Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Poignant Day

Today was quite a poignant day for us today as it would have been Alf's (Al's dad) Birthday. He always wanted to make his 90th and made it to 87. Today he would have been 90, you made it in our eyes Alf..
So it was a quiet day for us, cleaning as usual, making Derwent6 look its best which is getting harder now she is eight and a half years old..
We have a new boss on board and it isn't us. Tooty was up half the night and we found two mice in the cratch, from the busy little boy, In the heat during the day it would have been nice to get a little shut eye, but you can see who rules the bed. Shame he doesn't do the bloody locks :-)

Pirates watching Pirates

So today we got the bus from Braunston and made our way back to Rugby, where we changed buses and then got off at the 10 screen cinema. Al had badly wanted to see the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" film and after some brunch we got tickets and watched the 12.30pm viewing.. 
We both really enjoyed the film.....
After a bit of shopping we made our way back to Derwent6 to release Tooty into the wilderness. What we love is that everyday just seems an adventure. It feels like you are playing truant from school, bucking the trend, doing something different, and in the middle of the countryside.. We love this life!

Life has changed

Well we have just come back from a fantastic holiday with some really great long time friends.. This was a "do before you die" trip and we certainly made the most of it.. It all started in San Francisco where we met Zak who joined us from Canada.
Of course we did Alcatraz.
This trip covered Pacific Grove, Pebble beach,
 Carmel, Pismo Beach, and LA. It was then on to Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon,
 and then on to Las Vegas via the Hoover Dam..
Just when you think it might end we then flew across to Florida and stayed at Steve and Erica's villa in Davenport for two weeks..
The sun and scorching temperatures followed us all the way it just couldn't have been a better adventure..

 It was a sad day when we landed back in Blighty, but we did have Derwent6 to look forward to..  Our trip on our return was to go North with boating friends (or shipmates as we call them) Mark and Sian.. Don't laugh, but first we went South, this was because there was a Bank Holiday Battle of the Bands on at Braunston..

 Yep it was messy with beer, sunshine and music all day, but we all had a fantastic time.

So this new adventure begins and we will try and fill you in with all the details.. It won't be on a daily bases but we will update this blog when we can.. Its so exciting!