Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Busy! Busy! Busy!

We've been to a boat jumble at Paddock wood in Kent, where we brought a mallet for hitting the pins, and a grass cutter for those long grass moorings.
We've also been back to Jim Sparks at Alexander Boats and discussed bits and pieces on the hull build like Bow well deck height, Bow door lip height, cutouts in roof rails, etc. We really feel we have got to know him now and are confident he will put 100% into Derwent6.
Our build slot for the hull is dependant on Fernwood as they are running a bit behind schedule so Jim has us booked for April and will only start it when he gets the nod.

We've been to see Chris and Stelle on Belle who are very welcoming, nice people and they have a great boat !! (thanks for the tea, cakes and biscuits)
We've been to the Birmingham outdoor, caravanning,camping and boat show (which we felt was far better than the London boat show) with ten narrowboats on display. Picked up more bits and pieces and loads of ideas.

As for the house.....
We have now done a brochure for the sale of our four bedroom house in Snodland, Kent, so if anyone is interested we can send it on to you. We have still been itemising all the things in each room (so much to go through) but we are getting there.

We are both still really excited and we can't believe we're into March already(don't time fly !!) hence the reason for doing this.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another new addition

What about the Derwent6 new addition then!

Del's Birthday present from Mum & Keith (N.B Thema)

Keith will now be doing all the Rose's and Castle's on both port and starboard doors and also the stern doors for Derwent6

Still very busy !!

Been looking at Cratch sizes(ie depth, cover height and width, lockers, and door threshold)and all things related to the hull like stern deck hatch, Stern roof hatch, fender points, tillar height and all the fancy bits which which we will need to speak to Jim Sparks about when we go up to see him. Blimey there is abit of a list !!!!

Also we've looked at Sinks, Electrical equipment sizes(that we''re supplying) and the hidden wiring plan have been worked on. I am looking for a on board motor for Pumpout (if it's ever required) so if anyone knows of one please post me the details.
We are still working on the interior material and fabrics but may have found the leather for the two seater settee so we now have something to go on.
More soon !!