Sunday, October 31, 2010

Misty and Spooky, it must be Halloween

It was a good job the clocks went back last night as we were up early to make an appointment. We had a two hour cruise to get to the marina where we were getting our generator alignment sorted. It was lovely cruising through the mist with the sun trying to peep through. It set the scene for Halloween. Al managed to get our pumpkin carved and it fitted nicely on the bow of Derwent6. We got to Aqueduct Marina and made the turn into the service area and got a pumpout while we waited for Chris Jones our engineer. We then reversed into a bay and were given shoreline. Al took advantage of this and got the washing machine and tumble dryer going. Chris then got to work on the pulleys and soon found the problem. Beta had drilled out the bracket on the bottom of the generator to fit a bigger bolt but this was not drilled square. Chris was able to take it to his workshop and realign it as best as he could.After some fiddling around with brackets we got it lined up and the belts fitted. We will have to see how this goes and if not successful then a new generator housing will be required.

We have to say that this is the best marina we have been in, and the facilities are great. The workshops are fantastic and the piece of kit they have to move the boats around is able to wheel the boats into like small hangers. We got some lunch in the cafe on site here which we can recommend, and we also met up with Andy Russell, our signwriter on Derwent6. Spooky!

It seemed to get so dark so quickly and we lit the pumpkin ready for a spooky Halloween evening. Loads on telly to watch and our meter has just run out on shoreline. Oh well we've got the batteries charged and all our washing done, touch!


Anonymous said...

What about the pie

Del and Al said...

Had to pass on the pie as it was bad inside!