Sunday, June 17, 2018

Battery problems continued over lunch

We surfaced this morning and then walked over to the reception here at Burton Waters Marina to find our faulty battery had still not been collected. We also needed a gas bottle, and we had also ordered some new chairs which we wanted to tell them were being delivered.. They supplied a new gas bottle and even offered to fit it, how good was that. The down side was we paid £29.00 for the privilege, but needs must.
After sending an email to Advance Battery Supplies Ltd saying they hadn't collected as they said they would, we got a reply, we think this says a lot about a company.
Take it with you and we will collect next time you dock. The couriers cannot book on collections until Tuesday next week now.

Bit tricky that, why would we want to carry a faulty battery around till we are in one place long enough for them to collect, Great Customer Service! We won't be using them again!

We then took a walk along the river to a pub called the Pyewipe Inn and had a lovely lunch, before we walked back again.
Football will rule our lives for a bit now and we are lucky enough to be able to watch most games if we want too....
Spain and Portugal, what a cracker!

Cathedral and Castle

We got up early as we had a bus to catch at 9.45am, so it was shower and out for us.. We left the old battery in the Marina Reception which was going back today, and made our way into Lincoln.
We walked the high street and stopped at a place called Churchill's.
We ended up having a pancake breakfast there, fabulous!
We then walked up the hill, called "Steep Hill" and you just felt you were in the Hovis advert..
It was lovely with all the old shops, Browns Pie shop, the old sweet shop, the old model shop, and loads of trinket shops..

When you get to the top the Cathedral is on your right and the Castle is on your left..
We had walked off breakfast already so we went to the cathedral first.
It was a shame the front was covered in scaffolding but it still looked stunning.. It was £17.00 to go to the cathedral and the castle, and as the money was going to a good cause and we didn't mind paying it..

When inside it has the Wow factor as you would expect and the carvings and workmanship will blow you away.. We always light a candle for our loved ones not with us..
You can see the stone steps worn away through the ages of time from the 13th Century. There is a bowl that was discovered there dating back to the 700's and some fantastic artefact's.

As you can't go up the towers it didn't seem to take us long to see it, so we came out and wandered over to the castle.
Here you can visit the Castle wall walk, the Victorian Prison, and see the Magna Carta.

We first needed another drink so we headed for the café and a pot of tea..
The sun had come out, so refreshed we thought it best to walk the walls first.. It was blowing a gale but still warm so we took the free audio tour and took the stairs to the top of the wall.

We have got to say it was so interesting and well worth the time in doing it..
Not only do you get all the history about the Castle but also some fantastic views from there..
We even had a Red Arrows display overhead as we went round so it was good timing, you can just spot them to the side of the cathedral here..
From there we went to see the Magna Carta Vault which is in darkness to protect it.. There are only four of these and we have now seen two, very lucky!
It was then over to the Victorian Prison, and this was first separated into murders and debtors'  and then later into men and women and each cell tells a story.
It was very well done and very interesting, in fact we spent longer in there than we thought we would..
We walked back down the hill into the main shopping area and just managed to catch the last bus back to Derwent6.
It was quite a tiring day and we were pleased to put our feet up.. We were watching a bit of telly before we crashed out and then we heard a BONK! down the side followed by a splash!.. Tooty was in and panicking with a meow and splashing. Al checked and then called Del panicking. Del then grabbed the net off the roof and we honked him out, with his little heart racing! He had tried to turn on the gunwale with geese chasing him or him chasing geese, bad move! He's in now for the night!
Oh! and our battery wasn't collected... 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Full Power to Lincoln

We checked early to see if we had an email as to when our battery would be delivered, this time to the right place.. We hadn't, so we composed an email and within seconds we got a response that it would be sent out to us, courier pending?
At 10.00am we got a call from the reception at the marina to say that a package was waiting for us to collect.. Blimey that was quick!
We unwrapped the packaging and fitted the new battery and Derwent6 was purring again with full power. We then packaged up the old one and emailed them for collection.
This freed us up for the rest of the day so we decided to go to Lincoln and suss things out. We got the 777 bus which run every hour but only until 5.30pm in the afternoon. It was only £2.00 return so worth while doing..
It dropped us off at Lincoln railway station and we walked around the main high street checking out the pubs and shops.

We walked up towards the cathedral but thought we would save that for another day.
We found a divine tearoom which was between two church's, It was called The Rising and it was run by people who had broken their drug or drink habit.

They worked for nothing, but were given a roof over their heads and also all their bills paid for. This was a great idea as they had no excess money to tempt them to go back to their habit.
The people we spoke to felt they were doing some good in the world. Well, they were because the service and food was as good as the Ritz. We had a Mexican afternoon tea and it was to die for..
It was very busy with a mix of all ages, quirky, and a good atmosphere, just check out trip adviser and see the comments. We will be back there, the hot dogs looked superb!
We then checked out the Glory Hole and also the basin area.

We had just enough time to do a bit more shopping before we got the bus back to the marina.
It was a short walk back to Derwent6 where we chilled for the evening..

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Posh for a bit

We had a battery to collect and thought it best to get to a marina where we could get parts if required, and also shoreline to charge and equalize the batteries.
Our closest was Burton Waters and we made a call and got booked in. It was a 45 minutes cruise to there and pretty uneventful with it being alongside a busy road, even though you can't see it..

We took the turn into the marina and got the Wow effect with all the posh boats lined up..
 Shiny Derwent6 stood its ground and they looked pleased to accept us.
It was fifteen pounds a night, but it might be nice to go posh for a bit.
They did put us in with the ten narrowboats they have in here and it was out of the way, although on short pontoons.
We then got a call from the courier delivering our battery and found that he was at Brinklow, as that was where we had the original order of seven new batteries sent, WRONG!
"We are in Lincoln" we told the guy and we had sent an email, with the address we wanted it sent to and also called them last night to check it was going to Lincoln.. We called the battery people and they weren't too pleased and said it would be delivered tomorrow, someone's going to get a rocket!

We thought we would have a look around as they have a few restaurants and a coffee shop and hairdressers. Can you spot Derwent6 in these pictures?

The showers and toilets here are spotless and it has a good launderette, very posh!
We went to the coffee shop and had a sandwich which was only £3.45 for a huge roll and a cup of tea..
When we got back to Derwent6, Al got the washing going as we were on shoreline, and we chilled in the sunshine...  Tooty's not happy though, he has no grass...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Straight and Narrow (just like Del's temper)

We set off at nine and turned the bend to the three mile of straight river in a ditch where you couldn't see over the bank..
But this is cruising, and it was just the 'being on the water' in the lovely sunshine letting Derwent6 lead the way across mirror imaged waters. It wasn't all plain sailing as you had to look out for a jutting out pile of rocks which was so the wild deer could get water.
It was a shame that the grass wasn't cut round these rocks so they could get to them easily, and we spotted two dead ones in the river. You had to allow 12 feet of clearance.
When we turned at the end and it joined a road, the A58, which was busy and noisy, something we hadn't been used to over the past few weeks.
We soon got into Saxilby and passed two boats who had just left, so we had a nice mooring..

We couldn't get telly here but it has everything else. We then took a walk around and sussed out the pubs and also the shops. It has a fish and chip shop and butchers, and a Chinese and pizza place.

It also has a station and a big Co-op. It is a pretty little village with everything we need.

We had some lunch and then got an e mail from the battery people. They wanted us to get the voltage and cold cranking amps of the faulty battery.. What! where from? we asked ourselves!.. We had already had one new battery from them last September and they didn't want these voltages then!
So in the afternoon Del walked around Saxilby and went to three garages and in the end found one which could test the battery for him.. It was a walk back to Derwent6 and covers off. The faulty battery was then taken round to the garage and tested..
It was an old 1980's tester but it still showed that the battery was unserviceable, as Del predicted.

Pictures and email sent, it was back on the phone to them.. "We still want the Cranking Amps? When you have them we can replace the battery"
Why?! they had all the proof they needed and Del had to pay the guy a tenner for testing it for him..
He was also an independent proof it was faulty.. This went on all afternoon, until the guy put the phone down on Del.
After getting the managers name, (who wasn't in,) it was going to be a call in the morning..
Then out of the blue and with a completely different attitude, they called back. "Ok we will be sending one out to you ASAP, and we want you to package the old one up in the package it arrives in..
???? Where did that come from?
So we gave the address to the nearest marina where we will pick it up from tomorrow, watch this space!