Sunday, October 17, 2010

All charged up

We had more sunshine this morning and Del walked down and got the papers while Al did breakfast... We just chilled in the morning listening to the radio watching the boats move in and out of the marina, whilst at the same time taking advantage of the shoreline and getting all the washing up to date. We had to move today as our 48 hours were up and after speaking to the mooring warden he allowed us to moor just outside for another night, as it was so quiet. So we spent the afternoon charging the batteries to the full capacity and also charging other things like camera's, toothbrushes and phones. After a stroll around the town, we polished the rest of Derwent6 so now we are ready for the winter. Del even did some brasses. We topped up with water before we moved outside the marina ready for the off tomorrow.

In the evening it started to get really cold outside, so we snuggled round the fire and watched telly with Strictly, X Factor, and Desperate Housewife's, so not an early night!

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