Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ye Old Stable Market

We still had a restless night with the wind but a bit better than the last couple of nights. In the morning we popped down to the British Waterways office and picked up a pumpout card, and then we just spent some time cleaning Derwent6 and pottering around really, but by lunch time we wanted to go out and explore. We really liked the look of Camden Locks and the market when we passed it the other day, so we headed down to Paddington underground and on to Camden town. They had a big fire here a few years ago and Wow have they done a super job on the market. The old horse stables have now been turned into market stalls and a big food court, and they had added some horse statues, it is just fabulous.... We only intended to be here a hour or so but ended up spending the rest of the day there. It also looked great lit up at night. Whatever you do don't go on a weekend, it must be packed, because it was very busy on a Thursday. Did we buy anything we hear you ask....No not really but we did buy Derwent6 a little memento from here. It's a little spinning thing for the cratch. We then grabbed something to eat and sat on these scooter seats and looked over the canal. We then made our way back to Derwent6 and lit the fire, smokeless coal this time, so as not to upset anyone in the offices which surround us. We just sang songs until Del broke a string on the guitar, so we ended up playing games for the rest of the evening.

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