Sunday, January 12, 2020

Happy New 2020

Wow, welcome back to a hopefully fantastic New Year for everyone.. Christmas was a busy one for us, as we slept in six different places and saw so many people we have lost count!.. It all started with us going down to Kent for nephew Tom's 21st Birthday and it was a good turn out with everyone celebrating with Tom, and all ready for the Christmas break..
We were even able to stay with Terry and Ron so we could have a drink. From there it was back to Shoreham and seeing some friends on the way.
We visited the cross, leaving some holly and ivy on the gate and reflecting on some lovely memories.
It was nice to return to The Crown pub for lunch, and catch up with people who remembered us from our time in Shoreham. From there it was over to Bernie and Sarah's to pick up the rest of our cards and see Bernie's Mum and Dad, Ann and Tony. You might remember them from when they came up on the boat while we were in Lincoln.  We then carried on to Whitstable, as the Christmas Eve excitement built up..  Here we met up with Zoe and Greg and the pub beckoned as the girls went to midnight mass..
You can't beat being on the beach at Christmas.
After a night cap we were tucked up hoping Santa would turn up..
We had such a great day, and the dinner was just so traditional and yummy, after a good lunchtime drink in The Neptune of course.

In fact even the afternoon was traditional with us crashing out after some games..
Boxing day it was back to Terry and Ron's with another traditional Bubble and Squeak cold meat dinner, films and games.
From there it was over to Surrey and we saw Jo and Brian (Al's sister) and Nathan & Scarlet.
 It was so lovely to see them all, and we had more lovely food. It was then nice to go over to see Matthew and May and Sofia and Alfie in their new bungalow. It didn't stop there because we travelled over to Somerset to see Del's Brother Cliff and the kids..

He had kindly sorted us out a fantastic room in the pub he is running in Frome.

The following day we walked round the town, and in the afternoon met up with Louise and had a good family gathering catching up with everything..
It was then off to meet up with David, who you also see on the boat a lot.
He works in a great restaurant near Tisbury in Whiltshire. We were staying there the night and had a lovely room! The pub is in the middle of nowhere (which we are used to)

We had a fantastic lunch, and then met up in the evening for round 2 with a few of David's friend's. It was first class, so you can see why so many celeb's come here..
We left there and headed back to Kent just after breakfast.
Passing Stonehenge on the way.
This time it was Bernie and Sarah's and we had a nice quiet night in with them, a lovely meal and a catch up about our festive activites.
We stayed the night as we were going to a New Years Eve party with them, but we were also meeting up with friends Richard and Lisa first.. We had planned a walk back in Lullingstone and we walked to Shoreham which ticked a few boxes. One, we could all have a good chat, Two, we were getting some exercise, and Three, we were getting something to eat back in the Crown pub.. We had a lovely lunch and the walk did us all good by walking off some of that turkey! We just got back before dark and drove back to Bernie and Sarah's to get ready for the evening party.
We had such a great time seeing in the new year and got in at about 2.00am.
The following day we all went out for a New Years Day meal at a place called the Moat, and all made our New Years Resolutions there..
We then drove back to Derwent6 and arrived back at 8.00pm. Yep it had seemed a full on Christmas but we loved every minute of it..

Saturday, December 21, 2019

To all our Readers!

Well it is that time of year again when we take a break from the Blog, and we just want to say to all our followers on here......

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all have a fantastic 2020 New Year!


See you all next year, when we will be going north (and then south!!)

Out and about

So we are now in the marina, so rather than blog everyday about what we have done we thought it best to just update you with a brief summery of what we are doing..
We are just loving having the car and being able to go to different places to pick up the Christmas vibe.
We have been gathering Christmas presents and the car allows us to store those big ones which get in the way on a narrowboat.. We went to Stratford on Avon and did some shopping.

Tooty has been helping us with the wrapping again.
Also Al has made new friends whilst out and about..
So we have been getting out in the evenings and we went to see Eric from the marina on his Tuesday night open mic bash..
We had a great night singing along to some of the Christmas songs with the folk from the marina and also the village..
Also while we are here we have visited the doctor's and Del has had his routine check up's now he's sixty..
Blood tests have been taken and more tests to follow in the new year.. finger's crossed..  but for now Cheers!!!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Our First Christmas Party

We are back in the marina now and have hired a car for Christmas.. It is a very pleasant treat for us not to have to walk everywhere, but we do have to remember that someone has to drive.. lol
So it is join the crowds and get all Christmassy, coffees, mince pies and mulled wine, what could be better..
So Derwent6 is back on shoreline, another luxury, and again we are away from the mud..
So we have now done all our Christmas cards, and they should be winging their way to you shortly..
Even Tooty helped...

Del has been doing some small jobs, like repairing the satellite dish after it got blown in the winds, also he cleaned out the drains from the sink as they were starting to smell. Also the water filter needed changing and it is a simple task of just unscrewing the cover and replacing.

We do this every six months..
We were also privileged to be invited to the marina Christmas party and funnily enough the whole day seemed to be planned round it.. We were picked up by a six seater cab at 6.30pm and taken to The Bull in Brinklow where there was 50 of us enjoying ourselves..
 It started with a few drinks and a good catch up with everyone around us.. We chatted about where we had been this year and the trials and tribulations of the cut.. But one thing that we all have in common is that we all still love it!!
We got the cab back to the marina and was back by midnight.. Thanks guys for a great evening with some good food and drink, and our kick start to the festive season..

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gifts and Gigs

We haven't blogged much because we have been busy with Christmas shopping, getting taxis, trains and buses everywhere..
We have arranged a car (which we always have as a Christmas present to us both) for next week till after Christmas for all our last minute bits, and to be honest we use the car as a bit of storage as it keeps Derwent6 free. Tooty is now counting the days.
We did go out treating ourselves to a Sunday roast dinner over at The White Lion, which was a short 35 min walk from the boat..
We always have a fantastic meal here as you can see.

One of our big highlights was going to a gig in London with David and Hannah who treated us with the tickets for Christmas. David had introduced this band to Del back in 2004 and they had never toured in the UK as they always toured in the USA.
Oh the band, yes they are called SKILLET. They are a rock band, two guys and two girls and they are amazing..
We met David and Hannah at Oxford Circus and then went straight down to the venue and found 10 people already in the queue at midday.
We were starving so we grabbed a bite to eat in a pub next door and had a few beers and some lovely burgers served in a slightly different way, they were delicious..

Del kept checking to see how the queue was getting on and when it reached thirty people we joined in the fun.. David had even brought a shirt for Del fit for front row viewing.
Luckily the weather held off and we all took it in turns to go off for a bit.. The girls went and did some shopping and came back with coffees, while the boys went back in the pub and had a few rum and blacks to keep warm watching the football..
This worked well till it was 7.00pm when the doors opened and we got to the stage just three rows from the front after the VIPs had gone in..

Skillet were even better live, and blew us all away, We were so close we even got to shake hands with the band members..

They played for a hour and 45 minutes and we were exhausted, sweaty, legs ceased, voice broken and throat croaking, but we loved it!!
We just managed to get back to Oxford Circus where we split, and just managed to catch the last train back to Derwent6. We got back a 1.00am and crashed into bed..
So we are now finishing off the Christmas cards and recovering really, now in the mood for Christmas joy..