Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowing wood chip with the Decorations

We were woken up by some contractors (Allen Groundcare 01327 354789) who decided it would be fun to cover Derwent6 with wood chips "Oi!!!" they got from Del. "Oh we will clean it up" they said. Um with a hard broom we thought.. No chance!!!After wiping down Derwent6, and calming down a bit, we set about getting the Christmas Decks up. Al missed out with all this last year because of problems with her Mum, but this year (with what had gone on) we really wanted to enjoy the build up to Christmas. Derwent6 has got its Christmas tree up and the famous mouse ears on the bow of Derwent6. It's like Santa's grotto inside with a bit of twinkle on the outside.. Later in the day, Del got rid of the rubbish and twisted his ankle in the process, so we will have to see how that is in the morning as we need to get water.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

As you may have gathered we had travelled down to Kent again. This time it was for Del's Dad again as we had to spread his ashes. It was his wish to have them scattered at his favourite view point at Epple Bay near Birchington. All twenty of us arrived at the bungalow where he lived, and then walked down to the sea front. It was a bit worrying as it was very windy, but after finding a place where the wind blew right across the bay, we done the deed. We let off some balloons and threw some flowers with a glass of champers in hand. Dad got his wishes. Then we all had a nice meal in a sea front pub. It should have been sad but it turned out to be a good day, Len would have been proud of us all.

The following day was a Christmas shopping day for Del & Al. We try to do it while we're down in Kent so we don't have to store it all on Derwent6.

We had a good day and got most of it done, just some on line stuff to do to finish it off. We also got our Christmas photo done for making our Christmas cards this year. So it has been a busy weekend but we are now ready for Christmas...

Friday, November 25, 2011

More Expense and Expense Saved

We had a bit of rain last night but we need it round these parts. The wind was a bit strong so we decided to stay put and do a few jobs. After a good breakfast, Del set to work to cut up the rest of the wood on the roof and got it in the locker. Al managed to sort out our Insurance which cost us an extra twenty pounds this year but we still got a great deal (Al used to work in Insurance). Our licence runs out at the end of December, so it is an expensive time for us. Del then had a go at the fuel gauge which had packed up about three weeks ago and we were dipping the tank to see how much we had. After a few wiring checks we did last time, it pointed to the sensor, so Del stripped it down. It turned out to be a solder joint on the printed circuit which just needed a dab of solder to fix, and bingo we now have a fuel gauge again. That saved us ninety quid..... Later in the day we got rid of our rubbish and found some kindling on the way. In the evening we chilled with the telly and a DVD.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Joined up for the Buckby Flight

After talking to Viv and Len on n.b. Valkyrie who pulled up in front of us last night, we decided to leave together at 10.00am to make the locks at Buckby a bit easier. We moved on up the Grand Union and were very conscious that we hadn't any wood left on the roof. Al spotted a large pile in a field and we couldn't resist stopping in very shallow water to get it. We then approached the bottom lock at the Buckby flight and were surprised that the fishermen had decided the lock moorings were the best place to fish. N.b Valkyrie crushed one of their nets as he tried to moor up but luckily, no harm done. We pushed on up through the locks with ease even though it was a bit shallow in some of the pounds. This always happens to us here, but as we passed The New Inn pub at the top lock we could smell the chips..mmmmm We both moored up at the top with loads of mooring available and soon found ourselves sitting in the pub with a bowl of chips. We ended up staying in the pub all afternoon chatting away about boating and the world. We hadn't brought a torch and after saying goodbye to Viv & Len we ended up walking back in the dark. When we got back we lit the fire, set up the telly, and settled down for the night.

A hazy day to Weedon

We woke up this morning with a frost on the roof of Derwent6, but we were determined to move on today. We passed through the last two locks at Stoke Bruerne. As we approached the Blisworth tunnel a couple were having trouble trying to get their headlight to work. So we asked if they wanted to follow us through and they did, but we had to go so slowly and showed the way with all the torches we had. It took us a hour to get out to the outside but they were very grateful. We then pushed on up to Gayton junction (one day we will get to go down here) and then on to Bugsbrooke. The weather has still been great for this time of year, as last year we had sleet in our faces and were soon iced in, but we had to light the fire in the afternoon. Can you spot the rabbit sticking out of the bridge hole... We passed through Heyford Wharf and made it to Weedon, where we moored up with a nice sunset. We then had problems trying to get an Internet signal which has never happened here before. With a lot of messing about we gave up in the end and we watched the football to see Arsenal win their Champions league table.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Del Boy

Happy Birthday Del

30 today again

He just wanted to share it with his Dad!!!!!!

Thank you for all my lovely cards and presents. We were up at 6.00am this morning opening them all... Where would I be without friends and family!!!!!!! Love you all xxxxxx Del

Del had a lovely fried breakfast made by Al and then we had a nice easy morning till The Navagation pub opened. We met up with another couple in there Viv and Len off time share n.b Valkyrie and they were intrigued with what we were doing and we had a few beers. We got back late in the afternoon and had a bit of a doss for a couple of hours before we hit the other pub, The Boat. We had a few beers in there before we made our way over to the Indian restuarant just over the canal. We had another good night in there with all the mechanics from the Red Bull team from Milton Keynes. It was strange talking about cars, kers and downforce with them. We got back to Derwent6 at 11.00pm after a lovely day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bumps a Daisy!!!!

It was a misty start to the day but we had decided to leave Cosgrove in peace, but it didn't start too well. As Del was taking this photo going into the lock he misjudged the approach (not like him at all) and rammed Derwent6 into the concrete wall......CRASH!!!!!! it went.. Derwent6 tipped over hard to starboard and then dipped low to port. After some maneuvering he got to the lock. It was then an inspection inside. There were loads of things on the floor like the ecofan and guitar, draws and cupboards had been thrown open and glasses had tipped over in the cabinets...hmmmmm Del was not happy. He had just done all the paintwork (an omen, we think) and it had dented the rubbing straight, but to be fair, Derwent6 took it very well, and nothing was broken.....A bit shook up we stopped for water at the top and the paint came out again. We then took it easy up to Yardley Gobion. It was a bit shallow in places but we were heavy, so we just to idled our way in the broken sunshine. We soon came to the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne flight of seven locks, and BW were working (drinking and eating) on the brickwork of the first pound. It was sad to see that the wellington boots set in cement had gone and a new wall had taken their place. BW were also working further up, three guys in three vans cleaning up one lock. They all moved their vans to the next lock all of fifty metres. They did open the lock gates for us though.We found a mooring at the top where we could get a TV signal but for the first time since April this year we had 2G (a slow Internet signal) You do get spoilt down in London and on the Thames. We were running low on wood so we chopped up what we had left on the roof so we could refill the locker. We just had time to do this before it got dark. Al had then booked her place in front of the telly for "It takes two" to see if she was on it. Del just sighed!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Strictly a Secret

Del woke up on his own this morning as Al was coming back to Derwent6 later today. It was time to do a bit of touching up round Derwent6 and sort out all those rust spots before winter. Al got back in the afternoon and I know you are waiting to see what she thought of Strictly live from Wembley. Well "Wow! Fantastic! Awesome! Superb! Amazing! Just the Best! I want to go again"....sums it up!!!..... as she got back on board Derwent6. Al never took the camera as you can't take photos while the show is on but she did manage to take some on her phone. She also mixed with some of the 'stars of our show' and was still dribbling after seeing the pro dancers up close and personal !

She also would not tell Del who was knocked out till he had seen the show later that evening, as they had all sworn to secrecy. Del still can't get Al to stop talking about it....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keep Dancing!!!!

Al was up early this morning as she had a train to catch to London as she was going to the Strictly Come Dancing live show at Wembley. Al was meeting up with Sarah and they had to be there for 3.00pm. Del had some paintwork to do on Derwent6, and as it was a nice day, and still mild temperatures, it was a good time to do it.

He also had a look at the fuel gauge which had packed up, and it looks like it might be the sensor (sounds expensive)

In the evening Del walked into Wolverton and paid a fiver to see four rock bands highlighted by a band called Brigade, who were brilliant. Del got back to Derwent6 at midnight while Al stayed away in Kent after a late night (more about that tomorrow)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Jobs Day

We stayed put today to get those winter jobs sorted before the cold weather starts. We have been very lucky so far and it is going to bite us on the bum if we don't plan for it. So first it was the engine, checking the antifreeze levels and topping up as required. Then it was the central heating, making sure we have a clean glow plug and anti freeze in the system. Then we set about doing the rails on the cupboard doors; Fernwood had kindly supplied us with modified heavy duty runners. They fitted a treat and it was a job well done. The light soon closed in and we had to get rid of some rubbish as Al had been having a bit of a sort out. If we don't use it for six months on Derwent6 it goes. So a good day today. Al is wetting herself over Strictly tomorrow. Look out for her on the live Wembley show on Saturday night...........Del will be watching on Derwent6

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Milton Keynes and beyond

We were up early again and ready to go at 8.30am. Blimey we have been on the go for the last few days with not much rest in between. We passed through the Solbury three and pushed on up to Stoke Hammond. It is so amazing that here we are in the middle of November and the flowers are still all out. Just look at these roses. The sun was trying to come out as we got to Fenny Stratford. It then tried to rain as we approached Milton Keynes but it was nice to see that they are still developing things here and vastly improving the towpath. It was sad though to see this couple sitting on their boat nearly in tears trying to pump out their boat, but there was nothing we could do but go very slowly past. The sun came out again (it's been a funny old day) as we reached Wolverton and we pushed on to Cosgrove, passing over the aqueduct where we managed to get moored up. Del walked into the village and posted a letter and had to walk through the horse tunnel which goes under the canal, a lovely part of 18th Century history. After chopping up some wood for kindling and a lovely liver and bacon dinner, we crashed out in front of the telly.