Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter trip, Day one

Woke up today with new crew!!!!

We set off early...Well early for us, at 8.30am and headed for the tunnel. We had three boats following us but can you believe it, we passed nothing in the tunnel coming the other way...Got to be a first in the Easter holidays. We got through the locks just as it was starting to rain. When we got to Braunston it was manic with just enough room for Derwent6 to squeeze through, and by this time it started to pour hard..

So we put on the wet weather gear and pressed on to Napton for lunchtime.

We were meeting some other friends Steve Erica and Tanya, who had travelled up from Kent to be with us all for an Easter meal in the Folly Inn for lunch.
We had a lot of fun over lunch and ended up having a pool competition Well Done Hannah!

It was all back to the boat for a few beers and Al done us all a lovely evening tea....
They left around 9.30pm and we all crashed out into bed by 10.00pm
Just a fantastic day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Rain?We have 20degree's and sun!!!!!!
Hope the sun shines for the rest of the time.Lots of love to you all,
Terry & Len xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

No reference about the head banging by Del and Sarah then, seems to be a hazard on the boats. Thanks for a great day.

Steve, Erica & Tanya

PS what was the film like

Derwent Gnome said...

Hi, i`m back check your e mails. Well done Hanna thats one for the girls keep it up. And no I have not been on holiday.