Saturday, October 09, 2010

Plenty to do on a boat!

Del woke up on his own this morning..... He had breakfast and then got to work on the the brasses but this time it was the porthole liners inside Derwent6.

Then it was a vacuum round with the hoover getting the dust out of all those nooks and crannies you can' t get to with a duster, like a spring clean!!

The roof then got a polish and some of the external brasses, and the rest of the wood got cut up after the chainsaw got a service. In between this lots of soups and beans on toast were made.. yep there's plenty to do on a boat.......

After a 3 hour journey, Al arrived back on Derwent6 at about 5.15pm, armed with a M&S dinner, and we sat down to a decent meal of Lamb shanks and good vegetables. Del still has his cough which just won' go away, so it was an early night for both of us......(after Strictly of course!!)

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