Sunday, December 23, 2007

To all our readers

So far the boat build has been a very enjoyable experience and we hope you all have enjoyed it with us..
We can't wait to get the interior of Derwent6 started.

Thank you for all your constructive comments you have given over the last year.

So we wish you all a

And a Happy 2008

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Eagle has landed

Press Release!!!!

Derwent6 has now been moved from Alexander Boats to Fernwood Craft.... this will now be her home for the next eight months (or so)

But this happened really late in the day, because on the way to Jim's, the truck got pulled up by the ministry of transport and had to have a new tyre fitted.

The truck was then put underneath, she weighed 10 and a half tonnes

We then set off at Dusk following the truck at a steady 50mph

We arrived at 7.30pm in foggy conditions so we couldn't get any decent photos of the lift into Fernwood. A B Tuckey was waiting patiently with the crane and skillfully unloaded Derwent6 off the trailer in the dark and into the workshop. (Sorry about the fog getting on the lens)

Now the work really begins !!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

We saw three ships (our version)

We see a ship come sailing in
Next Wednesday next Wednesday
We see a ship come sailing in
Next Wednesday in the morning

Julia and Ken are working hard
Next Wednesday next Wednesday
To find a space for Derwent6
Next Wednesday in the morning

So fingers crossed that all goes well
Next Wednesday next Wednesday
And Jim can wave goodbye to the shell
Next Wednesday in the morning

Lets hope the straps are big and strong
Next Wednesday next Wednesday
we don't want anything to go wrong
Next Wednesday in the morning

We're happy now it's sorted out
Next Wednesday next Wednesday
Lets raise our glass without a doubt
To Fernwood Craft in the morning

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O come on ye Fernwood

Guess what !!! (it was two turtle doves)

Delayed again.......Fernwood still have a problem with the boats they have in the workshop and have had a few staff sickness they aren't as sick as we are!!!

So the new date is now the following week (at sometime), but we are assured before Christmas.

As we have taken the time off anyway, we are going up to see Fernwood on Thursday to find out the situation.

Lets hope we get our present early..

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Twelfth day of Christmas

Well the news so far is that Derwent6 could be moving from Alexander Boats to Fernwood on the 12th December, but that could be two turtle doves or a partridge in a pear tree.

Julia at Fernwood Craft is trying to book the crane and truck for this date, but watch this space for any changes.

We went to the the boat show at London's Earl's court, but have got to say, we were very disappointed. There were only three narrowboats and one wide beam and once again felt that the inland waterways was tucked in the corner, but it did give us the buzz after going on all the boats again.

We felt it was worth it due to the fact we picked up a couple of ideas (more about them later)

After packing all the Christmas decorations up (thinking we were going to get rid of them) in the early part of the year, here we are getting them all out again (good job we didn't sell them).

Will we need them next year??????
Bl**dy hope not !!!!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Shaking that Ar**

While we have been waiting (very patiently I must add) We have been playing with the photos taken of Derwent6. Here is the photo of the stern seen in the last blog and it's amazing what you can do with Microsoft paint. This is how the stern deck will look with the doors open.
No! Derwent6 is definitely still in primer, but at least Fernwood will have a very good idea on how we want her to look..
Off to the London Boat Show at Earls Court tomorrow getting more ideas.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

All primed up with no place to go !!!

Derwent6 is now in primer due to the fact that Fernwood still can't take on the hull. Jim couldn't wait any longer due to the fact that oxidising was appearing on some of the joints, so a good rub down and primer was added to all these areas.

The shell is now all blacked and primered and it looks even better showing all the slick lines and Jim's good work..

You can see here that she will look fabulous on the water.

The stern hatch, port side doors and roof hatch are fitted.

So there she is .....Just waiting ! We just feel sorry for all those other's waiting as well, like Peruvian Skies and others who have sold their house to get in the queue behind us.....but all good things come to those who wait !!! and we're British, so patience is a virtue.

We have been working on the exterior colours with the use of paint on the computer and the snaps we have taken, so we have come up with these examples.

Oh! and it gone very quiet on the house front ...but we're in no rush are we !!!!! :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

All blocked up

Well Derwent6 is still waiting in the wings, sitting up on her blocks with all the welding done underneath....
The tiller height has been checked and fitted and the door hinges all fitted to the side and stern doors. The stern tube and rudder are now on and roof side door hatch fitted.

As for Fernwood we are still blocked up there as well...We must say it's not all their fault, what with waiting for parts, and people changing their minds. They are all working hard to get at least one boat out by the end of November, so Derwent6 can get in the dry.

Here is a video of the finished shell and don't she look beautiful...........

Check out the build photos (all 300 of them) which are now on the right hand side column.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where in the water ?

Everyone keeps asking us where Derwent6 will go in the water, so we have updated "where we are in the country" and by using Water explorer it shows Debdale whalf. If you look closely you can see the crane and the thin waterline Derwent6 will be dropped into.

But it could be least another 8 months yet, at this rate.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Prime time in November

We called Julia and Ken at Fernwood last week and they feel that Derwent6 will be going over to them in the middle of November. (but we still feel it will be a bit longer than that)
We also called Jim at Alexander boats and he has the shell now ready, all bar fitting the doors, tiller, and blacking and priming. So we had to go up to check the tiller height and take more pictures.

Check out this video of the full length of Derwent6 showing the houdini hatches fitted, the centre ring and the fender ties all fitted. we are really pleased with the shape and workmanship.

The houdini frame work has been fitted as low as possible and looks very neat.

The Fender eyes are all now welded into place and the centre rope eye fitted (which is a little bit forward of centre), so it will be a bit easier to pull the front in.

As for the Stern, the rear sides are now fitted and the stern deck completed.

We then had to check out the tiller height and the seating position on the roof.

Jim won't prime Derwent6 until he gets the nod from Fernwood and he gets a moving date because of the muck floating around the workshop could still cause rust.

Meanwhile, no news on the house sale front (but no rush as you can see) and we are now in Christmas shopping mode. Ho Ho Ho!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Down to the finishing touches

We have been busy over these last few weeks due to the fact we have been marketing the house and keeping it spic and span. We have had some interest with one offer, but not sold yet.

As far as the plans for the boat we have been looking at electrical items such as where the lights will be positioned, and also the 240v sockets and wiring etc.

We have now sourced the slate tiles for behind the Morso squirrel wood burner, and been up to the midlands to collect them, they just look fab, we are so pleased.....

We have been back up to Fernwood and seen the boats in progress. They are all working very hard to get the two boats in front of us out, but not fast enough for us, as we are so excited because Jim at Alexander boats is putting all the finishing touches to the Derwent6 Hull.(Come on Fernwood)

I must say though, the boats Fernwood are working on, just look fantastic, with loads of features on all of them. We just feel that when we come away, Derwent6 will be another one or two weeks behind (thank goodness our slot came forward).

We then went on to see our new home. Jim has had his own problems with his team mate Craig, having a trauma in the family, and having to fly out to Spain to sort it all out.

Our Condolence's Craig.

Jim has not been feeling too good himself, but they have still battled on. As for progress, the gas locker hatch has been done. All the plates have been cut for the Houdini hatches, and the roof rails finished including the smooth finishing of the side grab rails, so as not to take your finger nails off when moving down the side of the boat.

While we was there, Jim was making the eyelets for the side fenders so we could check them for size, they were perfect....
Just before we left Craig and Jim, they showed us a picture that one of thier Kingsground customers had brought in, showing Jim and their build, and ain't it just great.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why Derwent6 !

We have had a lot of comments as to why we have called this narrowboat Derwent6... so to make it clearer to everyone here goes.

When we brought our first house we looked on a new housing estate and fell in love with one of them. Now! you know they call all these new houses different names, well our one was called Derwent. We lived happily for 10 years calling this house Derwent until another new housing estate was established just up the road with detached opportunities. This house was No.6 and because we have been so happy in our last house decided to name it Derwent. We even put up a plaque with Derwent on it, with the house number 6 underneath. We have been very happy there for 14 years until we decided to live on a narrowboat...hence the name (all one word) Derwent6.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fernwood planning

We went up to Fernwood craft this week to discuss the planning for Derwent6, and also find out how they are getting on with the work in progress.

They certainly know how to produce a Wow factor boat, with the four they have in the workshop, at the moment.

Julia sat us down and we went through the fundamentals of the boat, talking about water and waste tanks (with a coffee of course). We then talked about colours and fabrics for the bathroom and dining room, but Julia still hadn't got the feeling we had with the colours.

We then went and looked at the new concept boat (Whitefields) and it is coming along nicely.
You can check this out on Fernwood's website . It's a nice boat, but a bit complicated (to many things to go wrong), but it just shows what Fernwood can do.

We then showed Julia the samples for the saloon and dining room, and suddenly, Julia could see where we were coming from, with all the warm colours blending through Derwent6.

We are hoping that Derwent6 will enter their workshop in about 3 weeks....Jim has about a weeks work, so he will hold onto the hull, until Fernwood need it. We will go back up to Jim just before the hull is primed for transportation, and we will be there with the camera.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jim's bit of fancy

Jim has had to slow down a bit on Derwent6 due to the fact that Fernwood can't get the hull into them for a least another two weeks, but it has given him the time to get all the fancy bits right on the stern deck, roof cutouts and rails.

The port and starboard side doors have now been fitted and the stern rear door bulkhead is in.

Alexander Boat's said this boat would be ready for the end of September, and Jim has delivered.

His Quality has been second to none, and the care you can see on the final touches.

All that is needed now are for the Houdini hatches and the doors to be fitted. There is some final straightening up to do, and then Derwent6 will be blackened and primed for Fernwood.

We are off to Fernwood this week to check on progress and go through the fundamentals with Ken and Julia.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sides are up !

WoW!!!! Jim has really been getting on with Derwent6 with the cabin sides now up, and the roof on.
You can see from this picture, that Jim has done the design of the curved sides which protect you from the wind when sitting in the cratch. You can also see the cutouts in the roof, which is where the fenders will hang, so you can rake off the leaves on that Autumnal evening.

The cratch lockers are in and gas bottle fixings.

Jim here is showing us how big the portholes are, but this one will end up being a side door in the galley, next time we go up.

The weed hatch and fuel tank have been fitted. The fuel tank has been extended to take 50 gallons (250 litres). You can see the fuel feed and return pipes and this had already been tested.
On the lower right of the picture you can see the engine cooling radiator, which does not have fins due to the fact it will be under the water line and cooled by the swim.

The roof is now on and the roof rails fitted. Jim has got the lines and the arch of the roof just right here. Another set of side doors will go where the roof rail ends on the port side (left) in this picture.

We are both so pleased we chose Alexander boats as you can see from the pictures, the Quality is fantastic.