Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heading South via the Market town

After the awful day yesterday with rain, we woke up this morning with the sun trying to poke through. So we set off early (well 8.30am, early for us) and thought we would try and beat the rain forecast. Leaving early gave us the chance to see loads of wildlife activity, including this Heron and we managed to see some chicks born today, but couldn't get a photo, as we didn't want to frighten the mum. We managed to get to Market Bosworth at around 11.00am with the sun beating down on us. We walked the mile up into the town and grabbed a coffee and something to eat for lunch in the Courtyard. We then had a good look around looking in all the shops including the butchers, fruit shop and newsagent. We then had a look at the country park and the church which was part 13th century and 18th century. We walked back to Derwent6 still with the sun shining and then filled with water. We decided to set off and see if we could get to Stoke Golding but as we were arriving a massive storm was brewing behind us. We were a bit frustrated as we noticed all the same boats moored on the 48 hour moorings at Stoke Golding and it was just spiting with rain. As the rain started to get a bit heavier we just moored up.....Good job we did, because it chucked it down just after we set up the satellite dish for the football tonight.

Steak is on the menu tonight, courtesy of the butcher in Market Bosworth

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