Saturday, April 18, 2009

On our way to Brinklow

We were up early to watch the qualifying of the Grand Prix and then we did some Tesco's shopping before heading off to Brinklow. We took in some beautiful scenery along the way passing through Newbold tunnel with it's pretty lights through the middle, and The Boat Inn pub which now sadly is a cottage.

We then passed Oaks wood to take up our mooring. It was very busy with boats along this stretch, but after lining up a gap we slotted Derwent6 in. After tea and cake we set off for a walk into Brinklow. We followed the old Brinklow canal arm which still holds water and then passed a large hump of earth which used to be a Motte and Bailey castle to protect the Fosse way and Brinklow village itself.

Brinklow has a lovely 15th century church, and the village has two pubs, a Chinese takeaway and a Fish and Chip shop, it also has a post office. We came back along the lane to the towpath at Oaks Wood to get back to Derwent6.
We just managed to get a signal here so we sat and watched Saturday night TV.
Well it looks like the gauge has packed up on the waste tank and for the first time the freezer has been used with stuff in it. We don't know how the batteries will cope and will have to count our days on our waste until we ask Fernwood to sort out this problem. We are still picking up bits and pieces with the prop, but it still seems to be clearing itself.

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