Friday, October 08, 2010

Antifreeze change

Al started by getting the bus into Crewe from Nantwich at 9.00am this morning. Del walked back to Derwent6. Time to do a few engine jobs. First he drained the coolant system and then filled it with anti freeze ready for the winter, and also serviced the heating boiler and cleaned up the glow plugs etc.

Al in the meantime got the train from Crewe down to Kent as her Mum was having her plaster on her ankle taken off today and she wanted to sort out what was happening with the physio to get her moving again.

After Del had finished the engine, Derwent6 also got a polish down the starboard side... Al was staying down her Mum and Dads tonight so Del had a walk into town to get Pie and Chips!

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