Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cratch canopy, laminate and mattress

Well we finally got the pictures of the portholes and what do you think. We just love them....

When we turned up A J Canopies were fitting the Cratch cover and that also looked fantastic.

We then went inside to have a look around and progress had been made on the the engine room with the carcass made up for the electrical cupboard and the engine with fuel lines and coolant pipes added. (still alot to do though)
Some of the laminate had been fitted to to the bathroom, so this gave us a chance to sort out the buttons required for the bathroom and saloon.
While we were there the cushions were taken down to the upholstery guy and the memory foam mattress for the bedroom turned up for a trial session...This was to check the height and comfort.

The Horn has now been fitted on the roof and looks great (if they want to get this off they will have to take the whole boat)
Andy Russell the painter has called us to say that the hatches should be ready for the early part of next week, so we are looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Portholes and fabric

The new portholes done by Procast are just fantastic and set off the colours of Derwent6. This was the first thing that hit us when we turned up. We had a big list to go through with Julia and arrangements had been made with the upholstery man (Merick) and the lady (Irene) who was looking after all our fabric needs.

We had to go out to pick the flooring for the bathroom and it didn't take us long to find the one we wanted.

This should give us the stone effect we are after.

We then went out looking for fabric for the buttons, but this turned out a tad more difficult, so we ended up blowing it out for another day.

The dayroom seating framework had been fitted and also looked great. This will house the freezer and turn into the spare bedroom for guests on board.

In the engine room alot of the plumbing has been carried out and the shoreline wiring, but things are still a bit slow here.

We have decided to now go for brass porthole liners as we have seen the problems with the wooden ones blacking up with the condensation (we hope this is the right choice)

We sorted out the height of the cratch as A.J.Canopies are measuring the cover for fitment, they are also making a horn cover for us.

We lost alot of photos this time (don't ask us why) so we haven't got many to post.

Things just arn't happening fast enough for us, as we can't wait to get out on the cut, but we're sure it will all come together in the end.........we hope!!!!

While we were out on the cut at Crick we met up with Les on Valerie, happy cruising mate.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dawn till Dusk

As Andy the painter has been on the mend, we have been taking the door inner frames and external hatches up to him for painting........And what a job he has done for us...

When we collected them we both had a tear in our eye, as it was just what we wanted. As you can see the castles are done at two times of day, dawn and dusk. The roses are traditional but modern.

We then trundled down to Fernwood with them and was pleased to see the top half of Derwent6 painted....We just had to try the door frames on, and don't they look fab.

We had a appointment to see Julia and Ken, but they had to go out on a field visit. We also wanted to see the upholstery guy and he was on holiday till next week. Still, we had the boat to ourselves and was able to crawl all over it and live it for a bit.

We could see that the dayroom seating frame had been worked on, with storage for the extra chairs to fit down the the side.

Also in the engine room the electrician had just turned up as we did, and was fitting the shoreline RCD unit. The heating boiler and immersion had been fitted and some work to the engine had been carried out (but still nowhere near running yet)
There still seems a hell of a lot to do if Derwent6 is to go out at the end of the month, so watch this space.