Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goodbye London Town

Up very early this morning due to the fact our time in London was up. It was quite sad to leave as we have had a great time here, but we will be back. It was 6.30am when we pulled out of the basin and passed blogger's n.b Indigo Dream and the first part of our journey in darkness.We made our way past Wembley and on to our first stop, Sainsbury's, to top right up with provisions as dawn was breaking. We thought the weather was going to be bad today and were surprised with the blue skies and the sun on our backs as we moved onto the water point at Greenford. It took about a hour to fill up Derwent6 so we had a bit of lunch while we waited. In the afternoon, the wind started to get up, and it was in our faces, so we had to open the throttle up a bit to push Derwent6 into the wind, as we now had the extra weight of a full water tank. We then got up to the turn and on to the Grand Union again and with the wind shielded a bit it was a bit easier.
We did keep bumping into the freight boats again, and yep, always at bridges.

After six hours cruising we found a mooring at Cowley, the only one left mind you. We had the fire on all day and it was a lovely feeling walking into Derwent6 which felt like a airing cupboard! Nice. After sitting down in the heat, it wasn't long before you didn't want to do we didn't.

It felt good to be on the move again and get some air in our sails!!!!


Anonymous said...

Safe journey,glad you had such a wonderful time,but you have many more wonderful times to come!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Dad & Telxxxx

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you again
Max & G
all the best