Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet up with friends at Wrenbury

Blimey what a wet and windy night!!!! We were being bashed around but it did in the end rock us to sleep. In the morning it was wood hunting and low and behold a tree was down just up from the canal.
We quickly moved Derwent6 up to the spot and cut up the tree with the chainsaw. It must have been a dead branch as it looked like seasoned wood. We then slowly made our way up to Wrenbury. We found a nice mooring and then waited for friends Steve and Erica to arrive, who were cruising with us for a few days. We then went for a walk across the fields to the village store and picked up a few bits and pieces. In the afternoon Steve and Del then did a bit of fishing as Steve had brought his rods with him. We never caught anything though, so no change there.
Steve and Del went to The Dusty Miller pub, and the girls met them later on. We were going to eat there but we felt it was a bit expensive, so we walked over to the Copper Mill, over the road, which was better prices. We had a terrific meal and we came out of there so full we were falling asleep. When we got back to Derwent6 it wasn't long before we all crashed out.

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artymess said...

Lovely day by the look of it ....i just thought wrenbury sounded familiar to me ....Our first narrowboat holiday we took a narrowboat from Nantwich that was back in about 1976....there wasn't much water in the canal as there was a drought and we kept grounding and my friend Chris fell in while pushing the boat off a bank with the pole a classic of not letting go of the pole .....This holiday started my dream of narrowboats we have been on a few since ......Hope Del has got himself some underpants now ...loved that it made me laugh.....x