Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sink into the sofa

Things are moving on now. The two seater sofa has now been made up and with a squeeze will seat four, and the water tank has now at last been fitted.

In the galley on the starboard side, the tap and splashback has been fitted, and plug sockets and butler sink drainer installed. Also the integrated fridge has been fitted.

There is a corner cupboard fitted but this does not open fully, so we will have to redesign this to be a complete slide out unit with shelf behind it.
On the port side of the galley there has been a change to the width of the unit top. This has been altered to allow for a 500mm four burner gas hob to be fitted, and the cooker will fit under this. The drawers have been fitted, but all the units are still waiting for the doors.

In the Dayroom the corner cabinet has been started by Chris and should look great when finished. Behind this, will fit the perspex and fly screens for the side doors.

In the bedroom we were a bit disappointed to lose some of the space above the wardrobe as this had to be taken up by wiring, but it looks fantastic now the chest of drawers are in place. We're just fanatical about every nook and cranny!
The headboard has now been made and will be attached to the engine room bulkhead. As Julia is demonstrating, the height of this will be determined by the height of the memory foam mattress when made.
As for the exterior, the basecoat has now been applied to the starboard side and the water intake cap fitted in the gas locker.

Also some good and bad news about the signwriting and Roses and Castles for the engine room. As you may or may not know we have been trying to get hold of Andy Russell who is one of the best traditional signwriters in the country. But Andy has been doing a bit of Thai Boxing and fractured his skull. He is now on the mend, and has managed to book us a cancellation slot for the middle of September. This is very lucky, as he is booked up till 2010. Get well soon Andy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Derwent6 Walkthrough

Here is the latest video of a walkthrough of Derwent6...

Hold on tight!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bed and Breakfast

Things are really starting to move on now!
The Galley and the bed base has been fitted, the roof has been painted, but as you can see the water tank is still not fitted. We went up to confirm appliances and radiators, which will be ordered shortly.
The Butler sink has been fitted with the wooden worktops, and the cupboard you are looking at slides across to meet the other side to create another work surface.

The fridge will fit along side the sink and on the other side a draw and cupboard. We still have to finalise the taps and drainer, so another job next week.

The other advancement is the bedroom, which now has the base fitted with it's sliding mechanism to allow it to pull out to a five foot bed.

You can see that the leg pulls out with the frame. The mattress will be made out of layers of memory foam which will fold down under the gunnel. There are two drawers with space behind for long term storage.

The overhead lockers are now starting to look the part,with space for socks, pants and T shirts etc.
The Roof has now had it's first coat of paint, so you can get some idea for the colour.

The side doors have now been made up for painting, so we need to find a painter to do the Roses and Castles.

We have also got to find another gas hob, as the one we first picked is to big and does not have a flame device on all four burners. (just when you think you've got it sorted)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Anchor's Away

We have just picked up the 20kg Anchor for Derwent6. We have gone for a folding type which is very light and can be stowed away very easily. It comes in a small yellow bag and takes about 30 seconds to assemble.

We were very lucky with the price as they let us have it for last years price's and as we collected it there were no delivery charge's. This anchor can be used with weighted rope, so a chain does'nt have to be used. They also threw in a key saver floating key fob, Good service don't you think!

As for Derwent6 and Fernwood, we are up to the boat next week to see the progress, and we can't wait!!!!!