Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Retracing our footsteps again

When having breakfast this morning we spotted this woodpecker locating some worms. We decided to set off this morning and headed back through the tunnel. We met two boats, one right on the kink and the other, a large coal boat, but we got through unscathed. We are once again retracing our footsteps because we need to get back to Calcutt for Thursday. We got through the locks just as it started to drizzle, so we moored up in Braunston as we wanted to use the butcher again. We noticed n.b Moore2life ( ) out of the water, having it's blacking and engine problems done. Ann was out walking the dog and we sat and chatted for about half an hour. Al set off up to the post office to post a card to Tanya for passing her driving test (well done girl)
The sun then came out so we set off at around 5.00pm to find a mooring in quiet surroundings, passing n.b Piston Broke ( ) on the way. They have a great piston on the roof from a Spitfire engine, but sadly we didn't have the camera.

We then had a nice curry with organic chicken and watched TV. We don't know why, but we felt knackered, early night we think!!

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Halfie said...

Hi Del and Al! I heard a woodpecker every day for at least the first week of our recent cruise, but never saw one. Well done for photographing it so well! And the owl. I tried to capture (digitally, that is) a bird of prey hovering over the fields near Flecknoe but it's a mere speck in the distance on my photo.