Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pylon on the miles

Another beautiful day, so we thought a days cruising was in order. We set off at around 10.30am and made our way up to the Limekilns and filled with water. We noticed these lovely caravans parked in someones garden on the way. We moved on up through Trinity Marina and then on to Stoke Golding. It was so pretty with the rape fields turning yellow and the trees turning greener. There are a lot of pylons here and they were working on them as we passed by. If you look closely on the top stanchion, you will see this guy working very high up.We then pressed on to the battlefields moorings and was lucky enough to get the last one. We then got out the chairs and chilled with a few beers as n.b. Gosty Hill the coal boat went by, but we didn't need anything...Typical. We then went for a short circular walk into Shenton village while a casserole was cooking. Think we will be just sitting and watching a bit of telly tonight.

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