Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super day, super bowl

We got up quite early and decided we would top up with water and have a pumpout even though we didn't really need one yet...Good job we did as the pumpout at the basin wasn't working and our manual pumpout still doesn't seem to be working either. Still we did get water!!! We then moored back up in our original place and as the weather was so good thought we would just have a walk around London.

We started at the Tower of London and from there went on to Covent Garden. It was lovely seeing all the buskers doing their thing on the pavements. We spent a lot of time browsing round the shops and taking in the atmosphere.We then made our way up to Oxford street where it started to get dark and so the Christmas light came on. It was lovely see all the windows in the big department stores and watching everyone rushing around on there way home from work. We then went to Bella Italia and had a lovely meal, just off Regents street. Then it was onto Selfridges which looked fabulous done up with it's Christmas decorations and this is where Al managed to pick up her chunky wooden fruit bowl, which we had been looking for all year. We then got the tube back to Derwent6 knackered.

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