is always our aim

Whether  Winter or Summer it never seems the same

All our friends and family are our safety net

As Derwent6 sails into the sunset



And then we, Start the engine, release the ropes, pull the pins, and check the flow

Push out the bow now, as we drift from the bank, taking it easy ,taking it slow

Yer! we will be, Taking it easy, Taking it slow.

We would be, Taking it easy with nowhere to go

Monday, January 11, 2021

On a Cold and Frosty Morning!

 Luckily enough the fire stayed in last night and when we looked out of the window it was like we were in the film Frozen. 

Del took out the ashes and then took a few photos. At this point it was minus four.. 

You can see the patterns created on the side panels on Derwent6 and the barrels looked amazing..

It was so pretty we decided to take a walk down to the pharmacy to collect some medications and Al used the post office to post a couple of urgent letters. The good thing was the towpath was frozen and it made life better than walking through the mud..

It was so pretty and good exercise for both of us.. When we got back we had another issue to contend with.. 

As you all know Lithium  Batteries don't like the cold weather and don't charge below five degrees, so this year it was a trial for us to test them, as last year we were in a marina for the worst part of 2020. We have a 40 watt heater which takes the chill off in the engine room, and in fact it is designed for greenhouses through the winter months, but this wasn't working, as the batteries have a temperature sensor which was still showing only three degrees, probably because it was still minus three outside.. We have now sussed out that by running the engine for an hour it gets warm enough in the engine room for the batteries go above five degrees and start charging, result! Ok when its really cold we have to use a bit more diesel, but we save so much once they are charged so this is a small turning point for us and a worry taken away.. 

It didn't warm up all day and the frost just looked prettier by the minute.

They forecast snow tomorrow and we need some wood cutting done, so lets see what happens, every days a challenge and an adventure, that's what we love about this life.. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Get it all done before Lockdown (again)

Full on task day ahead today, so we set off at 8.30am and passed the new landslip which is still slipping with bricks falling out of the wall.

We then reached roses and it seemed so quiet again.

The canals are very silted up now with not much boat movement so you can never rush these things, we even had to break a bit of ice in some places but it was very thin..

  We only passed one boat on the two and a half  hour cruise.

We carried on up to Hawkesbury junction and managed to get on the water point.

The tap was being used by the private moorers, so come midday we moved to a suitable spot for our Asda delivery.. 

Bang on time the delivery turned up. We then moved back onto the water point and stuck the hose back in. While that was filling Del had his haircut and then we both had a nice long shower each.. We set off at 1.45pm and headed back the way we came..

It was bloody freezing and Del was layered up and constant Tia Maria coffees were brought out to warm him up..  We were lucky enough to get our mooring back which pleased Tooty albeit he was confused with us facing the other way. 

  So we are all done for a bit, ready for the next lockdown period.....

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Static into new year!

 So it has been just us and the swans over the Christmas period and we have loved it.

New Year seemed very quiet but Tooty tucked in to all the food and wine on board.

Al cooked a lovely New Year beef dinner with all the trimmings..

We also had some pictures drawn of us by Del's brother Cliff.

we have played a lot of games.

As for the weather, we have been iced in for a few days and we have seen some nice sunsets.

We plan to move for essentials tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone!