Sunday, November 29, 2009

We love every minute!!!

One of those catch up days today..The weather outside is bloody awful so we will be doing those jobs you leave till the last minute. We checked the engine levels, checked up on the banking and sent out a few e-mails. We also went through the snagging list as Derwent6 is coming up for a year..Yes a year, we hear you say..Has it gone quick? Well not for us because we have lived every minute of it and still love it from the minute we stepped on board Derwent6. To be fair to Fernwood, Derwent6 has been a gem and it is a credit to Fernwood that she has performed just the way we wanted her to. The snagging list is just trivial things which are easily rectified and part of the movement of the boat which goes through extremely hot and cold temperatures.
Well today Derwent6 is getting it's wash. People won't believe us but we have never washed the boat since we have had her. We just leather it off after a downfall.....
So today we didn't do much really, but with a telly signal, it was quite nice sitting round the fire watching the football and the dreaded X Factor. We did give the batteries a hammering though.

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