Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fire (and burnt buns)

We got up this morning with the intention of moving early but were halted when we were told the canal was closed because of a fire in a warehouse. We then left a bit later when it was clear but when we got there the firemen were still running their inspections as to the cause. If you look closely you can just see them behind the tree on the fire engine ladder and you can see where the windows had melted. We couldn't believe the weather still bright blue sunshine, though it was a bit nippy. Al then made some hot cross buns and burnt them, (still dribbling over the firemen), fire must be on the menu today. We made good progress, although the locks were all against us, and it was pleasant cruising with no drama's. You could see how much rain we had had over the last few days from this shot of the marina and this is not the entrance. We got to Copper Mill and noticed some wood chopped up on the towpath, so we stopped and put a few lumps of it on the roof. We then got to the next lock (against us again) and decided to top up with water while we waited. Who should be coming down but Ernie & Carol on n.b Ten Bob Note. It was good to see them both and we stood chatting for half a hour, (he wasn't on his knees all that time!). Three boats passed us while we were talking the most we had see for about two months. Have a good trip both of you and have fun. After leaving them we thought we would get as far as we could before it got dark and we managed to reach Rickmansworth. We moored up and had dinner and chilled after another busy day!

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Andy Lawrence said...

What is your E.T.A. at Weedon as we have to travel back to Essex on Tuesday as Hilary's step mum is having knee replacment operation.