Saturday, October 13, 2018

Beautiful October Day

We stayed put at Clifton this morning due to the fact that Mark on the coal boat was coming through and we wanted to top up with diesel and grab a couple of bags of coal.
It was a lovely warm clear blue sky day so Del did the brasses and Al did some Autumn cleaning.. The boat gets covered in leaves at this time of year and they also get dragged into the boat, hard work but pretty!
The Coal Boat arrived at 3.00pm and then we set off. It was so warm it made very pleasant cruising.

We moored again at Onley for the night and listened to the wind picking up while watching telly..
Its such a nice feeling not knowing if we will move tomorrow or not..

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Full of Surprises!

With the sun shining through the portholes we got ready to go this morning.. The wind had got up a tad and Derwent6 winded with ease as we reversed off the pontoon. It is always a nice feeling when you are back out on the cut and another adventure begins.
We were surprised at how busy it was and passed six boats in a mile.
We went through Newbold tunnel with ease and then went across the two aqueducts into Brownsover.

It was very empty here, another surprise, and we were pleased to see two CaRT guys taking numbers, it was empty!

We then passed Clifton marina and noticed nb No Problem in the shed after having a tree fall on the roof, good to see she will be back on the water soon, a legend on the canal.
Our third surprise was how much they have got on with the new bridge at Clifton.
We have followed the development here over the last year and the landscape has really changed.. Lets hope its all for the better! So we are on probably our favourite mooring, and Tooty made the mistake of jumping off straight into the path of a dog.. He belted into the woods nearby never to be seen again as we couldn't find him..
Del had an appointment with his podiatrist to check his progress on walking correctly. It really has made a massive difference, with less pain now in his neck and back and also he can walk further without pain on his left ankle. He has had a small setback by spraining his left ankle on the towpath ten days ago while he was still getting used to the insoles.. The podiatrist did some foot muscle tests and Del was a lot stronger and using his full foot movement again.. We then got the bus down to the cinema (via Mc Donald's) to see the film King of Thieves about the Hatton Gardens robbery.

We walked back from there and went on a search party for the cat.. He couldn't be found so we got settled down with a cuppa and soon got a "Meow!" at the cratch doors.. Clever little sod!
It was one of those nights where it has been so warm during the day but a little chilly in the evening. Do we light the fire for the first time? Answer! Light a few candles with the PC's running. Its going to be warm again tomorrow and we are hoping Mark on his coal boat Calisto comes through for diesel.

Family 60th Birthday weekend

So we hired a car, took Tooty cat to the cattery, and set off down to Kent..  We did some shopping in Bluewater shopping centre and then made our way down to Terry and Ron's where a nice liver and bacon dinner was waiting. They had kindly put us up for a couple of days as we were going to a family surprise 60th Birthday party. We arrived at 7.30pm and had a few drinks before Cousin Mark arrived.. He was so shocked to see us all there.

Del and Mark used to play when they were kids round his nan's in Sutton at Hone. We had a fantastic night which was polished off by cousin Robert turning up at last orders.

On the Saturday we made good use of the car and got a few bits we needed for Derwent6 and in the afternoon Al went to the cinema with Hannah to see A Star is Born. Del spent some time watching the football and had a few beers with his mate Bernie before Al returned to watch Strictly. We returned back to Terry and Ron's before crashing out..
Sunday we watched the grand Prix and then got together with Bernie and Sarah, Ron and Terry and Steve and Erica..

We had a lovely Sunday lunch at the Thomas Wyatt before we headed back on the M1 and back to Derwent6. We drove back in a lovely sunset.
After an early night we had some things to sort out on Derwent6. After collecting Tooty, we sorted out a gas bottle and water, did a bucket load of washing, including bedsheets and towels, and cleared out some rubbish. We then went out and got our food shopping while we still had the car and then paid up the marina fees. It was then back in the car and we returned it and got a lift back to Derwent6. We decided it was too late to go out that night so thought we would have one extra early night to charge things up ..

Monday, October 08, 2018

Back to the marina

We had a really quiet night and managed to get away for 8.30am watched by three pylons which looked like transformers guiding us out.

It was a steady cruise to Ansty with the heavy cloud above us giving us a dampness in the air.
There are some tricky little bridges to deal with on this route, as we headed to All Oaks.
We then turned into Brinklow marina for a pump out and topped up with water while we were at it.

Waterpoint not working, Gate leaking, but Bat hunting?

Al had gone to a funeral down in Kent and Del was cat sitting and trying to sort out the leak we had but without much success. It turned out to be a very emotional day so Del did all the boat work inside so it was nice when Al returned..
We set off early on the Wednesday on a really lovely September day and took in the scenery.
  We made our way back through Hinckley and past Trinity Marina. Marked in the book here are some visitors moorings but we never saw them.. It also seems ok to double breast here as well.
We then pulled up at the water point at Limekilns, and were then surprised that it wasn't turned on and water was not available, not good when water points are a bit scarce.
 We carried on and the waters get shallow again as the rudder digs into mud when trying to turn.. It means you have to back off and go on tickover if required..  We then came to a bridge which was blocked by a CaRT boat. As three guys pulled it out of the way for us we asked "Are you checking the bridge", "Oh No!" was the reply "we are checking for bats"..
We carried on up to the junction through the narrow section and then took the turn south where the water levels were much better on the Coventry canal.
We got to Hawkesbury Junction and went through the stop lock (which was leaking by the way).
We saw a spot and moored up for the night.
We were then tempted to go in the Greyhound and ended up eating, the food is great here..

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Boats Trains and Automobiles.

Maxine and Graham stayed with us over the weekend and it was so good to see them. We had had a great couple of days with them and it wasn't going to stop now.. We know how much they love boating, so as the weather was holding out we thought a trip was in order.. Graham was straight on the tiller and Maxine had her feet up in the cratch.
We did a small seven mile trip through Market Bosworth and ended up at Sutton Wharf.

We then walked over to the café here and had some lunch mid afternoon.. We then walked a mile back to Shenton Station and got the last Steam train back to Shackerstone to pick up the car..

We got in one of the old carriages as the smoke, soot and steam came in the window.. It was really good fun!
We all drove back to Derwent6 and Maxine and Graham got ready to go.. Al was also going to go back with them, as she was sadly going to a funeral, and it was difficult to leave Tooty and Derwent6.
Del then set off from the café.

He went a couple of mile back to Stoke Golding where he could have a better look at this leak and Tooty was free to run around..

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Over to the Poppy Music Festival in Ibstock

After a late night (2.00am to be exact) we got up for breakfast on a lovely sunny day..
When we were hydrated we took a walk over to the Battlefield line where the steam train was running.

We paid the pound to go on the platform and see the little museum and old carriages and engines on display.

Early afternoon we walked to the Rising Sun pub and took on more refreshments before we called a cab and went to Ibstock.
In Ibstock it was the Poppy Fields festival. It was only 10 minutes in the car, and our friend (Shipmate) Mark was playing in his Queen tribute band "Forever Queen"
There were 10 bands playing all through the afternoon and evening, so on a warm day with a beer in your hand, it was rude not to go..
 The whole show was done in aid of the British Legion, and it was a bit of a shame as it just didn't get very busy, but it was good for us..
Mark did his thing later in the evening and it was fantastic rocking to Queen, keeping us warm.

When we were all rocked out and our ears were bleeding, we got a cab back to Derwent6. We had some eats when we got in and didn't have too late a night.

Horse and extra Jockeys

We got up on the Friday morning and checked the water leak in the pump area and it didn't seem too bad. This is a bit confusing as we need to know where it is coming from.. After drying it out again due to the condensation created by the base plate, we ended up putting bits of tissue round all the joints to try and pin it down to a certain area..
We then tidied up and waited for our friends Maxine and Graham who arrived with a horse in the back of the car..
I know in the past we have had engine problems but this is ridiculous lol. Scary isn't it!!!!
We had booked a table in the Horse and Jockey pub, the pub we went to the other day. We got in the car with the horse and paid the 10p for a ride..  We had a lovely evening just catching up as we hadn't seen each other for nearly a year..