Friday, August 31, 2012

London for the day

We got up early and the weather didn't seem that good, so a decision was made to go to London. We had to pick up a card and post a parcel on the way, but we managed to get the 10.30am train into Waterloo. We were meet by some people from Virgin giving out ice lollies, oh lovely thought Thomas... We then got the tube and were joined by two guys playing guitars all the way to Kensington, where we grabbed something to eat with our McDonald's vouchers. We then took Thomas to somewhere he has always wanted to go, The Natural History Museum. We spent the best part the afternoon seeing what we could, you just can't see it all. Thomas loved it and his favourite was the Dinosaurs and the human body section. It was surprising how many species he knew. He is also so used to something big and hairy behind him (his Uncle Del)We then took the tube to Trafalgar Square and watched the Paralympics, sitting on the water fountains for a hour. How do they do it! Very inspirational!
We were then getting a bit peckish again and had dinner at Pizza Express. We then walked back to Waterloo via Downing street and Westminster and Thomas watched Big Ben strike eight times, going past the big wheel getting to Waterloo for 8.30pm. We got back to Derwent6 at 9.30pm...shattered!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A trip to the mill, ending in a meal

The weather was better than we thought it was going to be this morning and we just felt the need to get out... We had a lay in and a late breakfast but we managed to get out at around 11.00am. Al had to get a zip replaced on her rucksack and we had found a good little shop in town which would do it for twenty five pounds. It was worth it as Al finds this rucksack very comfortable, it holds all her gear for 2 weeks when she travels, and we will find it difficult to find a replacement. We have got to pick it up on Monday. We then got the bus to Salford Mill which is only open on Wednesdays, but at the other end we had about a mile and a half walk to it. Just as we got there it started to rain. At the entrance there was a Bat exhibition with live bats, Thomas was able to touch and feel them and we found out a lot more about them. We then went on the tour of the Mill, which showed you the workings and methods of how different types of flour is made. This mill has all the original machinery used in the 18th century. It closed in 1914. Thomas loved it but didn't like the steep stairs you had to climb to get to the top where the wheat started.
We then made our way back but this time we got the train. We had to go back to Guildford to get back to Godalming, but it was an easy journey. When we had done a full circle we stopped off at Weatherspoons for a cheap bit of nosh, and very good it was too. It was then back to Derwent6 with a coffee to let it all go down.

The end of Navigation

We woke up to another nice day and we were getting itchy to move again. We had a very low bridge ahead so everything came off the roof. George and Carol on n.b Rock and Roll were also moving so we decided to go up together. We got to the first lock and George had the lock ready for us to go straight in. We both managed to get under the bridge with inches to spare, but it was so low that Del couldn't get a photo as he was concentrating so much. We passed the entrance to the Wey and Arun Canal which is under restoration and will go down to the south coast. After some twists and turns through some lovely meadows we got to the last lock on the system where we stopped at Farncombe Boat House for another pump out. We went through the lock and then met up with George and Carol at the water tap at Godalming. We then turned and reversed back to the end of the Navigation at the Town Bridge to find a lovely mooring on one of the pontoons. Thomas soon got the fishing rod out and it wasn't long before we got a shout of "I've got one" We walked into town and had a look around before we came back to Derwent6 at around five. Steve, who came on Sunday, had given us a big party BBQ and as we had met up again with George and Carol and Chas and Ann on n.b. Moore2life, who were also here, it was rude not to light it. Everyone brought some food and it ended up being a lovely evening.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bank Holiday Fun Day

We had a busy day today, so it was up early. We had arranged for a few friends to meet up with us at Guildford. Del had got up early and started on the brasses, he also went up the shops to pick up some coals for the BBQ, getting some french stick and more beers. Al had some cakes on the go while Thomas Doolittle went and chatted with the bulls in the field and to ask them to keep away today. Tanya had arranged to drop her stuff off with us as she was going on to the Reading Festival and staying with us tonight.All the gang started turning up at midday and the BBQ was already on the go. The sun had come out and we could soon hit the beer and wine. We had the music playing from Derwent6 and pigged and drunk ourselves silly till the sun went down. We had a fantastic time just like we always do, it was hard putting the stuff away in the dark, feeling like two sheets to the wind. We did have some extra help as Hannah was staying over with us as well. With Del slaughtered, Al met Tanya at midnight and we all fell into bed at 12.30am. Phew!! a long fun day..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stormy Day

We woke up to sunshine which was surprising so Del was up early and out on his bike while Thomas and Al had a bit longer in bed. It wasn't long before the rain started and we hid ourselves away for the day. Thomas was playing his new game Zoo Tycoon 2 for the best part of it, while Al finished her book. When there was a small break in the rain Al walked up to the shops and there was a horrendous thunder storm while she was out. The rain continued into the evening even taking out the satellite signal, so no telly.. so best have a early night!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

To the meadows at Guildford

We left our lovely mooring at Send early. Thomas was a bit sad to leave the goats behind. We got to Triggs Lock and then onto the tricky Bowers lock. The scenery was just beautiful and any doubt's about how much it cost coming down here are just blown away with the beauty. We pushed on through Stoke Lock and still managed to knock the chimney off, at the low Stoke bridge. With no damage done we then passed through Guildford and out the other side on to the meadows, where we saw n.b Rock and Roll and n.b. Moore2 life. We fitted in just in front of them both. The weather had turned very showery but we thought we would take Thomas into town to see the castle. It was very pretty with all the flowers and you could go up the keep if you wanted too. We then went round to the Guildford museum and we were pretty impressed with that too. Al couldn't wait to see the shops so we checked out the high street and the shopping centre's, where Thomas bought a new book and a magazine. The rain was starting to get worse so we made a dash back to Derwent6 where we had something to eat. In the evening we watched a bit of telly and played games all night.