Monday, March 18, 2013

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Well it was up early and another trip down to Kent, and we set off in the car we had borrowed from Al's Dad..
We arrived at midday and sorted out some bits and pieces and then chilled with a takeaway with Pam & Alf in the evening..

The following day we were up doing some jobs for Al's Mum and Dad.. At lunch time we meet up with a few friends to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We picked The Ole George Inn which is opposite the church we got married in..
It is also the place where Del had a pint with the Vicar before walking up the aisle with Al.. We had a great time with everyone, so a big thank you to you all for your presents and cards..Del was proud to be wearing the T shirt he wore on the honeymoon in Florida..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fosse Park day out

We thought we would make the most of the car today so we decided to take a trip out to Fosse Park in Leicester.. It was only a junction up from where we were so it didn't take us long.. Al was in her element as we walked around the spring sales.. We had a bite to eat at M&S and got a few bits for the summer.. It was nice to have a drive and not be under any pressure to go anywhere.. We got back to Derwent6 at around 4.00pm and it started to snow hard.
We then watched some telly before getting ready to go out in the evening.. Del was taking his Mum and Keith out of a meal at the Wharf Inn..We met up at 7.00pm and had a few drinks.. We had a good chat and reminisced a bit.. We got back at 9.30pm and zonked out!..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Friends at the Wharf

We had a bit of a lay in this morning after our hectic weekend..  Del then got up and gave Derwent6 a wipe down from all the snow we had.. At 11.30am we made our way down to the Wharf Inn where we met up with Andy and Hilary from n.b. The Maisibert.
It was so cold outside we were all pleased to get a spot by the fire to warm up..
We had a good catch up as we hadn't seen each other for 18 months. We also had a good meal at a good price..We then gave Cassie their dog a bit of a walk before we went back to Derwent6 for coffee.. They all left at around 5.00pm.. Thanks guys for a lovely day it was good to see you both..

Monday, March 11, 2013

This is all about Friends and Family

Well it was another busy weekend ahead for us... We were up early Friday and met up with Pat and Keith ( Del's mum) who were looking after Derwent6 for us..They kindly took us to Market Harborough where we got the train down to Kent. We first went to Al's Mum and Dad"s, as we always do, to make sure they were ok and Alf had cooked us a lovely dinner.. We stayed there the night..
On Saturday morning we were up and sorting out some boxes we still had from moving onto Derwent6, yes we did come to the conclusion that if we hadn't needed them in all this time, they weren't needed at all.. So after another last look at them, we ventured out to the charity shop where they were open arms to take them..  We then went on to see our friends Maxine and Graham (who had both been ill over the last month) and it was good to see them on the mend... We sorted out some things for the future, what this space!!
It was then on to see Terry and Ron (Del's step mum) where we caught up with all their home improvements, and there had been a lot.. New furniture and conservatory changes etc. In the evening we had a 21st party to go to. It was Sam's Birthday (Sam is dressed in white in the picture) and we caught up with more friends there and ended up staying till 3.00am, crashing at Terry's that night..
On Sunday after a nice breakfast we left to see Steve and Erica who were going on holiday soon and then popped in to see Bernie (who was busy decorating) after Steve had asked us to drop some bits off for him.. In the afternoon we went down to The Roebuck Inn at Harrietsham which is being run by Del's brother Cliff.. He had arranged a meeting with the family (and a lovely meal) together with Del's other brother Craig and all the kids.. It was a lovely family get together where we sorted out more future plans.. (keep watching this space)
It was then back to Al's Mum and Dads...
On Monday we woke up to snow, but it wasn't laying. We borrowed Al's Dads car and drove back to Derwent6 before it started to get too bad with a forecast of more on the way... We got back to Derwent6 at 2.15pm and it was snowing heavens hard but only in short showers.. Derwent6 was freezing, it was minus two outside.. So it was fire lit, kettle on, central heating on, and a couple of gas rings on to top it off.. It still took a couple of hours before we could take our hats and coats off.. yes it was bloody cold!!!

It still always feel good to be home and it soon got cosy again.. As you can see we were knackered so it will be an early night for us under the blankets with a hot water bottle...

Thursday, March 07, 2013

We're in the Arm-y Now!!

We were up early and ready to go today but the weather wasn't good..It had been raining and was still a light drizzle so we waited till 10.00am before we set off.. As we untied the ropes it stopped, and we headed towards the Welford Junction..
We turned right and made our way up the arm. Everyone had the same idea as we passed two boats coming out, good news as it meant there would be spaces for us when we arrived..
We got to Welford Lock and it was very quiet. As we turned the corner we could see a mooring spot and pulled up Derwent6.
We managed to get a tv signal but that's about all.. Phone signal was very weak, and internet, well forget it!! It has taken us a hour to do this blog today..
After some lunch we walked round to see Del's mum Pat and Keith on n.b.Thema. We had a cup of tea and a hot cross bun, our first before Easter...  We had a good catch up as we hadn't seen them for a while.. We got back to Derwent6 and relaxed in the evening......

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Blue Skies, you have to Cruise

We woke up to bright sunshine and a thin film of ice on the canal.. We thought we would move over from where we were to the water point and get the washing going while filling with water..It would also give the sun a chance to melt the ice.. We had some breakfast and then when the ice had gone we moved up to Crick marina and pulled up on the diesel point..There was a crane waiting for a boat to come out of the water and also there was one going in but neither had arrived yet..
We slipped in there and got our diesel and a gas bottle, and pulled out just in time for everything to kick off there.. so with all tanks full we headed towards Welford.. The skies were blue and the waters so calm you could see everything reflecting off it..
We got to Yelvertoft when we met two boats who came out in front of us.. We got another two loads of washing done which brought everything up to date.. The countryside on this section is amazing and when the sky is blue it's fantastic...
We slowly made our way to Welford junction where we decided to moor up for the day..
We sat out in the cratch and watched the gliders flying over head..
The sun had brought a lot more boats out today and it started to feel very spring like.. We ended up watching the football in the evening and Al watched her Dallas a lot later.. We think the weather is going to change tomorrow, so we could be staying put for a few days...


On Sunday we walked up to Crick marina and brought a couple of bags of coal. We needed it just to keep the fire in overnight.. We chilled for the rest of the day till 3.30pm when we walked up to the working men's club to watch the Arsenal/Spurs game..Del wishes he hadn't..  On Monday Del was up early and sorted up the fire then chopped up the rest of the wood we had on the roof.. Al walked up to the Co-Op and got some bits.. At 3.30pm we had a visit from Lynne and Paul who had just come back from Rugby..... it was lovely to see them and catch up on their news.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mum's 84th Birthday

Friday we got up early as Al was going down to Kent to see her Mum..It was her 84th Birthday and her Dad, at 85, had cooked a lovely lunch and made a cake..
Al got the bus from Crick and got to Rugby to find that a power line was down and all the trains were cancelled.. She ended up getting a coach to Milton Keynes where she was able to get the train from there.. She arrived down in Kent at 12.50.. a five hour trip... Pam, Al's Mum, was happy to see her and it made it all worth it.. she was able to open her cards and presents and the smile on her face says it all...
Later in the evening Al had arranged a meet with some (old) work mates. She met up for an evening dinner at Prezzo's in Maidstone. It was lovely to see the two Karen's and the two Alison's together again..
She stayed at friends Bernie and Sarah that night who kindly waited up late for her to come in at midnight.. So what do you all think Del done..yep the brasses, and he also polished the port side which was the last to do for a while.. Paul from n.b. Piston Broke came round and we pondered over the engine and the belt problem Derwent6 has.. The belts have been ordered and Al will collect them in Kent.. In the evening Del met up with Chris and Sue on n.b. Adagio and they walked up to The Red Lion pub for a few pints.. It was nice to see them and catch up with all the gossip. We have been keeping Derwent6 dry since Christmas, and because of it we have both lost weight, but we do make up for it when we go up the
Al came back on Saturday and we chilled out together again, Al was pleased to be home.. In the evening we both went back up The Red Lion and had a meal together and a good chat about what we have to do next.. It just seemed we hadn't done this for a long time, and we really enjoyed ourselves.. It was straight to bed when we got back, as we needed the sleep, lol..............