Saturday, May 31, 2014

A cheap night out (with a Superhero)

Today was going to be another doing jobs day..  So Al was up early and went down to do some more washing while Del sorted out the engine room... We still had plenty of time to chill out.
We watched the workman move the pontoon today so it is now open unofficially.
In the evening it was time to get out so we thought we would go to the West End and go to the pictures.. We went and saw the X Men as Al loves her superhero's (even though she married one).
 This cost us nothing as we had got a Film voucher for Christmas and it included food and drink, (Thanks Cliff and Lou) It saved us £40.00 and we had luxury seats and a very large curved screen to watch it on.. Al loved it, Del, Mmmmmm
We got back to Derwent6 at midnight......superhero'd out!

Friday, May 30, 2014

All you Need is Love (with a bit of YoDELling)

It seemed strange this morning waking up in London with no one on board but ourselves..
We had some breakfast and then had to make our way back to M&S in Oxford Street as one of our pillows we brought yesterday had stitching which had come undone. It was a pain but it was also a nice walk down Edgware Road to change it.. Afterwards we walked up to Bond Street where we got the tube to St Johns Wood where it was a five minute walk to Abbey Road and the famous recording studio's where the Beatles and Pink Floyd used to record.
We spent about a hour reading the wall outside with all the comments poems and lyrics of famous recording artist's.
We even added our own for Derwent6.
We then walked to the most famous road crossing in the world which is on the Album cover by the Beatles.
Al did her bit in stopping the traffic to do the walk across it..
We then got back on the tube and went to London Bridge on the Jubilee line.

We first walked to Tower Bridge and had a good look around. It was very busy with people getting married, having lunch and ice creams, it was great..
Then we went to Butler's Wharf where we grabbed a sandwich by the Thames.
We then did the Thames Walk up to Sir Frances Drake's famous ship, the Golden Hinde, 
The Thames walk is brilliant and fantastic now it has been finished.. It mixes the old with the new and is very cosmopolitan, as a tourist it must blown you away, well done again Boris!
The scenery is great, watching the boats on the Thames with a London skyline and the old history of the working Wharfs turned into shops mixed with 12th century pubs and churches and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre along the way, it works so well.
We got as far as the London Eye where we tuned back to Waterloo and got the tube back to Derwent6..
After a cup of tea and a good rest we got ourselves ready to go out for eats.. We had wanted to try an Austrian Restaurant called Tiroler Hut, just a short walk away and arrived there at 8.00pm.
The attraction for us was that it was traditional Austrian Entertainment and we just fancied a fondue.
Well we weren't disappointed, what a great night..
It started with us ordering just the best cheese fondue with vegetables and bread with a large jug of beer which was two and a half pints, heaven!
Then the entertainment started where a guy started playing some Austrian songs on the piano and some from the Sound of Music included. Then the owner turns up first singing and yodelling, and then playing the Oboe.
Then the Squeeze box.
Then the Saxophone.
Then the cow bells.
We were all singing along as by this time everyone in the restaurant was sooo drunk. It was a great atmosphere as we topped it all off with our Chocolate Fondue..
We came out at midnight and staggered back to Derwent6 and feel into bed... Great Day, Great Night!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oxford Street and Goodbyes

We set off this morning as early as we could but to be honest it wasn't early enough. We missed Doug and James on n.b Chance sneaking out next to us and we planned an early shopping day.. Still Tanya helped us make up time by making breakfast, Sam just enjoyed breakfast in bed..
We then all set off to Oxford Street where Sam needed some new football boots and Tanya, well loads..
We needed some new bedding and a new bowl for the sink. We met up again at Marble Arch where we got the bus back to Derwent6. We had to get back to Paddington as Tanya and Sam were going home today, so before they went we took them to Poncho 8 a burrito cafĂ©.
We then had a walk along to Little Venice to walk things off..
and then back to say our goodbyes..

It has been great fun having them on board and they have given us some fantastic memories.. Including these M & M's

Eat's and Late night meet

After another late night we had a nice lay in, which as you know is quite normal for Tanya and Sam.. The weather still wasn't very good and at midday Tanya and Sam wanted to eat again at TGI Friday's before going on to the theatre to see "The book of Mormon" which they had booked.. We decided to try a new restaurant for us, Bill Wyman's "Sticky Fingers" which is full of Rolling Stones memorabilia and they play Rock music all night..
It is the place for Ribs, Chicken, and Sticky Toffee pudding.
We enjoyed it even though they tried to stitch us up with a £7.90 tip, so we halved it. 
We met the rest of the gang back at TGI's in a wet Piccadilly for cocktails, and a chat about our day's, they really enjoyed The book of Mormon..
We got back to Derwent6 at midnight.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Night on the town

We could hear the rain on the roof when we all surfaced so it didn't give us a lot of encouragement to get going..
Tanya and Sam decided they would go to a museum and picked the Natural History. They left at 10.30am and we soon got a text saying they were stuck in a queue to get in, due to it being a bank holiday. An hour later they were in..  We chilled a bit on Derwent6 and went for a walk to get a few bits of shopping and some fresh air really..
We have got a nice spot here next to Doug and James on n.b Chance and we get a lot of tourist taking photos of both boats together, and still there are spaces.
In the evening we all went out together and yes, we all went back to Soho..
We had just the best night out, such a laugh and Tanya and Sam loved it.. We ended up in KFC just before 2.00am where we locked the door behind us and told them to close so we could have the rest of the food for a set price. It worked, but we ended up with all the spicy stuff so we might suffer in the morning..

Monday, May 26, 2014

Windin' your way down on Baker Street

We thought we would have another easy day today so we all got up late.. Tanya and Sam wanted to go to Camden Market and we wanted to see the Monaco Grand Prix so we both departed at lunch time.. We then sat in the pub where they allow you to take Fish and Chips in from the Chip shop next door. What could be better with a pint...
After the race we went back to Derwent6 and sorted out some coupons for something to eat in the evening.. We ended up picking Strada, an Italian restaurant, and we thought we would go to Baker Street.. We left at 7.00pm and walked the couple of miles which seemed to do us good.. We had a nice table.. Well the food and service was great and we all had a good chat about what else we all wanted to do..
We walked off our meals and was back to Derwent6 by 11.00pm where we had an extra drink before bed..

Football fans with a Secret

Well as you can image we have been very busy here in London. First Al went back down to Kent to have a blood test herself and also she was going to a show with friends Sarah and Erica in Canterbury, and we also we had more crew coming up with Tanya and Sam staying with us for a few days in Little Venice. Al left early and Tanya and Sam arrived at around 2.00pm and dumped their stuff before heading off to Westfield where they have always wanted to go.
Del stayed on Derwent6 and went for a quiet pint in the evening with some boating friends. Al on the other hand was picked up from the station and then taken to Canterbury by Erica and Sarah.
Then they had a little shopping fix, before going to The Marlowe Theatre to see Vincent and Flavia (Strictly Come Dancing) in their show "Dance till Dawn". They had a fabulous time with front row seats...
The following day Del was greeted with a cup of tea and bacon butties from Tanya while Sam never surfaced all morning.. Al arrived back on Derwent6 at lunchtime and we all had a good catch up.
It was raining all morning so we thought we would try and see a band playing in a park near to Kings Cross and on the way went to Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts.
But the weather played a big part in it not going too well so we ended up watching football in a local pub where the atmosphere was terrific with QPR winning the play off's in the 90th minute..
Starving, Tanya and Sam wanted to go to TGI Fridays, one of their favourite restaurant's, so we made our way over to Piccadilly and then got Eros to stick a few arrows in this love struck couple.
We ended up getting a nice table but not before getting a few cocktails at the bar.

Sam and Del had the Secret Burger (not on the menu) and it was one of the best burgers we have tasted, just ask for "I'll have what Jacks having"
We then made our way back to Derwent6 where we wanted to watch the Champions League final and we found a nice pub where we sat up the bar.
This was another good atmosphere and another good game where Real Madrid were losing in the 90th minute and won it in extra time.. We got back to Derwent6 at around 11.30pm with not far to walk.. With all that drink and food we crashed out..