Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Week in the North Yorkshire Moors

After making sure Derwent6 was secure and being looked after by some good friends we made our way down to Al's mum and dads in Kent.
We set off on Saturday and slowly made our way up to Yorkshire, a dream for Pam and Alf. They always used to go up there in their younger days and did a lot of walking and always wanted to go back, but felt it would never happen. We left at 10.00am after the carers had been and after only one stop managed to get there at 3.00pm just in time for us to get the keys to our cottage/ bungalow at Kirkbymoorside. After getting some food we all ended up resting for the rest of the day.
On the Sunday we all wanted to see the moors and the weather was good so we set off on a tour. This included going to Hutton-le-Hole where the sheep roam the streets.
 Going across the bleak moorland to Castleton and Danby before stopping for Sunday lunch at The Horseshoe Inn at Egton Bridge.
Everything was homemade and beautiful with a good warm atmosphere, and a warm welcome.
After our full tummies we carried on to Grosmont and then on to Heartbeat country at Goathland. Here the Steam railway stops and we found out times from the station master when the train stopped here.
 We then come back across the moors to Rosedale Abbey and then back to Pickering, the market town of the moors. We all got back worn out and crashed out to bed early.

On the Monday we woke up to rain and strong winds and after the carer had been we were determined to get out again. The plan was to just go out for some lunch at lunchtime but we had spotted a place in the middle of the moors on it's own, at the highest point, normally only visited by walkers. The rain was tipping down and the wind was rocking the car about but we still managed to get in with the wheelchair.
We got a table by a lovely warm inviting log fire and had a great meal and also chatting with loads of walkers doing the Coast to Coast walk.
We were very glad of the car and had to make a dash to it when we left the pub. All this air had worn us out and with full stomachs we made it back to the cottage just before the weather got worse. Yep we were making the most of it.
On Tuesday the weather hadn't changed much but it said that things would improve the more east we went. So Scarborough was on the cards. We left at 10.00am again after the carer and travelled the thirty miles to the beach.
The weather had improved a little, so we parked up by the beach and watched the waves crashing in. We then did some shopping in the centre and then went back to the seafront where Pam played the 2p slot machines and Al won a few tickets on her hammer hitting skills, probably from knocking all those pins in for Derwent6.

As the weather got worse again we headed back to Kirkbymoorside via Pickering to pick up a few things, and Al cooked a warming casserole. With all that sea air we crashed out early again.
On Wednesday we thought we would go south west from where we were. So we set off at 10.00am and then made our way to Helmsley where we got petrol.
We then made our way to Easingwold and on to Linton on the river Ouse. Here our trip was cut short due to the flooding of the Ouse (home from home, it could be the canal).
We ended up turning back and going to a pub in Gilling called The Fairfax Arms. We had a lovely lunch here with just the best pie and chips and gravy to crave over. We also found the best railway set you could have. This went all round this guys garden and he runs steam trains on a Sunday for the kids.
We then went to Sutton Bank and had a cup of tea in the visitors centre before heading back to the cottage bungalow. Exhausted again we all crashed out early watching all the flooding news on the telly.
On Thursday we did what Pam and Alf have always wanted to do and that was go back to the seaside town of Whitby. We left at the normal time of 10.00am and took a route across the moors via Ryedale Abbey and arrived in Whitby at 11.00am.
 After a walk round the old streets we went to Pam and Alf's favourite Fish and Chip restaurant Trenchers
 It was really posh nosh fish and chips.....quality. The chips were just the best and the fish was fresh out the sea that day. They also did just the best Knickerbocker Glory for dessert.
We came out of there and then walked round the Old town where we picked up some sticks of rock and some lovely fudge.
We then walked out to the end of the harbour and the lighthouse where we watched the sea.
Worn out we were ready for another cup of tea so we went to Whistlestop at the station. We then got back in the car and reminisced by going to see some of the old holiday cottages they stayed at twenty years ago. It was good to see that they were still going strong. Worn out by the sea air we made our way back to Kirkbymoorside We had managed to miss the showers all day and when we got back it poured down. Good timing and a lovely day we all thought!!
It's our last day in North Yorkshire so we planned to make the most of it. Alf is really interested in trains and today there was a Steam Gala over at Goathland where Heartbeat and Harry Potter was filmed. We left at 10.00am again and then travelled across the moors following the sheep on the way.
We got there and made a bolt for the station where we had just missed the first train, so we went to the small tearooms which was a old engine shed, and the old freight trucks were turned into booths.
As we came out one of the steam trains pulled up, going to Pickering and then another turned up going to Whitby.
We didn't go on one because thought we would get a better view watching from the sidings. It was then time for something to eat so we made our way to Levisham which is a little village on top of a very steep hill.
Here is The Horseshoe pub, there seems to be a lot of them around here, but the food was just fantastic.
With full tummies we then found a spot to watch the trains go by.
We then went back to Goathland and went round the picturesque village where loads of stuff had been filmed, and you could see why! We ended up in the tearooms there!
We then drove back via Grosmont where more trains were pulling out of the station as we waited at the crossing.
We made our way back to Kirkbymoorside and got back at 6.00pm, a full day............An early night we think as we have another long day tomorrow!!

Well Saturday we were up early and packed ready to make our way back to Kent. After the carer had been we said our goodbyes and set off at 10.00am and took the A1 to the south. We ended up stopping three times for coffee and wee breaks and arrived at 3.30pm After sorting out clothing and packing our stuff we said our goodbyes to Pam and Alf and then got the train over to Del's Step mum Terry, where we were picked up at the station. We went back to Terry's for a shower and to get changed. At 7.30pm we then made our way over to Aylesford Priory where we had a invite to Abbie and Adam's wedding reception.
We had a fantastic time dancing the night away with some great food and it was nice to get together with all of their family.
We went back to Terry's where we stayed the night. Yep another busy day!!!

Up in the morning and Terry had sorted out some breakfast for us and we sat chatting before we were taken to the station. Excited about getting back to Derwent6, we got the train to Victoria and then on to Paddington and then Oxford. After grabbing something to eat we then got on the bus which took us into Thrupp. Derwent6 was covered in leaves but invitingly waiting for us. Ahhh, it's good to be home!!! It took a couple of hours to warm it all up with the central heating, but we were soon warm and cozy.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Twenty five year meeting

This morning we caught the bus into Oxford, and from there we had a short walk down to the train station where we then caught the train up to London. We grabbed something to eat and then met up with Richard and Lisa on their 25th Wedding Anniversary.
They had spent the day in London and had a meal at the gherkin, enjoying lovely views over the city. We met them on their return back to Kent at Victoria where we gave them their present and had a coffee. It was nice to get back together and catch up with everything, celebrating their special day. We made our way back and arrived at 6.00pm.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're on the Thrupp

We had eleven hours sleep last night and still feel tired from the last few days.. We started the day with a nice breakfast out in the cratch in the sunshine before we decided to set off. We thought we would go through Isis lock and up the Oxford rather then taking Duke's Cut this time, mainly to get a feel of what developments had occurred at the lower end of the Oxford canal. It has probably been eight or nine years since we last did this section. We took all the things off the roof to make sure we could get under the bridges but as we took the turn we knew we had no problem getting under them. We got to Isis Lock and soon got on the Oxford canal, you just get a feeling of calm once you're back on the canals, we don't know why!
We always thought the moorings were poor down this section, but in fact they have improved a lot. It was also busy with hire boats, but it was still very pleasant. It takes a lot longer than going up the Thames. You have one less lock but you do have two lift bridges to deal with, also there are a lot of moored boats so you're on tickover for most of the way.
We headed up Dukes Lock and headed north towards Thrupp, helping out a few boaters on the way who were stuck in shallow water. When we arrived at Thrupp we got ourselves moored up and then took a walk along as Al had a few books to take to the swap at the water point, and on the way we spotted Bone's walking the dogs. After a chat we went along to wounded Maffi with his Terminator leg, and caught up with all the local gossip. Then it was back to Derwent6 for something to eat and a chill out in the evening.....