Monday, October 04, 2010

Poor Old Market Drayton

We left at 9.00am this morning and went quietly past all the moored boats. We soon got to the famous bridge with the telegraph pole in the middle of it, High Bridge. We then went into one of the cuttings, (Grub Street), which is cut into solid rock. This canal is amazing. One minute you're as high as a kite on an embankment, the next minute you're down in a deep cutting of rock. We moved along in bright sunshine passing the old Cadbury factory, on a very autumnal day, the colours of the leaves are fantastic. We then got to our first flight of locks for a long time at Tyrley. We only had one boat in front of us and soon got in. (Just for anyones info the water point is not working here, not that we wanted any.) The locks drop down through the rock and under the trees which were being cut back by BW. "Any spares" Del shouted, "Help yourself" they said. They were all a bit big to fit on the roof, but Al pulled Derwent6 along side their boat and Del picked out the best stuff.

We then made our way to Market Drayton and got a good mooring with telly and 3G. We walked into town and when we got there we were a bit disappointed as a lot of the shops had closed down. We then had a drink with some Nachos in the sunshine before we headed off to Morrisons, which was massive, you could see why the locals had suffered.

We walked back to Derwent6 knackered and we hadn't really done anything, we must just be unfit!
With not much on the telly we played games all night.

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