Monday, November 01, 2010

Locks and Keys

We were woken up this morning by a tap on the window at 7.15am. It was Andy Russell (our signwriter on Derwent6) who wanted to show Del a few bits and pieces. We should have been woken up by the light this morning, but the blackout bungs did their job.

We wanted to get away early anyway and we soon got Derwent6 ready to sail, and Del then went over to find Andy.

Andy is a mad Colditz freak and Del is much the same. Andy wanted to show Del that he had in his possession some of the castle's keys which were used on the prison camp by the German SS in the Second World War. He also had a key made by a locksmith prisoner of war (POW), made from a bucket handle, that could have helped Airey Neave's plot to escape. They were like a couple of kids in a sweet shop...

We said our goodbyes and left the marina and soon got to the next lock. We then got to the junction of Burbridge and were then back on the Shroppie heading south. The sun had come out after a very misty start and the hats and gloves came off in the warm sunshine. We managed to get through Hack Green locks which will be closing on the 8th November for repairs and are on the winter stoppages program. At 2.00pm we decided to stop to enjoy the rest of the afternoon as it gets so dark so quickly now. We had a walk into Audlem and picked up some bread and milk and a few treats, before lighting the fire and keeping warm. It soon got dark and it started to rain. The wind had really got up as well so it was a good job we stopped.

In the evening it was a Folk Jamming night at the Shroppie Fly Pub, so we went along for a couple of pints. This is where people just turn up with their instruments and play together. We had a great time jamming with all the guys, and it ended up not only being a couple of pints!


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