Monday, January 14, 2019

Litter pickers depart

It was a bit of a lay in after our late night with Maffi. We sorted ourselves out and then noticed Maffi litter picking outside and loading the rubbish on the roof of his boat with Mollie looking on..
I think what people have to remember is some boats make the canal a mess, however some boats pick it all up and keep it tidy. After all we All have to look at it!!
We said our goodbyes and then went our separate ways.
We passed through Ansty which appeared to be empty.
It has been so quiet around here!
We pushed on to the swingbridge at Rose's narrowboats and spotted some wood in the sidings.
We moored up at All Oaks which had a couple of boats on it..
Tooty was off in this familier spot.
Del walked up and got the wood he spotted and that will be a job for tomorrow. It was going to be one of those quiet nights in tonight..

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back Tracking

After another cold night we set off back towards Nuneaton and the rubbish in the canal.
The poor old Axion Propeller has to go through it again..

So after a steady hour dodging the bits and pieces we got through.
When you get through all this it is a very pleasant walk for everyone to take advantage of a lovely canal. We then passed all the moored boats at Starline Boats.
 It had been murky all day and at one point it tried to rain, but we pushed on back out into the countryside.

We passed the Ashby canal again and passed Miss Capt Sparrow.

The weather was holding out for us and we took the turn at Hawkesbury Junction, and whilst in the lock got rid of our rubbish.

Decision time here, but we thought we were going well and carried on. After half hour we pulled up and moored where we moored on the way up.. Good signals here!
Later as it was getting a lot colder and starting to get dark we heard a boat coming and then a toot from its horn. It turned out to be Maffi on n.b Millie M and he was freezing and said could he join us.. After we had some dinner he came round with a bottle of wine, but we are on a dry January so he sat with us and ended up drinking it on his own
We had a great catch up putting the world to right, and it was lovely to see him. Hope to see you later in the year Maffi! We got to bed at midnight!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Derwent6 upgrade

So we needed some diesel and knew Mark on the coal boat was coming through in the morning. So we were up early and ready and meanwhile did some brasses and also cleared out the engine room.
Mark arrived at 10.00am and delivered us two bags of coal and filled us with diesel.
We then set off and moored over at Springwood Haven marina. We were seeing Kevin (who we have been speaking to) about getting some solar panels fitted and also we are finding out about maybe having LiFePo4 Lithium Batteries fitted.
Anyone following this blog will know we only had new batteries fitted a couple of years ago and they will also know that two of the six batteries we fitted have gone down, and had to be replaced. We have come to the conclusion that lead acid batteries just aren't as good now because the lead content has been reduced, so you probably get what you pay for . We got nearly nine years out of our first set of batteries and there is no way we will get that again out of these second set of batteries. So we spent two and a half hours with Kevin who now knows what we need and where it is going to go, and is going to price it all up.
So a little excited we then turned and moored up for the night.

Up the Coventry and said Goodbye to Santa for another year!

It was a lot colder when we surfaced this morning and even Tooty didn't go out during the night, he needs to grow some! (more hair lol)
Del sorted out Derwent6 and we were ready to go by 9.15am. We set off in clear blue skies and it wasn't that cold, only in the wind.
We made our way up to Hawkesbury Junction with no boats around, and the lock was in our favour.
We made the turn with the help of the wind and headed up the Coventry Canal.

It was then a lock free two hours as we made our way to Nuneaton. We still hadn't passed anything till we got to Father Christmas who was waving goodbye for another year.
 We passed the Ashby, and the rubbish in the canal has got a bit worse here again and a lot of cleaning of the prop and taking care through the debris was the order of the day.
The graffiti on the bridges was back, such a shame as we like this canal.

Nuneaton is a great place for shopping but you just don't feel like stopping overnight here. You soon get back out into the countryside and it feels a bit of a relief that you have no damage. It is lovely the other side of Nuneaton, and as we are writing this we are listening to Telephone line by ELO and had to put this picture on.
We then moored just up from here near Springwood Haven Marina and had some lunch.
We then got ourselves ready and walked the 30 minutes into Camp Hill where they have a good Co-Op. We got all our provisions for another few days, and just missed Mark on the coal boat as we walked back, so hopefully see him tomorrow. We then just settled down for the rest of the day.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Shackles are off

We paid up all our marina fees and picked up a couple of bags of coal and then filled with water before we set off. You have a great feeling of the shackles coming off when you leave a marina, and Tooty (the cat) was going mad with delight as he could see grass again out of the porthole windows.
As we got to the canal we met another boat. It has been so quiet so it was surprising, but it was also quiet nice following another boat.
It was lovely to be out appreciating the countryside again, with the leaves off the trees and the ducks looking for partners.
We headed towards Coventry and we both had the tranquil feeling again as Derwent6 purred along soon getting to the swingbridge at Rose's narrowboats.
We were being watched by these two fellas.
We then passed a few moored boats and was a bit shocked at what we could see in the distance on this picture.
You eyes do not deceive you, you see a fighter jet which looks like it is on the motorway.
It was then onto Ansty.
 Again were shocked to see a CaRT work boat and another boat moored on the water point here, so bad luck if you were desperate for water.
It was turning a bit cold so it was time to look for a mooring and we found a nice one all on its own, but some boater had left all their rubbish for us to look at..

It must have been a boater because a gas hob from a boat had been dumped and Tooty wasn't impressed.
 Why do some boaters do this? Pick it up and put it in the right bins, there are enough of them!!!!
Del was soon out with his black bag and picking up the rubbish so we don't have to look at it..

Del did some brasses in the late afternoon till dark and then we got in the warm and Al had a nice steak on the go.. Lovely!

Catch up and Sunday Lunch

So after doing the engine we have been keeping an eye on things and checking the engine is bled properly. We have also just been enjoying some time to ourselves and catching up on some tv and our Peaky Blinder's dvd's.
 On the Sunday we walked across the fields for a couple of miles to The Old Lion pub.
It was a very relaxing walk and felt like it did us some good after all the festive activities.
Like everyone else we have decided it will be a dry January, but still wanted to support the pubs.
 We are both suckers for a Sunday lunch and we picked the right place to come to..
It was lovely and the plates were huge, also the staff were great and the chef was terrific.

With full tummies the walk back was the best thing to do, and we arrived back at Derwent6 just before dark.