Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disss assss terrrr!!!

Got up this morning and it was still dark, but we decided to leave at daybreak. We set of at 6.45am and tiptoed past the moored boats with the sun coming up in the distance.

Well we got to the first lock and it turned out to be a disssss assss terrrrr. Al fell over pushing on the lock gate and then when opening the paddle dropped the windless in the lock. (OK, you can all stop laughing now). We spent about 45 minutes trying to fish it out with the sea searcher, so it was a waste of time leaving early. Just to make things a bit more difficult there were a load of guys painting pylons, and watching how to do a lock....Well don't watch us then!!!!!! We then had to stop for water, so had lunch in the meantime. We were now getting a bit desperate for diesel and as luck would have it the coal and diesel boat had just had a delivery, so at seventy pence a litre it was rude not to fill up. The weather was starting to close in so we didn't hang about on getting back into London Town, passing the Olympic stadium (which we've got to say they are getting on with) on the way, and believe or not, two other boats.

The wind is battering us about at the moment so we don't know how much sleep we will get tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Just read your blog. So Pleased Pam and Alf have now been on the boat, it must have been a wonderful day for them and you both. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Lots of love and hugs. Mum and Keith XXXXXX