Friday, November 13, 2009

School friends and old school trips

We were up early again this morning, after a good nights sleep and set off for the Docklands Railway. There we bought our Oyster cards which allows us to travel all over London by bus and tube (inc the DLR)

We then hopped onto the underground on the circle line and got off at Kensington. Can you believe it, on getting off the train we bumped into an old school class mate, Colin Ball, who Del hadn't seen for ages. We stood chatting for about half a hour while the trains kept running in and out. It was great to see him and what a small world it is really.

We then made our way to the Natural History museum. The last time we had been there was when we were kids on a school trip. It was a lovely day out and so nice to have all the time in the world to see it properly, although we still didn't get to see it all. The dinosaurs were still the best and the section on the Earth and how we should be looking after it a close second. Just like when we were kids we took a packed lunch and with the museum being free it was a very cheap day.

When we came out they had put all the lights on, so we watched the ice skaters for a while.We've got to say we were totally knackered by the time we got back to Derwent6. We had a nice pasta meal in the dayroom with a candle and the side hatch doors out it was so warm, but as we write this, the wind has got up again and is starting to batter us about again. Oh and it's started raining again. Looks like a early night......


Anonymous said...

What a lovley few days you have had,Pam and Alf on the boat,wonderful!!!!!!!!
Dad & Tel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Les Biggs said...

If you get a chance try the country branch of the Nat Hist Museum at Tring on your way back.

Anonymous said...

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Del and Al said...

Thanks Les, we will definately try and go there on the way back up