Friday, March 19, 2021

Back to our Lockdown Base

 We were up early as we had been to bed early the night before and Del showered and went to pull the boat back onto the water point so we were full to the brim. As he did so another boat pulled onto the water point so we ended up waiting for them to finish, so put some more washing in and the kettle went on.. Al was feeling much better today and wanted to do a bit more shopping, this time in M&S, and we needed some things in Halfords.

So after we had filled with water we headed up towards Hillmorton. It was still early and a lot of cutting back on the trees had been done, so wood was aplenty, but the towpath was horrendous.

We got to Clifton Cruisers and again it was tight with all the hire boats in.

As we approached Hillmorton it was pleasant to see some work had been done on a new towpath.

We then turned and headed back to Rugby.

We then pulled up just the other side of Brownsover and Al did her shopping as Del loaded more wood on the roof.

Hot cross buns appeared on the roof.

We were soon off again over the aqueducts and heading for the tunnel at Newbold.

Who remembers the tunnel when it looked like this?

We then carried on back to All Oaks Woods and managed to get back close to the spot we were on two days ago.

It felt good to be back in our spot, away from the mud, as most of the liveaboards feel the same during this difficult time. So loaded with food, water, pumped out, and all ready for our big day at the end of  the week... 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Vaccine update

Well we decided to stay put for the following day in Brownsover to see how we would feel after we had had the vaccine..  It turned out that straight afterwards it did make us both tired, but then we had both been out in the air all day..  Del was fine and no symptoms at all, but Al had an arm which felt like she had been punched, and then got the shakes like she was cold, which turned out to be a bit of a fever.. Paracetamol was the best cure and sorted it out in no time.. If it came back she took some more after 4 hours, and this went on for 24 hours..  It did make her feel a bit tired as well and she did go to bed early.  

Three weeks static and some good news!

 Sorry we have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks but to be fair, not much has happened..

Yes, we have had strong winds and yes we have had heavy rain, sleet and even snow showers, but we have just hankered down. The most exciting thing was we turned round in a very 'tight for us', winding hole. Our water had gone three weeks and we were on the last dregs and just had to move.. It has been very quiet on the cut with not much traffic at all really, which is very encouraging and I'm sure pleasing for those people gagging to take their boats out..

We had heard nothing from our GP about the vaccines and were still sitting tight, but needs must and we had to go.

We set off at 8.30am and the weather was still gloomy and windy but again it felt good to be moving.

the rudder was dragging in the silt and the prop was kicking up leaves as we pushed through the soup like water.

It didn't help that Derwent6 was very light on the front and the back was dragging deep under the water line.. The sun was trying to get through the thick cloud as we dipped under the bridges, and the farmer was out feeding the lambs..

We noticed a lot of tree trimming had been done and the wood had been left for boaters, a nice touch!

We stopped just before Brownsover and  Al did a big shop armed with her mask and sanitizer.

Del went back and picked up some of the wood he had spotted opposite and loaded up the roof.. On Al's return we unloaded the shopping trolley, which we can get right up to the side doors on Derwent6, and a text came through on Al's phone. It was the doctors saying Del could book his vaccine and they had slots for this afternoon, bring it on!! We pulled over to the water point and filled our very empty tank (as we had also done a couple of washing loads on the way) and then our second bit of luck was the boat in front of the water point moved off giving us a space, Happy Days!

Del had booked in at 4.10pm and Al came along as well and waited outside. From our mooring it was about a 15 minute walk. We left at 3.45pm and when we arrived there was only a coupe of people in the queue in front of us. Del's name was on the list and while there he asked if there was any chance his wife could be vaccinated at the same time as we didn't have a car to get to a hub. They asked the supervisor on that afternoon and he said they had enough vaccines to do Al as well. We were both vaccinated by 4.15pm with a big smile on our faces, its amazing how much it boosts your confidence.

So mission accomplished, and we now have to wait till we can move freely. We have some decisions to make!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Back out on the Cut

 So we had a good time getting things up to date, and we filled with water and emptied the waste tank..  We have to say that Dave the manager, and Mark the harbour master have been very accommodating,  

We came out of the marina loaded with wood where trees had been taken down around the moved entrance gates for the trucks to get in and out..

We just fitted under the bridge at the exit and made a left turn back towards Coventry..

It seemed a bit busier as we passed a couple of boats when it has been very quiet, but with all the debris in the cut it makes things tricky..

We headed back to our mooring at All Oaks Woods and we were surprised how busy it was after a couple of days away..

Our old mooring was taken and we ended up mooring a few boats back but we were grateful we had got in..  Fat boy Tooty was off in a flash back on familiar ground.

We had a few things to sort out as Al needed to post a few cards and we had a prescription to pick up. We then chilled with our music in the evening, enjoying the slightly longer days now.. 
Next stop vaccinations!!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Water Washing, and there's an Echo

So we have been static for two weeks and its time to move for water..

There was still slight patches of ice on the canal, but we took a chance! We knew Brinklow marina had changed hands and was now part of the chain of Castle marina's, but now was the time for us to give it a try as it was just half an hour away and we needed the services. We set off at 8.00am and hit some ice, but it was very thin and didn't do any damage..

It is always nice to be cruising again and just getting the cogs spinning..

We soon pulled into the marina and were greeted by Dave Trivett the Manager and Mark Willmott the Harbour Master.

We were given top service as they did our pump out and explained what was going on here..

We were even loaded up with some wood from all the work going on here.. They were in the process of moving the gate so it was safer to get in and out by car, and all the pontoons were being replaced.. Blimey things were moving fast and if it all happens, or as Mark says "When it happens" it will be amazing here..

Our plan was to have our pump out and then stay for a couple of days to get all our washing up to date.. Mark instructed us to a mooring and we then had to manoeuvre on to it..

Al then arranged a Asda delivery and we set up our new toy..

We have purchased a Amazon Echo Dot, yep we know, Alexa has joined our crew.

It now holds all our music and for £3.99 a month gives you full access to over 70 million songs.. Of course if you have a question just ask Alexa. The great thing is it has a low power mode and only takes 1.2 watts so takes nothing out of the batteries, perfect for boats..

The sound it gives off is fantastic and links in with our phones and other devices.. 

It pays to have a few gifts through this difficult time, just to keep you going. Hopefully we are coming up for our vaccination's soon, so we will hang around and wait for our notification's. 

You know its coming!

So we have been snuggled down here now for over yet another week. This winter seems so weird to us because we haven't got to move unless we need water and services, but secretly we have quite enjoyed it.. We think its because we have been in some good spots during lockdown.


Its really all about planning, and heat is the top priority to worry about!

You need to be warm and that can be difficult living on a boat.

They were saying it would drop to minus 5 and in rural areas lower that that. With Derwent6 having a wood burner, it is very important to keep the coal and wood topped up and then keeping them dry is the other challenge.  If you have diesel heating then keeping the tanks topped up is a necessity. On Derwent6 we have a central heating boiler which runs on diesel, but our cheaper option is the wood burner. Then there is always the bed and a good duvet to snuggle into!..

Our water luckily never freezes, but its something to consider (which could happen) so we carry a container of water and keep it inside just in case.

Then there is being iced in, so planning is involved so you preserve the water you have as its not going to be easy to fill the tank. Things like only splash and dash showers, half a bowl of washing up water and not leaving taps running, will help. We have to consider our battery temperatures as well so the heater goes on when the thermometer drops below five degrees. Anyway enough about that, what have we been up too.

Well taking some scenic walks as at this time of year the countryside looks spectacular.

We also have to walk into the village for food and we build in a walk round that. We also use the post office for picking up deliveries and parcels and of course we have to go by the fish and chip shop to build up the fat to keep us warm.

Al has had her head into her books during lockdown and Del has been gaming and guitaring, but Al wanted a new venture, so Del brought her a piano, yes a piano. Al's old keyboard had given up the ghost, but this is a folding full length keyboard with ivory keys and the sound is amazing.. It folds up to the size of a laptop, but half its width, so its easy to store on Derwent6.

It unfolds and locks tight, and although digital it plays and sounds like a piano, with the advantage of a full size piano keyboard..  Al loves it!

It was minus 8 last night and we are locked in solid with ice, but we are very content to be here for another week.