Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter trip Day three

We left Fenny early this morning to beat the was so peaceful and we even saw a lamb being born (but never had the camera). The weather still had a drizzle in the air, and by the time we got to Napton flight it was pouring with rain again. It was really starting to get busy and we were queuing at all the locks, but according to some we were having it easy. We then saw some sun at Wigrams and believe it or not, we followed n.b. Moo Moo la Rouge, which is another Fernwood boat that went out just before Derwent6. We were getting close behind it to try and let them know it was us, but we think he thought we were trying to push him along.
We got to bridge 100 and moored for the night, and we then settled down with a nice roast lamb dinner.

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Anonymous said...

What did you tell kids it was the new born you were having for dinner and they left you alone.