Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Day in London

On the Tuesday Al was on the train again and made her way down to Oxford Street in London where she met her friend Joy.
They spent some time browsing the shops where it looked like Christmas was already upon us.

They had a coffee stop up on the John Lewis rooftop where they have a skating rink. Then it was more shopping and a late Italian lunch and a few drinks!
 The weather has still been very mild and we are still in T shirts some days. Del pottered around and painted the hull inside where the water leak from the tank had been.. Al got back to the station at around 9.00pm and Del walked down to meet her..

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Super Screen

So with the weekend upon us we decided not to move. On the Saturday we did some shopping around the town of Leighton Buzzard and in the afternoon we watched sport and Strictly.
Sunday we had booked a table at the Ship where they did a nice carvery and we came back to the boat so full up we did nothing for the rest of the day..
On the Monday we got on an 11.00am train to Milton Keynes and walked up to Cineworld where we had booked the Super Screen to see Bohemian Rhapsody, the new Queen film.
We were recommended to see it in Dolby and the seats in the big screen can't be obstructed and give a wall to wall screen view.
Before we went in we had something to eat in Ask on our taste card. The film is amazing (if you're a Queen fan) and as the music aspect was produced by Roger Taylor and Brain May its very accurate.. It puts a tingle up your spine and a tear in your eye as you reminisce over those good old days of the 70's.
It was just getting dark as we left the cinema, and we got the train back to Leighton Buzzard to the sound of fireworks going off in the back ground.. We chilled from what seemed a long day, and Al got ready for a day in London tomorrow..

A day at Bletchley Park

We got up late after a heavy night and Al made us some bacon butties to keep us all going.. The boys then pondered on where to go for the day, and as Zoe had always wanted to go to Bletchley Park we ended up going there.
Zoe's godmother had worked at Bletchley during the second world war in hut three, and this place played a major part in us winning this war.

She was a translator and spoke fluent German, and this helped in cracking codes to find out where the next attack was coming from.
We walked around and then took a tour with a guide who gave us loads of information.

You can crack codes yourselves in the new 11A hut, which was good, but the old museum in A block was being renovated, which was a shame.. It was turning a bit cold after a day of autumn sunshine so we left just before it got dark and headed back to Derwent6. We had a cup of tea and a sandwich before Zoe and Greg had to leave for Grantham. It was so lovely to see them and it was such a laugh with a full on session. Thanks again guys! Next time you will have locks to do!!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2018

Friends for a stopover

It was one of those dark dank mornings with intermittent rain showers just to cheer you up. We were expecting friends Zoe and Greg to arrive this afternoon and it was boat cleaning time for us.. Del got all the leaves off the roof and did the porthole liners while Al sorted out inside. At 1.30pm they arrived and we went to the pub for a catch up drink..
From there we went back to Derwent6 to drop of their stuff, but was now in a drinking mood and walked straight up to one of Leighton Buzzards top tourist attractions on trip adviser "The Bald Buzzard Ale house" and met up with Phil and Alison.
 Here we met up with a few other friends and some ex boaters, and after a few pints thought it might be a good idea to eat.
 Phil recommended the Turkish restaurant just round the corner and he was so right. We had a fantastic meal there and to top it off Zoe and Greg treated us.. We staggered back to Derwent6 late and then had some whiskey chasers to send us all to bed..

On to Buzzard

It was our first really cold night and the fire had just stayed in till the morning, but needed relighting once we were up.. It's lovely when you look out and see winter is getting close.

We set off at 9.00am and only did a couple of miles before we looked for a mooring just before Leighton Buzzard.
It turned out to be under the trees and was a bit dark but we had things to do here.
We sorted ourselves out quickly and then walked up to Tesco's which was about half a mile away. We brought our food shopping back and then chilled for the rest of the day. Del did chop up some kindling as we need it this time of year. It seemed to warm up a touch in the evening so we let the fire go out again.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cosgrove to the Soulbury Three

We stayed at Cosgrove a few day as Al went down to Kent. Del was having to rest that arm so no brass cleaning and polishing.. He did clean out the bilge and fitted a couple of new valves to the galley taps.

We were going to go on Sunday, but decided Sunday lunch was on the cards and also we wanted to see Lewis win the world championship for the fifth time..
So we set off on Monday at 8.00am with a heavy frost on the roof, autumn is really here.
We went over the aqueduct.
Del had spotted a spare pallet and we stopped off to pick it up at Wolverton before we carried on our way past the famous wall mural.
If you decide to leave early on the Grand union don't be annoyed that you might meet a widebeam as they are only trying to avoid you..
We do like this canal as it is so pretty and the towpaths are brilliant.

The canal round here has changed so quickly with all the development going on.
The new Campbell Wharf marina is really taking shape with its 111 berths, but its such a shame they are using the old Milton Keynes to Bedford canal entrance where it could have been used to start it all off.
On a positive note it was good to see the amount of dredging going on..
We then got Fenny Stratford lock and a boat came out as we turned up.
 We waited for another boat to arrive and after 10 minutes a hire boat joined us. This lock is only a foot deep but every little helps.
Why do you think this place is called Stoke House? It must use some coal..
   We waited again at Stoke Hammond lock and decided to push on towards the Soulbury three.
At the lock we decided to top up with water and the hire boat returned the complement by waiting for us in the lock to save water..
 We got to the top and then moored up on one of our nice moorings just as the sun was setting.. It soon got dark as the clocks had gone back and Tooty was soon on the hunt..

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Moment of Truth!

We chilled over the weekend watching the telly with Strictly and the Grand Prix on and decided to set off on Monday. The leak from the tank was very slowly drying out, and what Del fixed, might have done the trick.
His elbow has come up in a bit of a lump after being down that small hole at the water tank.
We undid the chains at 7.30am and cruised into the rising sun, which was beautiful as well as a problem for us all the way.
  The next problem was the time of year where the canal is covered in leaves, but we are used to that.
The Grand Union is a pretty canal and is well used by boats.
 We soon got to the Northampton arm and then through Blisworth.
It was quiet through the wooded section up to the tunnel but just as we were entering a boat came out.
In the tunnel we met another boat and he was going very slowly with only the navigation lights on and a flickering light on the stern deck. He thanked us for passing him slowly and we then noticed he was magnet fishing. We arrived at Stoke Bruerne in bright sunshine and pulled up on the water point, The moment of truth!
Del wiped down Derwent6 from the tunnel drips and got rid of our rubbish, as we filled with water. We then waited for a boat to go down the locks with but nothing arrived after 45 minutes so we went on our own.
These locks are really interesting as you can see the rope makes still on the walls from the late 1800's.
We know this a busy little tourist spot, but we still don't see the need for the nice new signs all over the place, when the coping stones in the locks need some cement to hold them in place.
We will lose these wonderful locks if they are not regularly maintained.
We would rather the money spent on a sign saying "Please Donate to ******"
Moan over, we carried on in the lovely weather and it was good to see loads of dredging work had been done here. Again its very pretty and the sun was still in our faces, very nice!
After a hour and a half we came into Cosgrove with its lovely bridge, and dropped down the lock to find a mooring.
We were lucky enough to get the last space and it wasn't under the trees.
Tooty was off in a flash again to suss things out..
Del then checked the water pump and it looked like the water leak from the tank had stopped. Lets hope it now dries out so it can be painted..