Monday, October 30, 2017

Taken on a Cruise

In the morning we were all a little more refreshed and we wanted to move and get some provisions as we were right out of food.. So the plan was that Maxine and Graham could move their Motorhome further up the canal and then take Ginny for a walk, before they head back towards us where we could pick them up and give them a short cruise on Derwent6.
We left at 9.30am just after the mist had cleared and made our way towards Leighton Buzzard.
We first got water.
and then stopped outside Tesco's and Aldi for food..
While Al was getting the final bits and pieces Maxine and Graham arrived, and with the shopping on board Graham took the helm.
At the first lock Maxine locked us through, this was so nice for us as we normally have to do all the work..
It wasn't long till we came to a pub, the Globe, and Graham pulled over (it was only a small bump). We thought we would have a drink outside as it was just so nice in the sunshine.

 We carried on in glorious sunshine but it was a bit on the chilly side.
We got to the three locks at Solbury and Graham moored at the top where we managed to get a spot on the 48 hour moorings..

We had booked a reservation in The Three Locks Inn and had to rush a bit to get in there in time, but they didn't mind us being a bit late. We had a lovely meal in there and came out worn out from what seemed a busy day.. We said our goodbyes to Maxine and Graham as we wanted to leave early in the morning..
Thanks Guys for a lovely fun weekend, as always!

Hangover cure = more beer!

It was a bit difficult surfacing on the Saturday after getting to bed at 4.30 am.. We texted Maxine and Graham around 10.30am, and we got a reply "Come over for Breakfast" just what we needed to soak up those hangover blues..
Maxine had cooked a lovely full English with all the trimmings and we talked over what should we do today. Of course, drinking was involved with food of course.
M and G had brought Ginny the dog with them and had to take her out for a walk, so we decided to walk to the Leighton Buzzard Brewery, the hair of the dog.
It was a brewery open day and they had laid on some music and a BBQ with some great beers..
After that taster we walked into town and went to the Micro brewery The Bald Buzzard where we met Phil and Ali the landlords.
Ginny the dog got very spoilt with all the attention, as did the girls served tea in a china teapot. For the boys, more beer was drunk..
We then got very hungry and with the use of trip advisor and google we walked to a pub in nearby Linslade called The Ship, which did a carvery on a Saturday night.
The food was fantastic and with only four hours good sleep and very full stomachs we headed back to Derwent6..  We just couldn't do another card session and decided we should all catch up on some sleep after the night before..

Code breakers!

We woke up to beautiful sunshine and an opportunity to do some boat cleaning.. It was still unusually warm for the time of year and we soon got settled out in the cratch soaking up the rays..
We had a call from friends Maxine and Graham who had got us all some tickets to go to Bletchley Park in the evening.
They arrived after a bit of a delay at 2.00pm in their Motorhome and parked in the Grove Lock camping site which is part of the marina.
With time against us we dropped everything and went over to the grove Lock pub for a few beers and something to eat..
We set off for Bletchley Park which is the home of the first computer in the UK, Colossus, and also the home of the codebreakers..
Bletchley Park employed 9,000 people during the war to crack coded letters and transmissions carried out by the German's, Japanese, and Italians and this played a massive part in us succeeding with winning the war.
It was a night time tour in the dark and warm clothing and torches were required..
We were being taken back to the Second World War and we were the new Codebreaker recruits.
You also got free drinks in the price. It was fantastic and well worth doing.. 
When we came out from the tour you could go round the museum of computing and the national radio centre. It was 9.30pm when we came out, and it was back to Grove Lock and back in the pub.
Just when you think it was bedtime we got an invite back to the Motorhome for a nightcap. We ended up playing Uno with a few more beers and wine till 4.00am in the morning..

Friday, October 27, 2017

Back to Grove

The weather looked ok to move today, but on looking through the porthole window it did seem a bit misty.. When getting ready to go we noticed the mist was in fact that fine rain, the rain you get soaked in, but we were ready to go, so the chains got loose and Derwent6 drifted off into the mist.
We got to the first lock and a hire boat was just off the lock moorings having breakfast. "We'll follow you in" they said. More help the better we though and we're saving water.
They followed us for the next three locks and it is enjoyable catching up with everyone's different lives..
We parted at Slapton Lock where they stopped for water, and we carried on to where they were still dredging. We must say that it is so much better down here now, with much better water depth, I just hope it doesn't encourage more boats to go faster, but well done to CaRT for a great job done and its still continuing..
We got to Church Lock and wanted to moor up, but the moorings we like were full, so we crept up to Grove Lock and there was one mooring left on the vistors moorings, we felt blessed.
We lit the fire as we felt so damp, infact everything felt so damp, and Derwent6 soon warmed up nicely..

The wind had dropped to nothing, so much that we saw a hot air balloon go past, keeping below the low cloud, better them than us..

Flying the Chiltern's

We liked it here and Del thought the wind would be OK to go gliding for the day on the Chiltern Hills. The weather was unbelievable and so summer like with temperatures in the twenty's and a sunny light westerly wind.
He worked out where he would have to walk avoiding the roads and using footpaths.
After a boat clean Del set off for the hills with his glider and took the paths.
It was a two hour walk and was up hill going, but due to the weather quite pleasant.
When he arrived six other guys were up the slope and after a chat Del was soon in the air..
He had a lovely day soaring the Ivinghoe Beacon, till the sun set and daylight faded.
The walk back was all downhill but Dels feet and legs were now taking a bashing..
Al had dinner on and it was a curry, yum!  She had been reading her book in the sunshine so felt totally relaxed.. We enjoyed a bit of telly and some music in the evening, WITH OUR FEET UP!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Leafy lane and a fisherman's friend

We set off heading back north on the Grand Union, and the good thing was that on our day of leaving we had our number taken by CaRT, Hurrah! We did wonder why there had been so much boat movement the day before, but most of them only moved a bridge or two lol!

We carried on and soon hit a path of golden leaves and the prop cut through it with ease.
Just a small knock it out of gear and the leaves fall off the Axion.
After our long stop we were a bit low on water and had to stop at the top of the Marsworth flight. Guess what? it was lined with fishermen taking part in a competion.. "We need to get water guys" Del shouted and with a huff and a puff the bridge didn't fall down, but they did scurry to get their fishing nets out of the water..
Derwent6 has a big water tank and when its empty it takes a while to fill up, about an hour in fact, so by the time we had finished two of them had decided to move, and thought being on a water point was not a good idea..
After a nice cup of tea and a cheese scone we got on our way again.
The wind had got up a bit but it didn't cause a problem for us. The locks were easy going down and we soon got to the junction at the bottom.
In one of the locks this little fella was looking for a way out, we left the gate open a jar so he could get back home..
We then went past the Aylesbury Arm passing a lot more moored boats on the way.
 Then onto the last two locks at Marsworth.
We then decided to keep going for a bit as the weather had brightened up a bit so ended up doing the Seabrook three locks.
We moored up with some stunning views of the Chilterns.
Exhausted from the day we chilled in the evening with the radio..

Taking a break

So we have chilled out at Cowroast for a few days, due to the high winds and we just like it here.
We took a walk into Berkhamsted and had a few drinks and some eats at Ask as we had a voucher to eat there.
Surprisingly it wasn't very busy on the moorings.

Del went out on his bike a few times and also went on a trip to Ivinghoe Beacon to suss out where he could go and fly his glider.
We walked into Northchurch where we saw a local band called "Mouth on a Stick" who were brilliant. We will be seeing them again in the future.
I think the staying put thing depends on all your signals being good, Telly, Phone and Internet and you're sorted really, you're in touch with everyone. We liked it so much we went into Cowroast marina and had a pumpout and turned round and moored up in the same place which still had our piling hooks in.
Sorry we haven't blogged but sometimes you just need a break from it, and when you don't move you feel there isn't much to blog about, but of course there is..
We are moving tomorrow so will fill you all in.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Chancing Friday 13th

We saw the wind had picked up a bit from yesterday, but still decided to make a move from here at Pitstone.
We went round the corner and found the two locks were in our favour, a good start to Friday 13th. The good news about the wind, was that it was behind us.

 These locks were easy and when we looked back two boats had joined us, not so lucky for them.
We cruised on towards Marsworth which was busy with moored boats.
When we got to the Aylesbury Arm, we saw they had built Apartments on the old Waterways site and also they had built a new disposal point alongside..
The sun came out and we got to the bottom of the Marsworth flight of seven locks, and again they were all in our favour.
After the first lock you can see the reservoir and it did look quite full, which is good news.
At the top of the flight the top lock looked in poor repair and was leaking so bad we had trouble opening the gates..

At Bulbourne we passed the Wendover Arm and then stopped and topped up with water where a small gap had been left by boats to get in there.
Obviously some boaters can't read.

We then headed towards Cowroast, passing Tring Station. It was really leafy and pretty through here and we had to keep clearing the prop, but for a change there was plenty of water.
I wonder if this fella has to pay car tax.
We found a nice spot to moor just before the marina and even managed telly, all the signals have been great down the GU.
So on our travels this week, again we have seen no one monitoring moorings....
We just chilled in the afternoon, it had been a good Friday 13th for us (touch wood)..