Sunday, November 08, 2009

Off with a Bang!

After the late night, we got up at 9.30am, just as the weather was trying to get a bit better. We thought we would go to the Gunpowder Mills where they were holding a special Guy Fawkes Spectacular. We weren't expecting much but it turned out to be better than we thought.Throughout the day there were little shows going on explaining what it was like to load and fire a musket, what foods were about in the 16th Century, and the story of Guy Fawkes himself.In the exhibition it showed how gunpowder was made and it's uses for bombs, explosives, rockets and of course guns.
It also showed the importance of the canals through all these years, transporting gunpowder to Chatham Docks and Woolwich Arsenal. While we were there we also blended in with the celebs as Timothy West and Prunella Scales (Cybil) were unveiling a plaque from the Transport Trust. We had a really great day!!! To top it off it finished with as you would expect a fabulous firework display..... The whole place was run by volunteers and funded by the lottery.


Keith Lodge said...

It sounds like you had the perfect day out. Do we have to bow in your presence now that you have been with celebs LOL?

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo, lol yes it was great. We do things like this so well in this country.