Monday, November 02, 2009

Boats, Planes and Trains

After eventually finding the battery charger for the camera and then having breakfast, we thought we would get the wood chopped up on the roof. So we got out the chainsaw and gave it a quick service. We changed the oil and cleaned out the chain lubrication system. We then set about the wood on the roof, which was a bit tough to get through, but the chainsaw made light work of it. The sunshine was a bit we sat out in the cratch for a hour watching the planes take off from Stanstead and the trains passing every ten minutes or so. Boats, trains and planes a boys dream......
In the afternoon Del went out on a twenty mile bike ride and Al spent the best part of the afternoon trying to get Bon Jovi tickets for a Radio 2 gig they are doing in London Tuesday night. So if anyone reading this blog knows of any whereabouts of these tickets please let us know.... She also ordered the new album which was released today.

It started to get a bit nippy in the evening so lit the fire with some of that nice wood we cut up in the morning.


Unknown said...

we also spent most of yesterday pm cutting and sorting wood, but never thought you would(wood) stoop to having it on the roof!

Del and Al said...

Yeah, you've got to do what you've got to do.....especially when it's free!!!