Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up the Crick without a paddle

Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!! another wet Crick boat show.

It was a nice day Saturday with blustery winds, poured all day Sunday, and cancelled on Monday.. but we were happy!

We managed to pick up a few bargains, like we got our painted buckby can, at a good price, and we picked up our Ecofan for just £64.95

It was great to see all our Fernwood friends and also meet up with some of our blogging friends as well.

Well, we're sitting here with no furniture, even the TV has gone and we're using the washing basket as a computer chair. (but we can't get rid of the computer just yet..) We are off to see Bruce Springsteen on Friday, and on Saturday we are having big a leaving party for all our friends and family, and then on Monday it's back to live with the parents for a bit.

Busy Busy Busy !!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Exchanged Contracts

Hi all

Just a quick note to say we have now exchanged contracts on the house (so no turning back now)

We feel we have sold just at the the right time and we know the new owners will be very happy in our old Derwent6, just as we have been over the last 15 years.

We are now busy selling and delivering all our stuff, to friends and family and fitting in the crick boat show in between.

Hope to see some of you at Crick!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bulkheads fitted

What a surprise when we got to Fernwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart, Rob and Chris had all been working hard on Derwent6 and some of the side panels and lower tougue and groove panels had been fitted, and it looked just Fab....

The floor in the Saloon had been marked out for the furniture and all the wiring fed through into place. Here you can just see the markings on the floor for the two seater settee, and the mockup of the wood burner. On the port side you can see the sockets for the TV and speakers

Here you can see the bulkheads fitted from the galley into the dayroom and then into the bathroom, with the shower tray at the far end.

The floor was being laid as we checked the measurements in the bedroom.

It was good to see some progress to our new home, as we are so close to selling the one we are in at the moment.......We hope!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Falls, Country, Disney, and Rock till we drop

Hi all
Well as you can see we've been away for the last three weeks and we have just had a blast!!!!

Derwent6 got put on the back burner for a while, as we just did our roadie bit, touring with Bon Jovi (and chilling out a bit)

It started in Toronto, Canada with us going to Niagara falls with temperatures in the 75's, a great sight.

Checking out the glass floor at the CN Tower..this is me laying down with Al standing over me, Scary stuff!

From there we moved onto Nashville, Tennessee with the temperatures still in the high 70's and what a coming out your ears from every bar in town....It's five o clock somewhere so rude not to try them all,
and finishing with Jovi playing in the Sommet Centre that night.

From there we went onto the Country music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry

Then on to follow the band at Fort Laurderdale, Florida. Here we met up with a friend Al used to work with, and had a really good night out (Thanks Louise and great ribs)

Next day beach and boats.....We chilled out on the beach in the morning and hired a plastic tub in the afternoon around the mansions on the Fort Laurderdale canals. The guy was well impressed when we told him we owned a 65 foot boat and let us go off into the yonder in his well powerful speed boat....He He !!

Hardly canals though, but some lovely places owned by Madonna and Gloria Estefan with a small boat to pop to the shops in.

with Jovi that evening!!

After that we took a drive across the Everglades on our way up to Tampa, dodging the gators in the canals and the flies hitting the screen on cruise control.
With Bon Jovi that evening we just had enough time to throw our cases down and head of to St Petes Times Forum with Al's greatest moment with Jon high fiving us both (well lets face it he knew us well by now) and us capturing it on video.(see below)

From then we moved on to Orlando and the Kingdom of Mickey Mouse, weather now in the low 90's. It made us realise how much we love winters in England, but we had a great time.

Oh! and by the way we are now back down to earth with a splash!!!!!!