Sunday, April 05, 2009

What we do in a day!

Yes we were up this morning to see the Grand Prix and well done Jenson.... It was a lovely start to the day with the mist just laying on the water and the canal looking like a piece of glass. It was weird not having any rubbish floating around or floating by for that matter, but it was very tranquil. You can see how mirror like it was, with this shot of the reflection of the sky. The question we have asked is "What do you do in a day?"

Well it might be, not a lot really...Lets take today for example. We sat on the Bow, watching a guy in the field opposite us catching rabbits and pigeons with his two dogs, we watched a pilot doing acrobatics in his plane, watched two ducks fighting for a female with a flying and splashing display, and waved to every Tom Dick and Harry that passed us. We went out and gathered some sticks for kindling, helped a couple of people moor up and the highlight of the day was watching n.b Vulcan go by. But it was a lovely day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just be careful not to over do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dad @ Telxx

Anonymous said...

sounds better than 10 hours in the office with an hours drive each way and a bad back into the bargain! Zxxx