Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh no! the camera's broke

Turned the camera on this morning and the thing doesn't close the lens when turning it off... so we will be resorting to the back up camera while we try and get this one repaired. So the quality might not be as good, but what the heck!!!

We wanted to see the last Grand Prix of the season so decided to stay put here. We have a lovely mooring in amongst the reeds and want to explore the area a bit more. The weather today was atrocious with strong winds and driving rain, so we just lit the fire and snuggled up. We ended up having the telly on for eleven hours, so that will give the batteries a hammering. We are running the engine for two hours most days and a hour and a half, if we don't have much on in the evening, when we're static.

So no pics today, because at the moment we can't find the battery charger for the other camera. There are too many hiding places on Derwent6 and we don't know which one we put it in. We may have to get the Geocaching GPS out to find it. A job for tomorrow!

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