Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A slow and steady cruise

After a bit of a lay in this morning, we then had breakfast with a paper that we picked up at Tesco's. We ended up leaving at 11.00am and went down to the water point at the end of the arm for a top up. We then soon got into the country as the Llangollen snaked it's way through the rolling landscape. We soon got to Lower Frankton and the entrance to the Montgomery canal. They were queuing to get through the locks here, and we might book to go down on the way back, if we have time.

We then started the west side of the Llangollen where the bridge numbers start from one again. It did appear to be rather shallow along some of these parts, so it was slowly slowly for us. We did pick up a few metal objects on the way but managed to free them off.
It has still been quite busy along this section as we have been passing lots of hire boats all day. It's good to see the canals being used in all this good weather we have been having.

We got through the two locks at New Marton and soon felt like mooring up in this fantastic sunshine.
We sat in the cratch soaking it all up and watched the traffic going by.

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