Thursday, April 02, 2009

Can't get used to all this rushing!!!!!!

We have just got back from a lovely couple of days down south...We hired another car from Enterprise and waited on the bridge for them to collect us. Over the bridge came this roller skate on wheels... but hey! it will get us from A to B. We then travelled down the M1 and again were shocked at the speed of everything. (why are people in so much of a hurry). We then sat in the queue's at the Dartford crossing before arriving at Pam and Alf's at around 3.00pm.

In the evening Al went out with friends Karen and Alison, while Del went round to see Bernie and Sarah. It was great to catch up with you guys!!

On Wednesday we made some arrangements to meet another guy at Thurrock as he was supplying some things for Derwent6, (more about that later...) We did some shopping and had a cup of tea and a cake with Pam and Alf early afternoon, before then heading off to Steve and Erica's in the late afternoon and evening. Phew!!!!!

This was a 18th Birthday meal which had been arranged for Tanya at our favorite restaurant The Beeches (see our link). They had done a birthday table for her, we also had Adam, who is a close up magician, on that night as well, ( and we all had a fantastic time and thanks for treating us S & E. It was great to catch up with Maxine and Graham as well.

This morning we were back in the queue's on the M25 and then taken back to Derwent6. Yes! we've been busy...

It's funny though, because we never missed our house when we lived in it, but we sure missed Derwent6. Why is that???

It was a bit cold when we got inside, but not damp, so we lit the fire turned on the power and it was soon like we had never been away.

We have now got the spare valve kit for the manual pumpout, and also picked up this fantastic BBQ which folds up neatly and fits into a small pouch while it cools down, hopefully we'll be getting it out a lot, even if it is just in the cratch.

We also got some more polish (well you know how much we love polishing) and best of all we now have the complete new set of the Nickolson Guide books which Pam and Alf brought us for our Wedding Anniversary. Thankyou!!! These are like a bible on the cut. The pages seem a bit thinner but there is much more information in them with more colour. We don't know how they will fair on a windy wet day out on the stern, but we will find out, for sure.

It is nice sitting here with the tranquillity of the cut and the warm snugness of Derwent6.

It's nice to be back home!


Anonymous said...

The roller skate got you home then, did not think it would after the skate nearly took off by the Royal Oak. As for the BBQ all I can say is you must be on a diet as you wont be able to cook much on it.
See you soon

Bottle said...

Hi you two.

You do seem to be enjoying yourselves and why not.

I to have a complete set of the new Nicholson's but had to buy them myself :-(

I have nearly done a complete virtual tour of all canals and rivers, cannot wait to do it for real :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way what about the pictures of Al with her jaw on the ground, or the cards etc.

Unknown said...

Has Derwent Gnome gone on holiday?

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith
Thanks! It won't be long now and at least you have the new books to make all thoses exciting plans.