Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Stop here!

As we're getting close to the big day we want to say a big thank you to all our friends, family, and blog readers for their support and friendship, and wish you all a very.........

and a.....

(shouldn't have had that extra bottle lol)

May you get all you wish for and more!!!! Have Fun.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Flying back for Christmas

We travelled back to the marina today on a lovely sunny morning via Foxton...with the help of Lesley, Floyd and Fletcher from n.b.Caxton.... Thanks Lesley! We love the view from these locks you feel you could fly.

We got to the bottom and picked up some coal for the new year (and some chocolate of course)

We filled with water and moved off just before the rain started...(still never got to use the nubrella) We looked back at Foxton and I'm sure we will be doing them again in the new year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A cut on the cut

Today we moved off to the top of Foxton, travelling down the Welford arm. We then headed for the Husband Bosworth tunnel..

Al then took the helm......The canal then goes out into the country with beautiful scenery, we past some peculiar trees which looked like something out of Harry Potter.

We then moored up just ahead of the locks for tomorrow morning, Del polished the side and cleaned the brasses while Al cooked the evening dinner.
After dinner Del needed a haircut, so out come the chair and the clippers, started the engine and cut away....and yes, a boat did come past while we were doing it !!!!! (by the way it's two quid a cut. lol)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A nice quiet day

We had our first nice quiet day today.... and what a lovely day it was too!
Al spent all day reading a book and finished it, Del sat on the computer and looked at the wildlife out of the window.

On checking the levels on the engine this morning this was the view.
Del just sat on the back watching the gliders and the swans, floating by.
We were interupted once with a tap on the window, and guess what!, it seems like we've made a friend.

It got a bit nippy around 4 o' clock so we lit the fire....

We went out tonight to the Black Horse at Foxton, as they have a Jazz night on Wednesday, rude not to have their fish and chips while we're there then.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music day at Welford

We set off this morning at 9.00am up the Welford arm, it was a bit misty and tight in places with some fallen trees but we got through alright. We then got to Welford lock which had been invaded by sheep, who had broken through the fence and just gave us a dirty look while Al did the lock paddles.
We then turned at the marina and moored up in a good spot, but no satellite signal. While we were mooring up we got talking to the guy in the boat next to us and he informed us he was moving off tomorrow. He also said he was a Folk singer and gave us some of his CD's to download. His name is Andy Robinson and he had done some support stuff for the band we went to see in Sevenoaks "Show of Hands"...He is going to give us a list of all his gigs next year, which he does around the canal system, so watch this space.

We then had to battle our way past the swans on the towpath and one of then got a bit friendly. We then made our way into Market Harborough, and playing in the Church for Charity was the Jazz Trombone player Marcus Reynolds ( They had free sandwiches, cake and coffee all for a couple of quid in the donations box. Marcus had been to Foxton and saw the boat at the launch party, so he was so pleased we had taken the time out to see him in Market Harborough. It was fantastic!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Toilet and Tunnel

We set off this morning at around 11.00am and headed down the Grand Union towards the Welford arm. We passed beautiful countryside and wonderful wildlife. Derwent6 was heading for it's first tunnel, so it was mind the bats and the paintwork on the way through.

We then had to have a pump out. This is the toilet system on Derwent6 which needs to be emptied once in a while. This is sucked out using a large pipe and then flushed out with fresh water.

We then moved on up to the Welford arm. and moored up for the day.

We then had a bang on the window and it was the guys from narrowboat Caxton and Matilda Rose who had been on a circular walk around Welford with the dogs. It was great to meet them and we will catch up with them sometime in the new year.

We took a lot of photos today, but guess what, the camera pixel setting has changed again so can't upload them.....We will show you the tunnel photos on the return journey and we will get the hang of this !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What no ice or rain...Let's Go !!

Can you believe it!! no ice and no rain, quick untie the ropes and lets get off.

We left the marina this morning after doing some small jobs like cleaning the brasses. We then filled with water and set off towards Foxton. We needed to have a pumpout, but the marina wasn't open, so we thought we would try the manual pumpout but guess what.....that didn't work. So we will have to be a bit careful about how we use the toilet!!!!!! Another job for Fernwood..

We passed Mo And Vanessa on n.b Balmaha at Foxton with a quick toot and a wave.

We got to the bottom lock at Foxton and picked up some provisions like bread and coal, and then set off up the locks. It took us about a hour and quarter to get to the top lock, but it was very easy (or so Al tells me) When we got to the top Al was taking a picture of the nice horse and then dropped her locker gloves in the canal. A good bit of reversing was required :-), but we managed to collect them.

We then moved on to bridge 59 and thought we had done enough for the day, so picked a garden with a nice view and moored up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

There will be sunshine after rain

Woke up this morning to the wind and the rain, so pulled up the sheets and stayed put for the best part of the morning... The good news is the ice has melted and it felt a bit warmer, it was good to see the ducks swimming again and Derwent6 floating better. We did have to adjust the side fenders as the water level had changed. The heavens have opened all day and even though we really wanted to get going we don't want to get wet.

On the way out tomorrow, we will fill with water and as the marina is closed, we will also try the manual pumpout fitted to Derwent6.

We messed about with the shelf today and it now looks like this.

Here is our wet view out of Derwent6 while we were drinking coffee with the ducks looking a bit hopeful.
Ali is looking forward to being snuggled up tonight watching the Strickly and X Factor finials with a nice glass of the red stuff.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh! What a picture

Well at last we have sorted out the pictures....All we had to do was turn down the pixels on the camera when on a 2G signel. Here is Al in her favorite place playing with fire. (Just like she did marrying me lol) She has now got it down to a fine art and everyday we get a roaring flame and a toasty Derwent6.

Here are some more shots taken by friends of the launch party at Foxton Locks.

Today Fernwood came over and fitted the shelf in the Dayroom and changed the G4 interior lights to LED's. The wire is for the aerial for getting on line but we now have space for all those Nickleson canal route books and loads of others.
The washing machine now works fine after the transportation bolts were removed (funny that) and the bilge problem is the blow off valve on the heating system which will have to be replaced.

We are still stuck in the marina with another sharp frost last night, but things have warmed up today so we are hoping to move (all be it in the rain) tomorrow, even if it's just to fill with water and a pump out.
We have booked our tickets for going down south for Christmas and are looking forward to that.

The community in the marina is fantastic, we have only been here five minutes and we have had some Christmas cards already.

To get us into the Christmas spirit, Derwent6 has got some decorations on the front with some jingle bells around the lamp.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All iced in, with no place to go

Got up this morning to another layer of ice on the canal, so going nowhere. We should have been coming off our mooring today. So we spoke to the office who fully understood and let us stay till we can move.
We then walked along to Foxton to post all the Christmas cards and along the way we were followed by two beautiful Kingfishers. We posted the letters and then it was rude not to have a quick beer and a pasty in the Bridge 61 pub.
We have now got the hang of the fire so Derwent6 was well toasty when we got back. Fernwood should now be out to us tomorrow, so that freed us up for a relaxing afternoon.

Derwent6 is now begin to feel like a home.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smoking chimmey tops, am I dreaming!

This morning we woke up to the central heating coming on and another sharp we chopped up some logs and lit the fire. Derwent6 looked quite content in the marina surrounded by ice, with smoke drifting out the chimney.
We should have had Fernwood down today, but due to sickness they couldn't make it. They are looking at fitting the shelf in the dayroom, more LED's and the water leaking into the bilge (but don't worry we're not sinking) We tried the washing machine last night and blimey it nearly took off. We had to hold it down as it was shaking the boat to bits (another job for Fernwood) but the tumble drier worked great.

We have done some small jobs today like fitting the loo roll holder and fitting some bits and pieces in the engine room, we also gave Derwent6 a good clean inside including cleaning the brass pothole liners which now look fab.

We are still having problems downloading pictures so bear with us.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Another busy day today. Woke up this morning and Jack Frost had woven his magic overnight, so it was light the fire, make a cup of tea, and back to bed !!!!! Bliss.

We had to take the van back to Leicester this morning, so after picking up Keith on nb Thema (who was iced in) and giving him a lift back to Welford, we headed off to Enterprise to return the now empty van. We couldn't recommend them enough...we got great customer service, a really good price, and most important, a lift back to the boat.....what more could we ask.

This afternoon was spent sorting out the boat and general jobs......this evening, a glass of wine or two and champions league on TV.

Its great!!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

And now the party's over

Sorry we haven't blogged for a few days but we are still getting used to 2 and 3G signals and not doing very well at getting one at the moment.
We are having trouble downloading images so can't get many pictures out to you all, but we will get there.
Here is Derwent6 suspended in mid air and all of us holding our breath. Everything went very well and the Tuckey crew done a Stirling job.
We are now recovering from our brilliant weekend (how sunny was that)
We managed to get Derwent6 in to Foxton Locks and moored up dead opposite the pub, the boat looked well cool.

We had such a good day. All our friends and family were there and we had a great time......Thank You everyone for making the day really special!

As for Derwent6 things are going well, and she swims like a fish, but we are only getting luke warm water at the moment and the water gauge has stopped working....Just teething problems.

Sorry this post is a bit short at the moment but it seems to be so busy. We still have to finish unloading the van and the lads at Fernwood are back Wednesday to finish off some things. We then need to get some food shopping, and the van goes back tomorrow. Hopefully we can then start to chill.......:-)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Up Up and away!!

Sorry we haven't got a very strong signal, but we haven't set up yet so no pics until later.

Oh what a day! After a 4.37am start (which we usually see only once in 24hrs lol), its been an exhausting but brilliant day. After breakfast on the road we got to Fernwood at 9am to watch the crane pull in behind us. After moving a boat that was in the way, Derwent6 was rolled out. The first time she's seen daylight for nearly a year. Derwent6 was then loaded onto the back of the truck, and we then waited for nb Oakfield to arrive, as she was taking Derwent6's place in the workshop.

We finally got off to Debdale at 2.20pm, following in the van, and holding our breath round the tight bends and through low trees. Arrived at Debdale at 4pm and just about got Derwent6 in the water whilst it was still light. Everything was checked in the water and it all seems ok, and tomorrow will be a day for finishing off, further checks, trim and moving our stuff aboard.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

All loaded and ready to go

Well if Derwent6 floats after all this lot goes in. it will be "hark the herald angels sing" but we are ready for an early start and an exciting day....